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cafepress.com/ horde underwear-panties

1st for no degeneracy today

Where is a good place to buy a world of warcraft themed bra?

Please no memes. Yes it's for me, no i wont show tits, no i dont have a dick. i know you faggots know where to buy weird shit, so help me out

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What even classifies as "degeneracy" to you fags?


I want to be fucked by an orc

Asmongold is love, Asmongold is life


just google it, i'm sure you'll find something

Why would you wear video game apparel? Are you a fag?

i want to cuddle a giant flying snake lizard

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Try etsy

But there's nothing wrong with being homosexual or transexual

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it's another guild is wiping to high command because nigger ret paladins don't know how to spec divine hammers episode

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Hypno hypno hypno!

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I love when blizz makes simple and clean sets. Why dont they do it more often? feels hard to come by items/sets that dont have massive shoulders or effects and spikes spurting out everywhere

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I am not a fag. The only person who will see it is my gf any ways. Its for her.

The point was if the degenerates in this thread had bought such items and found some amount of quality in their purchase. i know how to use google.

i guess i was assuming more of you were skirt wearing trap bois.

guess ill just have to go fuck off to etsy then and hope i get lucky.

fuck i hate etsy

I own this shirt, be jelly fag.

Ret discord is fucking cancer. It's underage morons and shitposting. No one knows what the fuck they're talking about anyways.

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Brainlets love the over the top shit.

I miss Tink...

Well sir we're like 10 posts in and only diapers are missing

Also I just got an alt to 885, how do I get the last 5 to free loot queue?

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>literally advertising you prep bulls in public
The state of the Horde, lads

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good luck user ive found some quality shit in etsy, you just gotta wade through all the bad stuff to get there

I mean, you could always get a white bra and dye it into a horde/alliance pattern.

Wait, if you're a girl, and it's for your gf, then you are a homosexual. So either you're full of shit, or you're a homosexual.

>people who like things that I dont like are intellectually inferior


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literally why would i wear a bra even when i do crossdress
my pecs deserve to be free dammit

>erp as draenei dickgirls or erp in general
>trans player seeking attention or trans people in general
>unironic factionpride and getting angry by funny faction shitposting
>rape rp
> serious comparison to real life or /pol/ (if it's not just a joke but a serious opinion)
>sjw bullshit in the game
>tumblr gay fanart
>general gay shit

that shit is so bad its borderline obnoxious


t. sees many threes repeating

>letting the general public know you're proud enough to play wow that you would spend cash just to let them know.

Gnomes are the cutest!

I know it's e-celeb shit, but I literally think Pyromancer has gone insane

Alliance confirmed for betafag weebs


There you go

fag =! homosexual


>he thinks i have a single drop of creative talent
I'm a dyke dude, what the fuck do you think. my gf is the one who always plays with glitter and glue and shops at michaels. I fix things.

I just wanna be like
>shirt comes off
>for the horde, heh heh heh
>bra comes off
>maybe never think about it again.

There's literally NOTHING wrong with ERP'ing as or with a Draenei dickgirl


yeah the last video I saw with him he was talking about the butterflies in dalaran. he's like the infowars of wow.

This but unironically



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Being gay or trans I don't see a problem with. But c'mon, you really don't see a problem with erp:ing as a spacegoat with a dick that you still call female?

Whats your favorite raid boss/dungeon boss quote?

Absolute degeneracy

Ok if you have no creative talent whatsoever, go out and buy a white bra. Literally trace the Horde symbol over the cups and then color it in black with a marker or some shit. Then color the rest in red.

Congratulations, you're all set. You could buy the shit you need on amazon, shouldn't be that hard.

Ironically, you'd probably have more luck with bottoms.

Simple google search for Horde underwear:
cafepress.com/ horde underwear-panties

Drop your pants and tell her to go lok'tar ogar your pussy. Done.


Ozruk has stuck in my mind for fucking years, to the point where whenever I shower, I think of "BREAK YOURSELVES UPON MY BODY. FEEEL THE STRENGTH OF THE EARTH" when I lather myself.

>aliens must have the same gentalia as humans
Maybe male draenei carry the children like seahorses or something?

fuck thats hot

I will never get the machine gun train boss from WoD's, "READY!" out of my head. Ever.

There's literally nothing more satisfying than being at the mercy of a dom Draenei Dickgirl

come children of the titans you face the paragons
if that doesn't count since it's pre-fight:
mountains of skulls and rivers of blood and I WILL HAVE MY WORLD
or come closer come closer AND BURN (some BC dungeon boss for newer players or ones that dont remember)
and pretty much every thing any of the paragons say mid-fight like:
chaos is order unrecognized by a lesser mind

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>get kicked for doing sub 1.5 mill on my alt
>from N Antorus
>by RL in relinquished welfare doing 600k

Why is this a thing?

