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Happy Hanako Edition

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I won't give satisfaction to that spider fucker

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even though it's a bit too late I want you to know that I appreciate the edition, that I love you and that you are my nigga.

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It's never too late to join the good side of the threads

Attached: Lilly_and_Shizune_work_together.png (795x591, 710K)

Thank you my man. I wanted to make a good wholesome thread, and seeing that the other thread even lacks a katawa is kind of annoying.
You, too, are a good man

The other thread has a garbage OP, but since it came first everyone already flocked there. It's a shame, but mods will get pissed if there are two threads up at a time. Got to let it die...

Are there more Katawas in TLoZ outfits?

user you don't understand,this user, i see him all the time with that shitty spider ruining OP images, /nepgen/, /indie/, and now /ksg/, i don't want him to gain any satisfaction

Attached: flower lilly.jpg (751x1063, 167K)

Wait, is this a regular in multi-threads using the SAME image? What else do you know about the fucker?

Maybe, but eh, with some luck we will go and survive until being the main thread

No clue, I'm not a fucking stalker.

Not the same image, but the same character, he tries to avatar fag, i remember that on /nepgen/ he used that as OP picture and then people told him to use content related image, but then he cried out that they should have hurried up with the general and that he is basically a hero for doing it first

Yeah, you know what. Fuck it. And fuck that other OP. I'll post here. Here's another happy Hana.

Attached: Hanako82.png (913x1264, 427K)

Pk, that kind of fucker is very gratting.
I don't even care about the avatarfagging (I mean we had tons of tripfags already), but trying to be a hero and claiming other should've been faster? I just hope he doesn't stick around

Which Katawa has the best pantsu?

Attached: Rin287.jpg (766x1043, 96K)

And here's another for you senpai.
What would she give as present to people she care? For her best friend, and her lover?

Attached: 1522037937365.png (500x680, 151K)

Depends from your preference. I would say Shizune because of lingerie and white ones, and maybe Lilly for that blue with white dots design, but Hanako uses Pantyhoses, so... This is a challenging question.

Oh hey an actual relevant edition, good job OP.

I love Emi!
And you, /ksg/.

Attached: 1514518629880.gif (640x480, 2.88M)

Hanako doesn't have a lot of things, and being an orphan she probably doesn't have much money anyways. Maybe she would hand make a small gift for someone. Like some small craft or trinket. Or maybe she would cook a meal. Lilly said Hanako wasn't very good at cooking, but it's the thought that counts.

Attached: Hanako109.png (417x664, 210K)

We love you too user, i hope you had a great day today !
i actually wonder how hanako joined yamaku, weren't the uniforms alone really expensive to buy ?

Attached: winter emi.png (707x998, 257K)

Thank you user, you and any KS related discussion you want is welcomed here.
Well, she is very good with computers too. Wouldn't she try to make something with it, like program a little webpage with images and gifs of things you like? That would be cute.

Of course! Whatever makes her happy so that I can pump her full of babies.

Is akira welcome here ?

Attached: akira and hideaki 3.png (500x475, 161K)

no gay allowed
go to the spider thread if you want to be gay

I'm at work right now, so it could always be better, but I'm doing okay. Hope you're well user.

As for Hana, she most likely receives government assistance, since she's an orphan and all.

Attached: 9a4.png (500x500, 57K)

It's not gay if you use a strapon as one user told me and i still think he was wrong
>emi with legs
has science gone too far ?, also i hope your work will end soon so you can relax yourself

Attached: akira 5.jpg (960x576, 52K)

Akira is always welcome

Maybe the state provided the funds for her? I guess her debilitating anxiety related to her burns may have convinced them to send her to Yamaku where she would have a better chance to flourish.
That would be really cute. I feel like she's the type that doesn't like pictures of herself, but she might post a few on a personal web page or program for you.
Or maybe she'll make an eroge for you.

Attached: Hanako136.jpg (640x425, 79K)

would you beat akira in a drinking game ?
pic related

Attached: hanako.jpg (609x600, 62K)

We lad you weren't kidding He's also getting pissy and defensive. Hopefully we are in the mods favor.

