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>the absolute state of eu /fgg/


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I skipped past all the story segments because I just wanted to get to the unlock faster. What was the explanation for why her transform from scientist mode made her look like a Majin with a tail?

BTW SFV sucks and ken poster sucks dick

cute. i wish it was my cock instead of the red bull can

>his boicpuss still hurts
lmao how big is kenchad's dick?

>eu fgg posts quality fighting game related images
>usa fgg spends 3 days arguing over what some nigger says on twitter

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Bad OP.

There isn’t one

You do you


At least it's on-topic for once.

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thats a common theme in the dbz universe when androids transform into their final form. transformations are a basic thing in dbz

Imagine liking Android 21

broski said he'll stop playing sfv and only stream single player games if he reaches his goal on patreon

Why aren't you guys playing the better DBZ fighter?

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no sniffs

it has pan.

That boy needs counseling.

>Complains about people not contacting him on his birthday after he cut everyone off suddenly and blocked half the FGC
>Claims to be too old to hang out and not be productive while playing eight hours of Dota a day.
>Shut down a passion project when Capcom refused to give him money, proceeds to complain about esports making everything about the money

can't wait for the riot fighter

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>tfw too lazy to shitpost

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acts like a teenage girl. chris go too.
>abloo I cant play the games I want to play
>why dont you get a real job them and play what you want on the side?
Real faggot issues

haha the sword is mine suckers
oh no

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>eu fgg spends their day having consolewar-tier arguments about fighting games

Soulblade had such good atmosphere

Cervantes turning as a fiery skeleton and soul edge corrupting sieg spooped me as a kid

Reminder that if you drop a character you main for metagame reasons, you never liked that character in the first place.

>Necalli gets changed basically not at all
>"Metagame reasons"

based event hubs

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Based Infiltration just btfo'd the entirety of /fgg/

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Christ I want to like this game but everything about it is really annoying.

Necalli is the ultimate tierwhore exposer, it'zs fucking impossible to like the character for any other reason than "he makes me win"

>did something really cool as mika in training mode
>can't replicate what I did though now
Is it pointless trying to come up with new shit?

I hope that fucker gets banned from twitter and fighting game events for this display of sexism and woman objectification

i really dislike infiltration


BASED infil exposing people with shit tastes.

Because it sucked. Vegito had a rocking theme tho

starting to think broski only ever posted here to get followers. sad!

I miss comfy Broski mario odyssey streams

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>not liking trap Juri
It's like he doesn't like girls with dick.

he literally can't keep getting away with it

>tfw no Falke trailer at NCR
Feels bad man


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I'm going to win capcup with necalii bros no one will see it coming

>Bisonigger picks the new fraud character

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""March"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" release

great job with falke crapcum

Based Daigo

When did they say Falke was coming in March?

says who?

It doesn't matter what they said, a competent company would release her in March

Dirty plebeian.


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Another Bisonwhiner lmao

>not just making but also migrating to new thread before old thread is autosaging
You're all braindead scum. Fuck off to /sp/.

says my common sense

HLJ has Real Arcade Pro V on sale for $95 right now if anyone is interested:

No, mods, I am not a paid shill.

remember when Alex released in March 2016 but vappa said that wasn't actually march?

>I'm being so funny and clever by mocking the people who might be playing this game and portraying them in a poor light

Kill yourself immediately you unfunny worm.

I still have my PS3 SF4 TE

I'm good for another decade I reckon until they drop legacy controller support

You know he ain't gonna be in Street Fighter VI

Are you ok?

It was super obvious that this would happen to Necalli mains, character is too straight forward after a while. I got bored of him real quick, glad I jumped boat early on.

flat is better but the actual problem is that juri just straight up looks like shit in sfv no matter what she wears

based, everyone dropping Necalli will just force capcom to buff him in season 3.5.

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People are barely talking about them

EventHubs get way more buzz by posting controversial topics about SFV and its characters

imagine actually liking juri

Necalii needs a necalii-chan costume

/america/ here

i just woke up and am eating cereal

There isn't going to be a SFVI

>eu fgc

For some reason I've never really liked her despite usually liking crazy sadistic girls and underboob and I guess feet a little.

imagine being a footfag

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You're several years too late for that

I am stunned anyone could possibly give a fuck about Falke, there is no info about her gameplay, she doesn't even look good, isn't a returning character so she's a literal who, just lmao

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reminder that BASED Chadigail already exposed the fraudulent chestlet last year

if you ain't eating frosted flakes you don't deserve to post here

It isn't too late until it's too late.

She is a slim cute blonde, that puts her above 90% of the cast.


Holy shit, Capcucks really are mentally ill. LMAO

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The fresh new functions are the only exciting DLC characters at this point since we already know Cody and Sagat will be ass

Anyone want to play Skullgirls

t. wrote 2k word essay on DBZ player count

No, just autist.

how much are DLC characters each in SFV?

America here, I woke up 30m ago and ate a packet of little bites muffins (chocolate chip) and a honey bun.

It still took him less time to type up that post than it takes Mike Ross to finish a game of Dota

imagine being a boring faggot who hates change

about 60 frames per second

but 90% of the cast are slim cute blondes


yeah god forbid people don't want to play the same characters as they've been playing for 20 years

I would if I didn't have to leave in five minutes. Good luck user.

Kolin and Mika are fat cows

then you can easily put in a new PCB and you're still good.
TEs are great.