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Previous: Lostbelt 1 releases on the 4th of April
Apoc collab confirmed and there's an Apoc epilogue event in late April
With the update on 4/4 you will be able to return to the skills selection screen, 1* and 2* CEs are also getting revamped.

>Saber Wars Lite Edition
MHX animation renewal
Saber Lily NP strengthening
MHX is always in the gacha
Mysterious Heroine X: 15-29

March 2018 Monthly Mats
>Forbidden pages
>Proof of hero
>Yggradasil Seed


>Farming Guide


>Mega Pastebin

>TLs Pastebin

>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: November 29)
View listdocs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FSN1kmzso2itgjWzaGfysZ5WhEjiL5EcyjGr4k6DffA

>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>NP Comparison

>Servant/CE list and datamine

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>Not relevant. She was a warrior mage, not a straight caster.
Servants are not 1 trick ponies (not all)
as long as their myth have some parts worthy of other classes they will be summoned as said classes

Scathach was a warrior and a mage, more warrior than mage likely but a mage. so can be summoned as Caster

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I love mo-chan

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>those anatomy

Only Deermud and Hundred are missing from Zero's cast and then they'll have all made it into Fate/musou.

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>Trusting your best friend to take care of a baby version of you

sneaky lip

>Not trusting your psychotic friend to take care of you

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Presence Concealment A+!

We knew that she qualifies for Caster, but Lostbelt poster Caster is not Sctahach. Both are drawn by Koyama and have different hair color. Do you even anime?

Why the fuck did they pick Lancelot over Herc?

A psycho friend even
Ishtar would be a better choice
At least you know what to expect from her

Deermud is just a Cu with two spears and no explosions, while Hundred Face has literally nothing. They're never making it in.

>they will add Hundred Faces before Herk

So Gawain has someone to fight


Saber Deermud could have beams.

Nobu a CUTE.

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Because Herc is popular and strong. Justcelot is neither.

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More fun

I would like this mud to wake me up every morning though

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he has nothing to do with any of the cast

What are you doing, Lancelot? You would kneel before an enemy? Is this pathetic image how you end? Get up, Lancelot! What did you build your strength while trusting no one all this time for? Fight for your pride until the end! You may not believe in your own strength, but I do. Until the end. Lancelot, You are strong. Stronger than anyone.

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Who else is free from this farm hell?

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>Hundred Face has literally nothing.
I bet you suck at Ultimate Ninja Storm. Bunshin animations are fun.

As far as Extella goes, there's nothing Herc can do that Lu Bu can't do better, but since they weren't going to cut first game's characters, that Berserker slot was ripe for taking.

Thanks God, it's over

did Circe turn herself into a pig

remind me why they made a magical girl out of some random tentacle porn artist

UAthach I could not find anything on her other than being the lover of Cu

Aife sounds more like a Rider than a Caster, people just using her cause "
>Twin sister, I dont want Caster to be Scathach"

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Why the fuck is it even raked A+?
Why does she even have it all?


Herk is so fucking boring. Lancelot at least has cool looking powers, Herk just hits things. Once you take away Illya, he doesn't have any appeal.

>swimsuit Artoria only has her ass shown

She was built with it. No need for reason with AE.

Because she's the girl you don't notice or some shit like that

Seiba is a good father

Praise /oursaint/

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I can think of a few reasons.

1. Even as a Berserker who only knows how to gurgle AAAAAASSSSSSSAAAAAAaaaaaa, Lancelot has more character than Herc, and his character is easier to convey even when no token lolis are present.

2. He's got very direct connections to several of the other cast members. Herc doesn't really have a relation to any of them, or at best he's got extremely indirect relations to them.

3. Lancelot's toolkit is a hell of a lot more visually distinct than Herc's, which is a very strong positive in a musou.

I'm sure there's more to add.

Shyness apparently grants it to you in the Moon Cell
Kinda like how Melt got Riding from being a slutty virgin

you could get more money even if it was literally a tentacle porn artist who drew tentacle porn as his/her NP

>that Morgan
Man Takeuchi keeps reusing the exact same design elements for all his "evil" characters. What a bland design.



