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Old thread

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Rollan links

My guess is that "rollan" in any OP causes the thread to sink directly to page 10

It looks like this one is autosaging too, unless I'm mistaken. The only new link in the OP is, but I don't see why that would make the thread autosage when none of the other pastebin links make the thread autosage. Maybe a mod has a grudge against me and wants every thread I make to autosage, regardless of what's in the OP?

There's been so many shitposting among generals in here that a few sequences of letters get blacklisted to make threads autosage every so often, as far as I know
Either that or mod hates roll images in the OP
Just re-host that pastebin again then

Also no, the thread didn't bump because OPs can't bump their own threads until someone else posts
Guess we're safe to post horsecocks for now

Hey, look, we're back on page 1 now

already 5 mintes in 5 pages?

How the fuck does a thread autosage from the moment it was created

i think it stopped

The new pastebin link happened to have text in the URL that's been set to make threads autosage

>find out that VipixToolbox has something like the wand of equal trade clones from Minecraft mods
>try it out
>doesn't work
>well at least the mod has more features so let's keep it in my pack
>later on remember it has a 6-in-1 block wand
>try it
>eats all my wood and doesn't work
>delete mod and die

All right, I did all the challenges and enemies Thorium has to offer for now.

While I'm waiting for the final updates, which major mods are you suggesting me to play? If I ever want to try Calamity, which setup (both in-game and mods) you suggest in order to tackle that out?

Just replace Thorium with Calamity and you should be good. Don't expect anything amazing out of it though.


Crimson vs Corruption

Which do you prefer and why?

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so... when is 1.3.6?

Status on the waifu mod fucking when?

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september 2017 soon

Finishing off AI designs for the boss waifus (currently on Lunatic Cultist, thinking of having her use her regular spells off Blood Moon and summon two friendly Visions and a Dragon when on Blood Moon), unfortunately a computer crash ate my in-progress Nurse waifu spritesheet - i'll have to restart work on that at some point. Ah well, c'est la vie.
With easter prep looming over the horizon, there's less time for me to focus on personal projects, so don't be surprised if i'm silent for entire threads at a time.

did you saw waifu mod

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>boss waifus
please tell me i can turn that off

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Huh? You can just...not go for them...?
I think i may have missed something.
Could you elaborate on your dislike?

>don't be surprised if i'm silent for entire threads at a time
Nah man, it's okay. It's nice to see that you're actually working on it.
I've seen so many projects like this just silently implode over themselves without releasing anything, I hope you manage to release a build sooner or later. Some teaser sprites maybe~~?

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>AI designs for the boss waifus (currently on Lunatic Cultist)
you made me believe that all bosses will have waifu sprites (however the fuck that works)

>a computer crash ate my in-progress Nurse waifu spritesheet

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That body type is my weakness.

I would, but the crash i mentioned ate the only spritesheet i had, the Nurse waifu one.
I'll give some teaser descriptives, though - Nurse will ride sidesaddle on a syringe, Duchess Fishron will look like a delinquent and one of Plantera's Blood Moon moves involves The Axe used for it's intended purpose.

Nah, nah. They work more like the Waifu in a Bottle from calameme - i started working on the mod because other than calameme, waifus are an untapped resource in Terraria.

You mean thicc?

>The Axe used for it's intended purpose.
Oh lord

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>tfw your friends have such shit computers they unironically want to play the fucking 3DS versions instead.

This is literally me. I wish I at least had a N3DS, I'm tired of just hoping I get an Ice biome. But playing the mobile version isnt worth it

> I wish I at least had a N3DS, I'm tired of just hoping I get an Ice biome.
wait what

Normal worlds (on mobile/3DS) have a 1 in 3 chance of having an ice biome, expanded worlds just get everything, but only the N3DS has expanded worlds

Fucking wew, what do you mean by expanded worlds though? Is it just world size?

it's such a massive difference. Unsure what world size either compares to on console/PC though

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just read that expanded on 3DS/mobile is small on Desktop/Console, damn

what's the best material for plain colors?

New 1.3.6 weapon.

wait that's happening?

Yeah, should be out around September 2017.


post nurse waifus because nobody will whine about it here

Just release it already...

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wouldn't it be cool to have the amount of purple/red/green/gold change on the tree based on how corrupt/hallow/pure the world is?

