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Spiritualist > Materialist

Follow Space God or robots will steal your garbage.

Horatio is my garbage.

Endless RTS one day. Hopefully.

Well, either a RTS or a RPG. A RPG would be nice too.

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I want an endless xcom like game.

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Well, an old XCOM then. One where you can level the entire map with explosive, and attack gangs and that Sirius cult, and where you can torture ayys for informations.

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Horatio is my friend.

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I just cant play with pacifist. Pacifist and spiritualist are ethoses that dont exist in my factions.

Mining guilds civic is pretty much mandatory. For all effects and purposes a player only has one choice of civic apart from it. To not pick it is a handicap.

I find influence far more of a restriction than minerals.

Yeah, my only issue with it is when you want to use an army to take a planet from a preftl, with pacifist you have to wait for that genetics tech and take it with an observation tower, and even then, you need to remove inward perfection. Last game I got the gene tech right about when I was going to start switching out of pacifist anyway, about the 2060s, so it worked out okay taking planets from them. The agrarian idyll + inward has such a big advantage over the others it's easily worth it.

True, but both are always needed. Although minerals are more important in a war.

Well yeah but you're never missing it. And missing 10% of it is not very significant. Compared to claiming that one system that serves as a chokepoint and gives you 20 unowned systems to privately claim and colonize at your leisure at a moment of crisis is far more substantial. There are also tools to turn energy into minerals.

>There are also tools to turn energy into minerals

Its the enclave only.

I don't choose mining guilds as an opener, agrarian+inner easily beat it, but you should always be missing minerals early on upgrading/building stuff. You did however mention claiming 20 systems, so that means wide and I play tall, so that might work out differently.

That is still a good tool to do so. Additionally trading with other cunts when you aren't a meme civic. Not many take the sale but enough do.

Yes, you grow with minerals more than anything else. But your rate of mineral growth is only a limiter for a short period of time, Influence is more.

I play tall too, I just secure a large area to transition into "wide" later. Though it isn't really a transition, it's after I've won the game playing tall and I feel like doing the boss battles.

oh man, we really need to standardise meanings of wide/tall
I'm talking 10-15 systems total tall, with maximum planets within those. Influence is never an issue playing like that, except when trying to switch ethics, and even then, it's only because you can afford to run drone optimisation and cap overload constantly, and can mistime use of the edict with needing to switch. Capturing lots of systems wide, yeah, I can see influence being an issue then - you definitely want to be fanatic xenophobe, and hope for the -15% inf cost for outposts on leader.

user from faction post.
I want to go for mines early on, not farms. Speaking of which, I might be missing either egalitarian or authoritarian for extra influence (not sure which).

Everyone goes mines early on, but the handful of farms you need anyway giving unity is a huge boost.

What the fuck is that Unity you talk about? You mean the game engine?

Does the corporate dominion civic still require egalitarian?

The currency you use to buy the traditions with.

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ES2 runs on unity

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Must be recent, that wasn't in the game when I played it.

You haven't played for quite some time

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Wait, it does?
Am I retarded for not noticing?

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Last time I played was before they nerfed embassies, if it helps you.

>Fanatic militarist, authoritarian, oligarchy
>Mining guilds, corporate dominion
>Thrifty, Industrious, conservationist, nonadaptive, sedentary

Best overall faction for playing wide (assuming wiz wont fuck 2.0.2). More energy, more minerals, slaves, some extra influence early game with authoritarian as well, extra firepower.

I always use them in the civ way of thinking, one city at 20 pop rather than five cities at five pop etc.
Which doesn't translate the best to Stellaris.

Most of my games usually go like I'm partially roleplaying Foundation. Small efficient science boy becoming a very very tall power, while dealing friendly with and manipulating neighbors.
And then enter into the fuck the plan stage of thinking where you can easily beat your neighbors. Which you think do and suddenly widen out really far as fuck the negatives for expanding after fifty-eighty years or pumping science and minerals super efficiently and then fight the late game shit and federations and then get bored.

I also kinda consider tall in Stellaris being "only core worlds". Three and then five being my first spheres of expansion, depending on if I can find big planets or not. Going tall with three planets is ludicrously better than going tall with just one etc.

Do not play 2.0.1!! Wait for the next.

No, it's just that the game never tells you and Amplitude's competent enough not to show it. Unity has a bad fame because retards don't know how to use it.
Wew lad, embassies aren't a thing since 2 months after the release.

I thought embassies were federation's association status

Frankly, I gave up on Stellaris when they nerfed embassies.

Yeah, I remember the nerf was very quick. And I was very upset.

No. At first they were a special agreement made with empires that gave a passive increase in opinion over time. It was done on a 1 to 1 with each empire. Federation status works the same way to a group of factions.