Akira is wonderful! That one guy who posts Akira has been slacking lately.

Attached: Akira63.png (378x600, 137K)

Strapons/pegging aren't gay, and Emi has her normal prosthesis on with leggings over them so you can't tell. Thanks for your well wishes user.

Dick is gay, strapons are just trying to hit that prostate, still sex with a girl.
Pic related is gay and I love it.

Attached: file.png (815x869, 115K)

>Hanako is shitposting right now with us in /ksg/

With god's help he may be banned and finally be gone, just do what you do best user post cute katawas
That's me i believe and that was beacuse of sickness, i hope i can keep up with posting akira now !
>shadman version

Attached: 9in1bgn.jpg (422x729, 184K)

>has science gone too far ?
Not far enough!

Attached: Emi120.jpg (1300x1000, 161K)

Here you are user, I have both.

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Akira pimp needs to straighten out those hoes
katawa mansion becomes real ?

Attached: akira pimp.jpg (454x598, 30K)

When do you think of your Katawa the most?

Hey, is calling us a circlejerk, you gonna let that slide?

The other thread is winning lads. It's been a honor to post with you all.
I love Emi!

Attached: Emi160.png (2560x1600, 1.48M)

Lying in bed at night, I hold my daki and think of everything I'd like to do with her. I also meditate and think of us together, of her arms wrapped around me, hugging me tightly.

>The other thread is winning
Jesus who gives a fuck about any of that. Nobody read the OP anyway.

Why bother, it's just feeding that avatar fags ego. I'd rather post cute Katawas!

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As much as i want to hate that user for trying to be famous, i just can't for some reason, he just wants to be >that guy
i just want him to post whatever makes him happy on his designed threads and not shit up other threads
Is akira a katawa ?

Attached: Akira.png (400x400, 116K)

While I lay in bed trying to drift into sleep. I wish I could talk to them about my day and listen to them tell me about theirs. I wish I could feel her warmth.

>Is akira a katawa ?
She's an honorary Katawa, just like Yuuko.

Attached: Akira49.jpg (500x398, 65K)

I mean if you look at his posts in the other thread he's actually a huge asshole. Don't have to hate him for attention whoring if you don't want to but he's just a dick. We have better people here, if we discuss KS his thread will be deleted as it should be.

Attached: 06a.gif (200x200, 267K)

Do you think Rin intentionally took too much codeine or was it an accident?

Attached: Rin47.gif (200x200, 1.82M)

Then i will post more of her !
Yes but i know he tries to create some infight, and he craves the attention for doing that, but i can't be mad on anyone for some reason it feels like i'm constantly on drugs like rin

Attached: akira 8.jpg (780x734, 51K)

I think she intentionally took a lot. She likes different mind states and bring high on codiene certainly qualifies. Plus, it helped her express she had some feelings for Hisao with the kiss, which I'm sure she wouldn't do normally, it's a hard enough subject to beach.

Attached: FB_IMG_15204983239900076.jpg (480x480, 73K)

>Just bought some lewd art books online
>accidentally had them shipped to my parents house rather than my college dorm
>my mom's nosy and opens my mail
Should I just kill myself?

How would the Katawas react if you found their secret collection of lewd things?

What kind of lewds user ?

>See this on lilly birthday party
what do

Attached: misha and akira.jpg (604x812, 378K)

Some hentai doujins and monster girls.

Your mother is a whore to check your mail.

>see this at Shizune's birthday party

Attached: 1521567574497.png (2259x1725, 2.7M)

What kind of monster user ?, if something fucked up then your mum will learn to not open her sons mail
I like how hideaki had camera prepared for misha
>concerned akira drinking

Attached: lewd akira.png (1200x1200, 728K)

>Lilly wouldn't care, for she can't see for shit
"A-user, if you wanted this that badly, y-you s-should have asked me first..."
"user you cheeky fuck..."
"Do you believe doujins come to life from irl situations or there is an almighty being who creates them for us?"
"You know I'm gonna tell Shiichan, right?"

