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>General VR Resources

>Oculus Rift Setup Guide
>HTC Vive Setup Guide

>Recommended VR Applications/Games 2018

>VRChat Resources and Tutorials

>Full-body with KinectToVR Guide (to be improved)((maybe))

>Minecraft pastebin

>Socks containment thread
>Previous thread

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first for minecraft is #epic

second for love

3rd for my VRfu

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3rd for use nicknames if you must namedrop

5th for fuck you all

who is your vrfu?

Post your dream inner circle

Xth for dot being best at teaching particle effects

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End it

Hey guys, I've got something I've been meaning to ask for a while now. Ever since I was born I've known I was gay, always jacked off to men, experimented with sticking action figures up my butt, the works. That's what I was comfortable with. But, outside of the meetups I met a male(female) player using a male avatar and I'm honestly confused, the voice doesn't match but it's almost like I don't care. If anything I'm starting to wish she would use a female avatar instead. I've been losing interest in gay porn as well, it just doesn't do it for me, even futa is still a little too close to be comfortable. Give it to me in simple terms, am I turning straight?

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>extra draw call needed to avoid getting TUPPERED

My autism.

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no sorry you are becoming a full nigger

If you still have less than 5 you aren't doing much harm.


posting because new thread

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Since we are talking about this stuff
Is the elements count are actual materias or it's the number of different textures?


Wipe this meme off the face of the Earth.

>mfw fbi does datamining in our threads after we all get flagged

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I'm really turned on by bracksis' voice, why does her soft voice detailing a metal body get me

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invalidad's family circle

It's ok homo user I'll take her so you can stay gay. Hand him(her) over.

i wanna fuck the loli cast

I want dot to fuck my asshole

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what are they going to arrest me for? for being a trap?


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I want to fuck dot

I want dot to fuck off

I want dot to impregnate me

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>tfw no jellyfu

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I want dot to come up to me and talk about his futanari fetish streamable.com/3msd4

That is the number of materials.

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You might be a "Kinsey 5" or whatever. Pretty fucking gay, but still capable of falling for a woman if she checks all the right boxes. Your crush (?) on this girl might just be messing with your usual routine.

>the voice doesn't match but it's almost like I don't care

That's normal. No-one here cares that the anime girls have male voices either.

Are anyone familiar with VRCVideoSync? For some reason only one of the many songs I've tried worked, rest just turns into a white screen.

Is there a way to figure out why certain videos don't work from youtube?

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>ywn choke jelly to fucking death

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Don't know about white screen but don't put videos that doesn't have HD or else your ears will get raped

t. 2mutes

>haven't been on in a few days
>someone messages you on discord asking if everything is okay

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Haven't been showing up to the inner circle voice channel either?

>haven't been on in about a week and a half
>unlikely anyone has noticed

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potato gratin

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>the juxtaposition of ducks voice and avatar

That's not really a contrast.

>forgot the gif

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I think one of us doesn't know what juxtaposition means...
Genuinely one of the most pleasant voices to listen to in /vrg/.

> prepubescent girl avatar, deep soothing voice
Id say it contrast

Ok that's a good tip. I just remade the whole screen from scratch and the songs seems to be working now. Not sure what happened. Haven't dared to resize the screen yet.

is choking jelly the new meme

>is this the new maymay guise
stop being cancer please.

▲ ▲
how 2 triforce

Unga bunga ne Shinobu me monobrow
Just figured out why this override always seemed off.

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Resizing it doesn't really do much except stretching vids to the screen size. It will longer to spawn in the world the first time due to the number of videos or length


I want Shinbou to hit me over the head and carry me to her cave



>deep soothing voice
jam has a deep soothing voice, duck has a cuter voice than abraxxas

>You discover this is your vrfu irl
What do?

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Muh bad brah

Ask her why she didn't those water balloons up all the way. Can't have fun with that little amount of water.

Fags are mentally ill

>random meshes inside face weight painted to right leg

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(You)'s are mentally ill

I tell him to start exercising and stop being a fat fuck

Fill those^ I can't type. Where even am I right now? Who are you?

>jar jar binks voice

How do I get this camera to not look like it's 320x240?

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I would fuck off back to /trash/

>implying th /trash/ posters arent OGs

>tfw gyaru jap sluts is one of your fetishes
Good shit

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if thats the case all OG's fuck off back to trash, I dont care if you have been in /vrg/ since 1998, sorta sad that you don't follow your own path.

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>ree fuck off original members
>its reddit time now

>he actually types kys
>lol reddit
>imblying I am not one of these ebin "OG's"
tell me more

I bet you arent, theirs 5 remaining og

oh believe me, I am. Just not part of the virtual dick sucking brigade you worship.

>did VRChat in March 2017
>Didn't get into it until December 2017

Am I an OG

rude. You drove us out to /trash/ yet you're still mad at us...

That's my scenario, too. Made an account real early into the game's life, forgot about it, got a VR set and didn't realize it existed. Only remembered that it existed around December when I got my first custom model done.

i dont believe you because 100% of the og (besides pants) are dick suckers now

not mad, just your resident /trash/ posters are leaking into the /vrg/ thread again.

Just because I couldn't make it to the ``official'' January meet ups doesn't mean I haven't been here since the very first thread.

You arent an og get over it
your reddit is showing

>he only sees the dicksucking community
I am glad we have not met then, which I am sure we have.

>i-im totally og!
>proof you arent
>haha glad we havent met!
if we havent met you arent og

Can you faggots stop fighting like high school girls for one minute and talk about the actual game/Unity

For one, what other cool things can I do with an avatar? I've already done cameras, facial overrides, weapons, guns, etc. I'm not interested in doing overblown animations like powering up to Super Saiyan God, but I would like to learn how to fly. Anything to help start a conversation with randoms.

We started posting in /vrg/ long before you forced us to go to /trash/. One day someone was mad and made strawpolls, and people followed him. Sad day.

I read all of these in the voices of bitchy high school girls.


I've found being funny and original is your best bet at getting noticed. I've seen various low quality avatars and desktoppers get a ton of attention because they followed a little gimmick or were doing a gag off a recently made meme or whatever. People in pubs see a lot of the same usual avatars so if you can be something unique and funny you're golden.

>fighting like high school girls for one minute
Isn't this what VR is about?


>calling OG's
>social status on an imageboard
>mad for being called out on off topic shitposting
>lol must be reddit
okay, bet you wont confirm who you are, I am just a lowly redditor that does not attend meets.
because its off topic, why is that soo hard to understand?
no worries, ill get back to my coffee and stop shitposting.

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Will manual atlasing prevent the fucking holes in my hands?

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Placing mesh particles. I have personal Kanna and beako to headpat, also campfire.

its me, tupper

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