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Stop reading moege

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I only read moege

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Ai a cuck

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Start reading moege.

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I want to FUCK this cat with my PENIS

Lucia is a miracle of the universe.

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You know it's true

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i like lolis!

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Hey, guys. Post a pic with overflow's VNs(it was overflow, right? the one with the dad fucking 3 or 4 generations of girls) family tree.

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What exactly is a moege?

main heroine = best girl

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I'm reading Wagahigh right now

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>That kid's hair color
Is this an NTR game?

>Main heroine

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>True end is pure nukige

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I don't even remember who she is

VN's where the main girl is also the best girl

Best Edition!

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I love Suzu

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>Main heroine

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I only read chuunige

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Why is she with another guy in the last panel?

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You're shit.

Good, even if it's just okay-ish

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Mah niggas.


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I want more non loli flatties

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Alright lads, what's your
>Favorite Character

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>non loli flatties
You are literally gay

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>boring moeblob with no personality in a game about delinquents
>fake yandere and a literal cuck
>best girl
get out

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No she's not

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what the fuck is TSF

I don't care
Every scene with Sumika

God fucking damn

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Yosuga no Sora

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I really wanted to see Ai with a regular school uniform.
I'm sure she would look even cuter!

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Ai a shit

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Hello Sumikafag how's it going

I actually really like her delinquent look. Especially the chain.

Ai a shit

Ai a best

Ai a best

Do you think someone cares about your opinion

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They should have made her a real Yandere

Okay boys, newfag supreme here. Having some issues.

I'm trying to reinstall Hatsukoi 1/1 after having issues with the crack, and now I get this shit.


The fuck do I do?

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Don't play trash

True. Would be best girl if she actually stole back Hiroshi and raped him. But alas, she can't do anything. Worst girl.

The dick likes what the dick likes.

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Midori's not the main girl you retard

I would have laughed if she did really steal him from Maki or Renna and raped him in her bedroom

She is.

Where did you download it from?

the fuck are you talking about?

Runa is a true main girl

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I don't like her

I don't think she's the best girl but she is the main girl.

Just wait for second FD where this cute Judas Iscariot reincarnation actually does that.

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You'll laugh, but here.


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>just wait for Second FD
Do we even have anyone doing the first one?
I don’t want my dreams crushed again

Go on nyaa.pantsu instead.

Try reinstalling the game alone and downloading the crack/patch from here erogedownload.com/downloads/hatsukoi-1-1/
Also, follow their instructions.

>She's been in love with Hiroshi for nearly ten years already.
Well now I see the reason

That's a really stupid hair

tsujidou is garbage

I'm too tired to even fap today

How do you love someone for that long without contacting them for years?

It's supposed to turn into a halo.

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So what exactly makes a good route in your opinion?

Cute dates.

pretend dating and temporary breakups

I don't think that's the issue, but I'll keep that in mind.

See, that's the issue. I have the shit extracted, mounted the disc and then I press the topmost button and I get that error.

Anyways, nevermind, got it working. Had to use a different drive. Thanks for the help.

Pregnancy end.

On a more serious note: good banter.

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That's even more stupid

That’s awful

good H

Why does minato soft always adds a dozen new heroines every fandisc


Get out of the way, best girl's coming through

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Good timing betwen the different relationship status.

My loli!

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fake loli

So, uh, Maki is really cute. Is her route any good?


It's not nearly as bad as Majikoi. I mean, Sagami and Yui are the only two new heroines over two FDs. Now look at S and A+ that have new cast that shits on original.

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