>best faction
>is neither FP or Machine

The only thing that destroyed the game was war exhaustion. Cancer of the highest order. I hope it gives wiz aids.

Both have less resource production and cant add conquered pops as slaves. The exception is perhaps influence on FP's because of minus 40% cost on outposts.

If you're so concerned about resources why not go full Fanatic Authoritarian?

Because fanatic militarist will give -20% war exhaustion on 2.0.2. and oligarchy cant have fanatic versions of authoritarian/egalitarian for the corporate dominion civic.

Will wiz stop being a faggot and fix the barbaric despoiler civic to generate actual loot from wars?


>The Plunder wargoal now reduces enemy Mineral/Energy production instead of being identical to humiliate
>Plunder victory now gives minerals and energy relative to the number of enemy planets (between 500 and 2500)
>between 500 and 2500

>The Plunder wargoal now reduces enemy Mineral/Energy production instead of being identical to humiliate
>Plunder victory now gives minerals and energy relative to the number of enemy planets (between 500 and 2500)
>Pop abduction now prioritizes abducting pops to core worlds before sector worlds

There shall be loots naow!!

>Fanatic militarist, authoritarian, dictatorship
>Industrious, Thrifty, Conservationist, non adaptive, sedentary
>Mining guilds, barbaric despoilers

Now you can make your plunders and fuck conquest (steal from here, steal from there), bounce between targets and get rich lel.

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It's jackshit

It counts in the beginning and its an added bonus for wars. Also stolen pops.

>There shall be loots naow!!
Sweet fucking christ it's 2008

tips for playing Cultists in EL?

Its about time you can actually roleplay a warmongering thief without looking like some edgy tard from /pol/-/leftypol/.

>inb4 a derail about how /pol/ is bad

Any discussion of ideas or political leanings is harmless. But a forum is only as good as its population.
And holy fuck do they have a problem there.

Why roleplay a warmongering thief when you can roleplay the cockmongling cuckold that you are?

low effort my man

You gotta either be more elaborate and reference "facts" or else just post a single rude word and be done with it. In-between reeks of falseflagging

white men

and white women should be the only ones allowed to reproduce

good post my 'pede

It still has 23% less firepower in comparison to FP's but at least the given minerals makes it recover faster for another war and it gets to keep the pops if authoritarian.

>I am above it all

Do destroyed ships in stellaris not leave wrecks behind anymore?

No way, I am too.

There is an ascension perk that makes it so you don't leave wrecks.

I've seen several battleship wrecks during my recent battles, but they don't stay after the battle.

Not mine but I feel the need to share these qt3.14s.

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What the fuck, did they remove presentient traits?

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Well shit for the others I get "file too big" and "image contains an embedded file" even though I grabbed both from here. Sucks.

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>check this thead
>90% of the posts are whining about stellaris
Grow up instead of shitting on a game none of you actually play.

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take your pitiful (you) and fuck off to plaza


How is he pre-sentient? he has clothes.

Let's just like play Submarine Titans together or something

Nigga you dumb?

Pre-sapients have no clothes. They have no clothes because they have no sapience and therefore they cant make them.

The absolute state of ES fags!

That's a bio trophy though.

What does Quarrelsome mean exactly? The icon and description don't quite light anything to me

The two other webums, so they don't go to waste.

Unruly, prone to dissent and mutiny.

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Man Stellaris really went all out to revamp the invasion system.

Am I fucked or can I hold them off? I've a 20k fleet + star bases at entry points

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just switch to skyhammer

Sounds like it should increase unrest

Nah, they'd ban me for using the name "Hitler".


The ai near where they spawn might be a little fucked, but your 20k + a good starbase can probably kill their main fleet, if you're unlucky, or lucky enough if you want the fight to see them in your borders.

It depends on what difficulty you are on my man

The one after Captain, I can't remember the new difficulty names

Goodnight, Riftborn. Nobody will miss you.

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>bullying Riftborn
New soccer match when?

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Does destroying all the homeworlds except yours give victory, or just capture?

>can't reverse engineer FE buildings

>Enigmatic Engineering

balanced for multiplayer

but memes aside the FEs themselves forgot how to make these buildings
guess why...

2500 is just enough to buy one battleship.
Why can't stellaris be allowed to have meaningful asymmetry between different empires?
At this point I'll start enough ES2 run before I do Stellaris, at least choosing between two radically different civs makes them play differently.

>Why can't stellaris...

>Why can't stellaris be allowed to have meaningful asymmetry between different empires?

Does anyone here actually enjoy Stellaris?

Aaah! La creatura! Dios mio...
Also anyone got that Reptilian Empire with La Creatura Syncretic Species?

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Then who does the maintenance/repairs? How do they even pilot the buildings without knowing how they work

not me, though i just started lurking again yesterday

I enjoy conversations in multiplayer


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