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Feels like old times Edition

New Players :
>Welcome to Heroes of the Storm!

News :
>Fenix, Steward of the Templar; NOW LIVE!

>Starcraft 20th Anniversary
>New Starcraft themed cosmetics and Co-op Brawl

>April 4th @ PAX East 2018
>Learn how the lore of Heroes of the Storm will add to the larger Blizzard universe!

E-Sports :
>HGC: Heroes Global Championship 2018
>Heroes of the Dorm 2018
>Where can I watch?
Blizzheroes @ Twitch

Resources :

Community :
>Blizzard Social Tab
>NA - blizzard.com/invite/paGDfZaX
>EU - blizzard.com/invite/K0YLXSnvk
>In-game - Type "/join Veeky Forums" in the chat

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where the FUCK is Mei

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What do you WANT, /hotsg/?

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>Learn how the lore of Heroes of the Storm will add to the larger Blizzard universe!
Um... guys?

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this general man
not even god can help you guys

>*blocks own path*

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>artanis on free rotation

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>No Magatha
Into the trash it goes...

Johanna loli is cute and fun and she tries her best to tank for you!

I too wish her shield was too big for her to carry effectively.

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fuck off reddit

>the introduction of one of the most unlikely Heroes from Blizzard’s history to join the Nexus yet
What does this mean?
Unlikely in play style like abathur or vikings, or unlikely in franchise?

Why not both?

Fenix is alive and dead and he tries his best to kill the enemy team for you!

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Is Auriel really that bad?

Thank you for your hard work, fenix-kun!

*laughs out loud*

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No, she's not super meta currently. When she's strong she's ridiculous.

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No, she's fine. You just need to make sure you've got a good battery in the team, it's essential. Otherwise she's a fine support who needs a talent overhaul and only has one ult.

I'll take it over braxis or boe

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is this tier list something good to follow??

Wtf no she is not? She is really good actually if you know what you are doing. I can only imagine her being bad if teammates are bad.

Its okay, the enemy team calls me mommy too :)

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Unironically one of the better maps on the game. AFK retard pushing doesn't work here. Things need to be timed correctly to get value. Rotations and solo lanes are important, as is effective control of an area.

There is at least one Auriel one trick in Masters in EU.


Why do you memers even need tier lists anyways?

It's a good map, just not for solo q

Tier lists kind of aren't worth a shit because this game doesn't have any heroes that you should never pick and the gap between tier S and tier 1 is almost nonexistant.

>Garrosh T3
>Medivh weak
fucking garbage tier list, like this website.

>ha ha
>sha, sha ba da, sha ba da

God I hate Icyveins they lead so many into terrible shit.

Good taste faggot

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no she's not in general. but she seems bad in solo play because her healing depends on how good your team is, mainly, the person you use your trait on. because if that person is shit, your healing numbers will suffer

I know, that level 20 heroic upgrade is pretty good.

You can manage as long as the bar is full by the next heal. Her healing numbers tend to be lower but every heal is meaningful kind of like Uther. Detainment strike and having better than average waveclear for a support will always be useful, but she's still fairly niche.

>it's another team refuses to push with the game-winning boss episode

She lost favor to %heal lucio for the most part.

>Core tier : Stitches
>"Viable tier" : Tyrael, Leoric, Garrosh...
this guy isn't even trying to make some quality content that's pathetic, and people actually browse this garbage

She lost value when they removed the 50% CDR from her heal actually.

If they made her heal have a 3 second CD or made Ressurect give passive energy gain or something she'd still be meta.

>She lost value when they removed the 50% CDR from her heal actually.
why did they remove it?

It was too good.

>Uther is considered a "tank" support
>Battlerite is releasing a real tank support, Ulric
>Overwatch just released a real tank support, Brigitte

Where's our tank support????



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>no mouths

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There are other ways to kiss someone.

want me to show you?