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D'akala di'chuka, Horridon! Kalimaste!

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>that is what I do, Zoggosh. I think good.

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>legion voice overs
>cringy shit
>"You will die" "Your friends will abandon you"

Delivery is important, all nu-wow voice overs suck because they try so hard it comes out really amateurish but shit like C'thun is simply magnificent.

Would this be better as horde or alliance allied race?
Tell me how and why or why not they join horde/alliance!

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>tfw literally didn't know this existed til yesterday
Glad I got one now though

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dont take it personally people are just asshats. exact same thing happened to me on a altrun on normal antorus.

Most likely Horde. They got to go somewhere after they're unemployed now.


I came back to WoW during WoD and Paragons dialogue while during a transmog run of SoO has me back in Pandaria leveling so I can figure out who these fuckers are.

You didn't get kicked because of your damage, you were shitting ont he RL because he was getting carried, be honest shitter.

I got kicked last week for asking if it was ok if I lusted on trash and reset the boss, not even doing it, just asking, normals and sub-20 keys and sub-2k pvp are the fucking worst, hell unironically in this game the higher you get the better people are as people,
it's disturbing really, at the very least in better groups too people will tell you why they kicked you and help you understand the pug mindset and help improve or at least improve in the pugworld mind of the game.

>those abs
Never notice while fighting them but goddamn

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Neither. Dont see how eredar would make sense. Think alliance should get broken as playable though, was surprised when they got lightforged instead.

I could see playable eredar maybe working if it was a small number of repentant ones that escaped crumbling Argus and somehow ended up on Azeroth. They would almost certainly be a Horde race - I can't imagine regular draenei or Lightforged accepting them.

this shouldn't even be a question, why the fuck would regular draenei and lightforged ever be ok with having them on the same faction?
if anything they'd ally with the horde, half of horde is discarded/failed legion lackeys anyway

plus Ally already has 2 flavors of draenei

Klaxxi questline was literally the coolest imo. MoP in general had some fab stories.


t. Panda player

why the fuck did blizz kill the chrominius water spirit combo and release this boring ass time-waster
he's stronger than they ever were, but god damn is it boring and takes fucking hours to kill anything

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Why would the horde welcome their old slavemasters?

>half of horde is discarded/failed legion lackeys anyway
They'd be like the orcs after the first war basically. I'd be ok with them being playable.

I just finished up Jade Forest and am making my way to Krasarang now. Should I do Valley first since there's some shit about the Mantid there or am I fine doing Krasarang first?

Sylvanas wouldn't care what some orcs think, user. She'd have them join in a minute.

>I am the lucid dream
>The monster in your nightmares
>The fiend of a thousand faces
>Cower before my true form!

That's hot!!!

You can pretty much do them both in tandem. I think that's how it was designed. But the finale takes place in Vot4W and involves NPCs you meet in Krasarang, so finish Krasarang first.

Seriously though why do people even pick horde? All their races except for goblins look goofy as fuck.

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>all that SFM of eredar ladies corrupting draenei with their femcocks

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because every race besides blood elves are ugly

This, good voice actor really drives in the powerful character demanding you to submit to him

Sounds good. I pretty much blazed through the Jade Forest and Kun Lai to reach WoD content so doing this now is a nice break from the monotony of Legion WQs.

Tauren zones are some of the comfiest in the entire game. Vanilla Sun Rock Retreat and Camp Taurajo were the absolute comfiest places in the game. Nowadays, Thunder Bluff on max graphic settings is the comfiest.

oi m8. taurens are okay aswell

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>not goofy as fuck
shortstack jews. Try stealthing, or /cry or /chicken, they are absolutely goofy.

send help

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I guess the Taruen zones are pretty cool


If then most likely horde but I also can see them in the alliance IF there would be some kind of redemption and forgiveness kind of storyline like Velen and his son but with the whole Draeneifaction. I mean we also have Velves so why not them too.
But I think neither will ever get them even if that's really waste of those great reskinned draenei models imo.

This gives me Elegon ptsd.

Nope, never said a word to him. I was actually the first to join his raid and we seemed chill right up until he started kicking people for not doing a certain amount of dps even though we were clearing bosses quick.

>put on my shaman CM shoulders and spam /roar in front of my brother's char in dungeons

Reminder that it's canon that the Tauren could be on par with the goblins and gnomes in terms of engineering prowess but they build everything way too big and generally dont have much desire to engineer things. Case in point, The Great Lift.

Consider the fact that some of the most effective naval captains in the neutral factions are Tauren.

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