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First for Shipwiz should kill himself

Do you guys have a screenshot or set of screenshots you consider your magnum opus?

Shut the fuck up. My post are 100% legit

4th for go suck muatra.

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Never intended the resemblance, but his name is Maxer in conclusion.

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you don't need to use your name in everypost
you should probably get a trip instead of a name and refrain from using it unless you're posting something that you need a name/trip for
if you'd rather always wear a name, ribbit and discord are there for you

I just have ceased to give a fuck.
Ill get shit on no matter what so ill just post user.
Its not like I came up with the name anyway.
I guess im airship-fag.

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Why does NiOverride Poser give me an error about PapyrusUtil? It's the right version and works with everything else.

I think I found a persistent glitch or something.

I gave my draggo the staff Nahkriin drops- The one you're not meant to keep, and I noticed it had somehow become inert with the lightning wall power gone across all my saves and characters.

Did I fuck up?

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And this is you you filthy kike.

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yep. You fucked up.

Fag isn't necessarily bad though, atleast not in this Veeky Forums context.

is it your first week here? use whatever name you'd like, just don't keep it up on the namebox for no reason

Idc its whatever at this point.
Ill just keep making mods, post pics of them without it being commented on, get told im a shit by /tesg/ and then repeat. Its an old cycle that is just how this place operates.

I get called worse things on /pol/ litterally every minute of the day.

>is it your first week here?
over a decade on Veeky Forums. Ive had that name for less than a day and its already trouble.

I bet you dont even remember w.t. snacks.

How different are the installs for the disc version of Oblivion and the steam versions? Don't wanna re-download it since my speeds are throttled right now, was wondering if I could just install the disc version, move it to the steam folder, and have steam alter the necessary files.

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Names are only good for posting content you've created, so you should stick to anonposting for everything else

>was wondering if I could just install the disc version, move it to the steam folder, and have steam alter the necessary files.

Wont work, but you can have steam see it as a non-steam game.

what do, then?

Its just whatever. Now I dont feel like modding. Fuck it im gonna go play daggerfall for a while.
Can you load a save from before you equiped it?
Also you might have a mod in your order thats causing the glitch. Look for anything that might effect magic or staves.

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Doing this might also help shed some of the hate, since in the past hour or two you've managed to get everyone who saw you post against you.

Memeri tv is proof that god is real

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I just dont care. You guys always hate me whenever I post what I think.
Its not my fault the majority of you are a bunch of degenerates who masterbate to 3d tits.

Also you guys just pile on whoever is the most obvious, its not like you guys have any rhyme or reason beyond having a target to shit on for your entertainment.

How the fuck do I get ENB Organizer to work? I have the ENB binaries in my Skyrim folder. All the guides I find are out of date too.

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How about we post waifus?

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>you guys are degenrates lol fuck off faggots
>waaah why do you hate me
Are you 12?

He's either underage or legitimately autistic. Either way he's made it clear that any attempt to engage with him is a waste of time and energy.

You really should have a trip so people can filter you out then maybe when people complain they say much bsimpley because you can be filtered.

>on whoever is the most obvious, its not like you guys have any rhyme or reason beyond having a target to shit on for your entertainment.

Maybe because you shitpost without reason, explain this?

Attached: shipwiz.jpg (939x175, 27K)

How rude.

Attached: SkyrimSE 2018-03-16 23-52-47-15.jpg (2560x1440, 692K)

Pretty much this

Post more

>and now shipwiz
Is there some kind of Ancient Egyptian curse that instantly turns any /tesg/ modder who adopted a name/trip into a blabbering turbo-autist?

>im gonna shitpost yet again! lul
I dont give a fuck what you think.
Hate me, dont care its just whatever.
Ive had this convo before with /tesg/ several times.
hat eme then. Ills till be here making mods, posting pics and not being answered.

I lose nothing by you hating me and gain nothing by you liking me.

Its not like you guys cared before.
At all. Ill say probably 3 dls on my mods where from you guys.
I dont have anywhere else to go, so ill sit here like a festering cancer as usual.

I posted three new lewds on /aco/, but I'm afraid I'll have to put an end to the lewd posts until someone can be bothered to mod in subsurface scattering for SE.

Attached: SkyrimSE 2018-03-28 12-04-16-04.jpg (2560x1440, 1.48M)

We get it. Now stop shitposting.

Should I play Skyrim modded or Skyrim SE on my 940m dual core laptop (1600x900 screen)?

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How can I make TKRE be compatible with/show the effects of this mod?

With TKRE on, it just covers up the ice like snow.

Go bite the tip of molag bal's spear.

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This helmet looks so dumb

Attached: Morrowind 2018-03-28 (2560x1440, 706K)

What do you expect from dumner?

SE desu

Attached: TESV 2018-03-27 16-18-06-86.jpg (2560x1440, 1.29M)

Why are orcs steppe people? Don't they live in permanent mountain fortifications?

Attached: Morrowind 2018-03-28 (2560x1440, 664K)

what kind of mods have you made and post them

Dragon break.
Continuity errors out the ying.
Every ending in daggerfall happened at the same time.
They are steppe people, live in mountains, have orsinium and are citizens of the empire.

Here but I doubt youll dl any of them.