>tfw devs release a new hero but you dont know who is the mothafucka because you have never played a single blizzard game so you need to google the bio

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At Tracer has her chicken.


when you talent all root duration/size shit on malfurion


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are there streamers that are well-known OTPs at high level? whenever I try to watch a hots stream of a GM they always pick the regular meta picks like genji, hanzo, chromie, stuff like that and it's really boring to watch for me.

are there master+ streamers who play ONLY one hero when available? preferably something not meta like above
thanks friends

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>meta is boring
Stick to qm

>sylvanas has to win the game by snowball early because she is shit late
what exactly makes her bad late? Everyone just instinctively says you have to win before level 3 or sylvanas is shit, but they never go into detail. Her damage and mobility are both acceptable, her wailing arrow is basically malf ult with a different coat of paint. And her mercing ability never falls off. I'm not trying to suggest she's a top tier late gamer, but she can be serviceable and her trait makes it so if you ever win a team fight its basically keep+

So why does she fall off?

undead pussy

that is essentially the default pick of talent

I like to pick the one that spawns the cute treant :3c

I often see Chu8 play what ever he feels like. Plus he plays on Korean server, meta is a bit different there.

grubby loves to play Kel'Thuzad whenever he can fit it into team comp

>meta is boring to watch
>one tricks aren't
you wot

because you're there to take objectives further
that's kind of it
otherwise you kind of poke with W and hope you land a good wailing arrow
maybe mind control if the comps permit

she's just a poorly designed/balanced piece of trash they can't rework without upsetting her autistic AI-only and Silver QM split push waifufag playerbase

mewn constantly looks like he's one tilting game away from blowing his brains out

>>meta is boring to watch
>>one tricks aren't
I find it it more interesting to watch someone really good at lunara or really good at illidan or really good at X excel at their craft than "will fill assassin and take something generically strong" if only because it's something I'm not used to watching in other streams

Hey, remember when Master skins used to mean something?

Me neither. :3

I think this is just what he's stuck with if he wants to maintain views.

Yep. he's stuck on hots. tried fortnite, but his viewership was tanking

Damn guess ill show stop there sometime

what do you senpaitachi bind your talent abilities to?

Samwise "kid" didler here, AMA.

D, F, T

Is it hard to get hardened seen out of your beard?

"Wait until they get a load of me"

What are they implying? That Kerrigan is a futa?

What talents should I take for Tassadar-kun :3c

You mean "Wait until they get a load in me."


Yes. I usually self serve myself while i see r34 pics of samuro

Only scrubs change their keybinds

what is the appeal of league

i know nothing about the game and been watching mewn and his friend in the same lane for 10 minutes pve-ing minions

because you can get fed af and blow nerds up
big/popular, lots of players
animu titty waifus

mostly the getting fed and blowing nerds up tho

all you gotta do is farm minions, and get gold advantage to win

Why the fuck is Zeratul still 10k jewcoins for one of the oldest characters?

Noob deterrent

shitter deterrent
same thing with vikings
and autism slug of many 4v5s

What heroes need a pricedrop? The amount of 10kers are too many, even "easy" heroes

Not that kerri has a zerg minion to ride around on, do you think she let's him to ride her between matches?

Kerrigan's pussy is Jimmy's exclusive property


It was the first moba game that was free to play. Despite people bitching how awful the game is. They will never be totally killed off due to so many people spending too much time on the game.

li ming

it was there first
you can get fed

that's kind of it

they already discounted these tho

>Be Tassadar
>Pick the talent that increases the range of force wall and reduces cd
This is so fun

Cutting people off from teamfights and blocking melee from me and my back line

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This means her asshole is free to use.

its super complex you have to dance around in lane for atleast 20 minutes so you can customize your character by buying +x% items you looked up on google beforehand
as a brainlet you wouldnt understand obviously

give me some sauce dude come on

no her entire being is Jimmy's exclusive property too

As someone who never played Starcraft, can someone tell me what the original SC did so well that was lost in SC2? I’ve seen people even go as far as to say that SC2 ruined the SC image as a whole.

check the archive
same image
he replied to one of the posts with the source

Think they talk about the story.
It went from revenge porn story to a love story. Then lotv comes around and gives protoss a redemptiom run that's alright and it fixes their shit.
Then the ssj kerrigan thing comes and it ruins everything

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not just the story, the gameplay for pvp was utterly shit compared to sc1

where's the fenix patch you fucking mongoloids