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>Hardmode Star Cannon
J-Jesus Christ
Please let there be more upgrades to early mode weapons.

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looks like an upgraded version of the star cannon

>there will be an official hardmode arkhalis in your lifetime

I just hope the update adds more summoner stuff. They did a great job with sentries but minions and pure summoner armor need more love.

Also skeleton summons when?

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>looks like a storm is brewing
what the hell random shit is violating the laws of physics and is teleporting into my house also there is fire everywhere and WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!?

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It's a flying tree.

I'm guessing one of your mods has weather effect that cause trees and other miscellany to get torn off the ground and flung around by the wind.

But why would a tree need HP

Overhaul does that, adds seasons and in summer there will be storms.

Just add a stone roof with some lightning rods to keep your base save.

For the trees and other flying stuff, well good luck.

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Because that tree isn't dead yet, you dingus.

unlike this thread

damp armpits

Post more


It appears to be a tree user

Show me your storage arrangements. I'm having difficulty categorizing these things and sorting in to chests


Sure thing user, here you go

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thanks i was about to do that

What is this?

The top two layers sufficed for like 90% of my last game.

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Magic Storage. Blue squares = crafting units that can hold up to 10 crafting items each (work benches, furnaces, anvils, etc.) and access items in your chests so they don't have to be in your inventory to craft them, green square = storage heart that ties everything together, red squares = chest-like objects that can be upgraded over and over again to continually increase their storage capacity up to a certain point

why are you hurting me?

is it normal for your party girl to not come back after like a week from dying?

She's busy horsing around. Let her get it out of her system before she'll come back.

I notice that's at least the second time you've asked that and not gotten a straight answer, so: when in doubt, use the wiki

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>Unlike most NPCs, the Party Girl has a random 1/40 (2.5%) chance to spawn every morning once the criteria below are met, rather than being guaranteed to appear once fulfilling them

>This random chance also applies to her respawning following her death.



Is Thorium the way to go for a summoner playthrough? I downloaded Summoner’s Association but it’s pretty underwhelming imo.

From what I've seen, most big content mods like to give a whole lot more breadth to the Summoner class, so I wouldn't have to say that you need exclusive mods that come into play with one another (though Summoner's Association always plays nice with those mods so its nice to have on the side)

Also, Terrarium Tuesday or something like that: post about your worlds and your progress in them. Talk a little bit about what's been going down as you've been playing. Or just gush about all those squirrels you caught, if that's up your alley.

why is it i can summon bosses ok when i first use the summon items then later on the items just get used up and the boss tone plays but no boss shows up. this is happening on a friends modded server

well the server owners hellivator went through my underground cabin where do i move off to now or what kinda house do i make

Come on now, don't be like that. It's almost September 2017, she can identify as whatever she wants!

What is your favorite vanilla pre-hardmode weapon?

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did I ask this before? I actually dont remember.

Yes I did see that but it's been so long. I mean, Ive had King Slime and both Eye of Chuthulu spawn within minutes of making a new world, and got a Goblin Invasion while facing Skeletron, my luck cant be that bad :c

oh that makes sense

not arkhalis because that piece of shit never shows up when I want it

based beenades + hivepack wombo combo

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a pile of shit

Enchanted Sword
>available immediately
>high damage relative to most swords

It's like a discount Influx Waver

Construction of the cross-oceanic railroad is stalled due to.. sand. How can I build through this without collapsing the entire surface?

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If you go deep enough there may be compacted sand, or something of the like, which isn't affected by gravity. If you're on PC you can also consider using T-Edit or any other world editor that is compatible with your version of the game.

Interesting, thank you. Hate to ruin the flatness but don't want to risk using the editor. With people talking a lot about their worlds being corrupted is that something common with the editor or just mods?

I've only ever run into that problem when I forget to update the editor to the match with the latest version of Terraria.
Naturally though, editors tend not to play well with mods.

any good ideas?

you got your answer now get out

sounds like a problem between the keyboard and chair

>Not doing a skyrail
It's like you dont even want sick jumps

>implying that's not what the open air jungle sections are for
>with built in Snatcher

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How about you post a fucking screenshot or something to drive the conversation then

I just made my first magic storage system and I'm already in love with the mod.

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come on let's go post your Terraria hours

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i tried whats your excuse?

1038, but I haven't really played since before they updated the updated desert biome.