(this ones kind of a joke tho, it was in response to the diversity and tolerance mods)


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>I have the ENB Binaries in my Skyrim folder
you already fucked up
clean up your folder, then set the binaries on ENB Organizer and only then you'll be able to set the presets and other stuff on there

Guys help, I am retarded.
How do I fix this with OpenMW and Tamriel Rebuilt. I have the BSAs registered and if I coc to some cities in the mod there are no exlamation marks and everything looks fine

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Do I have to re-mod everything moving PCs?
Or maybe can I just copy my steam files to the other PC, and copy my nexus mods install? Can't imagine I'd be able to but eh fuck modding all that shit again

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>cell edits using vanilla assets with a few modded assets
It's like it's 2013 again, concept is below average but you're stuck in the past.

This spell maker name korn or whatever was making custom spells and scripts. What you are making is small time, also it doesn't help that the screenshots on your page is low quality

Did you install to somewhere besides program files?
Because you should have.

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All i have to say is k.
Now go make one.
Try adjusting load order.

Are they being loaded last?

that's why you shouldn't have a name on most of the time
don't make yourself a easy target for no reason

Skyrim SE modded

Ok im dumb. Thats the unfinished land mass and I need the Preview.esp file for it. I dont really intend to go there but it looks ugly with half of it cut off

se waifu go fuck some redguard boy instead of shilling that broken piece of garbage

I didnt until someone gave me one.

You can try to deflect all you want, but nobody else typed that into the name field.

I don't know, the airship one was pretty good, and I like the bombs in the other.

Backup your data folder

I figured it would be trouble but I was just happy someone gave me a name.
Thank you.

Time for trial number three.

Attached: Morrowind 2018-03-28 (2560x1440, 649K)

I call you jeff

wtf is yo axe made of wood?


Well that was cool I guess. Hearing the stories of the others' failures was somewhat foreboding though.

It's dwemer
New one is glass though

Attached: Morrowind 2018-03-28 (2560x1440, 893K)

super ded no waifus only nerds.

>this whole thread
Your all complicit.

Attached: tesg in general.jpg (700x933, 149K)

ENB doesnt work at all when put it in the Organizer

Attached: 1311588406216.jpg (180x200, 22K)

I just want to post waifus in peace.

Is that whats going on here?

Attached: disgusted.jpg (1280x720, 173K)

Well I want you to spit in my mouth


Yep and your the mouth. Your getting off on it and so is everyone else.
You can also be the mouth.

How about I shank you instead?

Attached: SkyrimSE 2018-03-16 23-40-24-59.jpg (2560x1440, 525K)

Will Bethesda ever make a good game?

Why is it that everytime I think this place cnat get any lower it does?

Attached: cursed.jpg (1280x720, 234K)

Is this the redguard you have screw your shitfu?

You can just ignore me, you know. Simply filter SkyrimSE if you don't want to see me ever again.


brave pls stop

I dont mind you, I meant the whole anime gay thing with the spit.
Its a new low.

Attached: 1432600437126.png (672x600, 462K)

Its not gay!
Its boys love.
Nice and pure.

>Now go make one
Already did, I've made simple cell edits, texture edits, normals, and ported a few things for myself and close friends.


I just dotn have a proper response to you.
Cool story bro! Good for you! heres a nice pat on the back for being such a winner ;)

Attached: ever onward.jpg (1440x900, 270K)

Give me a quick rundown on this Shipwiz person.

Ive been here for years and someone gave me a name yesterday now everyone is shitting on me even more than normal.
This has happened several time over the years minus the name.

So its just business as usual.

Autistic retard who forgot he wasn't on pol started shitposting like crazy thinking he's a paragon of the community for making a few mods nobody's heard of

Shitpost because no one will use his mods for a old ass game

randomly sperged out last thread, calling everyone a degenerate and whining that his airship quest mod had been only downloaded 3 times or something. funny thing is it was one of the waifuposters who helped him with his mod (pretty sure it was witchcat who helped him making working wings on an NPC or something).

some guy who says he's been here for a decade yet doesn't know basic Veeky Forums etiquette for namefagging. made a mod and got a name for it, is also a religious nutjob

Ah, 24 hours with a name to your posts and look what happened.

Can someone be kind enough to direct me to any mod adding some military pose like pic related?

Attached: posmi.jpg (640x1152, 220K)

Yeah go fuck yourself.
I figured you guys mostly dl bodyslide presets and high heels.
I didnt expect any of you to dl it.
This is why i hate /tesg/ sometimes. I got baited into a shitty position and bit down hard. Again.

Attached: 808474c4c364ededb362bc05ec88258ab66c6243b3f1cf4b7183d7f62c8ede45.jpg (400x400, 14K)

Witchcat doesn't do porn though, atleast I don't think they do. Waifuposters who just make wholesome non-slut waifus and are not horny tweens are cool.

Just an angry average Nexus mod maker who gets mad when someone points out flaws in his "mods"

> He hasn't been on aco
But for real, the game is old it's just a game. Nothing is left for Skyrim except creativity.

Hi /tesg/
Because I have a feeling for sliders like a dead dog can I ask for any tips? Just what to improve to make it right. No matter if it's pretty or not, I just want everything to be on the right place.

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