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>Rank 110 in the latest official poll, below Ouji
>lost to the Projection of a human and couldn't beat Kojirou
lmao Herkeks are delusional as always.

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B-but capoiera and sheeit

There are no Greeks in Extella apart from Mathman
that's hilarious

I know people want Lancelot and Gawain going for each others throats but I would honestly prefer if they had to team up and fight alongside to defend their king once again.

But you posted reddit's saint

Based AbbyCHAD

>that's hilarious
is it tho

I love this whore.

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Well no shit doujin creators would dislike him
He’s a moralfag (when it comes to lolis) who doesn’t talk, but screams
All they can make for him is OOC garbage if it’s a hentai doujin

>fight alongside to defend their king once again.
>with Berzerklot
>defend their king
Will Berzerklot constantly switch between protecting saber and trying to kill her himself?

What's arthur thinking about?


You tell me, user.

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Just you wait until they reveal ruler Pythagoras. Triangles to kick circle mans ass.

But user, beams in history didn't fire swords. Ergo no matter how stupid or nonsensical it is, everything that the writer pulls out of their ass is valid.
Just wait, Uathach will be a godkiller who trained Fionn and Fionn can never surpass her, she is the only woman he ever truly loved, and turns to putty before her since he's so afraid of her.

And both still make more sense than Scathach because we know how she talks and how Koyama draws her. And changes are not sufficient enough to call her Scathach Alter.


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Are we not counting Meduseless or Iskandar?

His Views of Mt.Fuji collection and the creation of manga was more important than that shock art piece of his.


Beams that fire swords when

Beams that fire swords that fire beams when?

fuck important things we're talking about money here

she looks good and she probably isn't designed by him either

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Should have been Grand Caster.
>is known by every person with triple digit IQ due to being a great mathematician
>influenced Plato and other geniuses
>part of the base for Western thought and philosophy
>influenced hermeticism, gnosticism and alchemy
>studied music and harmony, has a tuning named after him
>also studied and talked about mysticism
>was said to have practised divination and prophecy (AKA Clairvoyance, what Grand Casters need)
>was said to tame animals with mesmerism
>was said to have revived at least four times
>founded and studied sacred geometry
>his thigh was made of fucking gold.

Considered a Barbarian by Greeks of his time before he went and kicked everyone's ass anyway

DUDE is not greek

Yandere bishounen King George with an anti-french NP and spammable charm for Americans skill when?

nasu doesn't actually know math, please understand

>caster saberface turns out to be morgan just for the sake of saberfaces in every class
How would you feel about this?

fuck off nigger that faggot has his hands on every memetoria that gets released

Guess which work appeared in that IRL Hokusai event and raked in money for Sony.

Next weeks Ruler will be Sherlock

I for one cannot wait for Cuckcelot to job and BTFO Melvkek once and for all. I bet he is shitting himself as I type this. He knows whats coming.

Are you implying you're not expecting it? Her and Mordred are the only Saberfaces that make sense.

Macedonia is Greek now so it counts.
And Medusa is still from Greece and Greek myth.

Ah, I see you are a man of culture like myself.

>the Lancers


Remember when Takeuchi wasn’t the biggest hack in TM?

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I'm pretty sure he has his hands elsewhere

>thinking people will give a shit anymore when Lostbelt released on the same day

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I don't remember this one

After the veil in Apocrypha I would be surprised if she wasn't a saberface.

how would hit NP even work?

No, because he's always been the CEO.

>He knows whats coming
Yeah, Gilgakek and Memewain defeat, along with KoHing of Velber.

Or Lasers and then Baritsu

We have so many fucking Casters already that it would be fucking ridiculous to add another dumb witch with no niche whatsoever. Caster is for people who don't fit into any other class like musicians, scientists, writers, queens and princesses, not for actual mages. At least someone like Circe was added with her own pig transformation niche. Morgan would be more of the same "hurr look at mu laserz"

This will be the new ruler in Extella. What is his identity?

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Too bad Extella Link is supposed to be a side story at best