Akira's reaction in this is gold

Attached: Akira8.jpg (330x455, 45K)

You can't cancel the shipment or anything can you? Your mother opening your mail is pretty seriously fucked up though, I know I wouldn't be okay with that if it were me.

I can imagine Emi at the least owns a vibrator. If you found it she's probably playfully punch you in the shoulder and call you an asshole for snooping. And then you'd use it on her during sex regularly.

Attached: 1372126242251.jpg (587x697, 108K)

Can't cancel. I bought the stuff from a used manga selling subreddit and didn't realize my mistake until the seller sent me the package tracking number. I completely forgot my paypal was my home address.

>"A-user, if you wanted this that badly, y-you s-should have asked me first..."
I want a Hanako gf

pretty sure I can do it all at once even if it's all fucked up for now

Attached: file.png (981x795, 232K)

>that tied up user

>the Emi outfit can be pulled aside for easy access

Attached: cig.jpg (703x600, 163K)

You and me, buddy.

Attached: 1522025108157.jpg (1900x2400, 183K)

Poor Yuuko!

Attached: Yuuko8.png (375x542, 353K)

I much prefer Happy Hanako Edition

When yuuko isn't enough

Attached: akira and kenji.png (600x646, 491K)


Me too!

Attached: Hanako192.jpg (3400x2400, 2.01M)

>Strapons/pegging aren't gay
Sure, and traps are straight


>Plus, it helped her express she had some feelings for Hisao with the kiss, which I'm sure she wouldn't do normally, it's a hard enough subject to beach.
Great Rinsight, user. Like Dutch courage.

I still can't choose between butt or dick exposition desu
she's lewd af, she shagged a disabled student let me remind you
user is the one needing an easy access outfit here


No user, I just posted that traps are gay. But dudes shouldn't feel gay for buttplay, otherwise you're missing out on all sorts of pleasurable experiences. If you've never had a prostate aided orgasm you're missing out let me tell yah. But yes, I'm bisexual, I like traps. A lot.

Attached: A.jpg (492x445, 24K)

Attached: 1518122943123.png (200x350, 30K)

I'm sure Yuuko would make for a good wife. Balancing 2 jobs shows dedication and work ethic and she seems very down to earth. Whoever she chooses will be a very lucky man.

Waffle! You're here too! Thanks!
>Not having a qt Yuuko helping in dominating you
This kills the man
It's always a nice surprise to see you posting Caps Lock Yuuko-fag

Attached: 1522024242614.png (1500x1500, 1.32M)

I know right? Such a lovely woman. I would cherish her FOREVER AND EVER AND HOLY FUCK


Would Kenji and Akira be a good pairing?

Attached: Kenji28.jpg (960x800, 82K)

So we are posting here in the end? Great!
One for Mishn

Attached: 1479987785572.jpg (564x589, 77K)

I fucked up. I dun fucked up

wtf kind of keyboard layout are you using user

The autistic one.

Mish mish Emi happiness!

Attached: parfaitsmisha.jpg (1012x841, 160K)

About to go fail a test! Too bad I don't have the athletics to justify my life like Emi. Good luck /ksg/!

Attached: Emi199.png (900x529, 276K)

Misha mish mishi mashi Mash!

Attached: 1451526730024.png (400x400, 179K)

But what wpuld you do if your speaking manner scared Yuuko???

Would you plump the Mish?

Attached: 1522161579995.jpg (640x1136, 238K)

She's plump enough as she is, no need to go further

Attached: 1453832410908.png (500x552, 138K)

Would you obese the Mish?

I'd calm down, duh

And what would you do with a drunk Yuuko seraching for someone to hug and cry about her job?

Fatfags please no

I'm glad you're capable, just excitable.

Attached: 1388032921928.jpg (1479x803, 84K)

That frase made me think...
Would you make dumb DBZ references with your Katawa?


I'm not even aware I'm making one right now