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>Patch Notes (

>Enemy HP spreadsheet that looks correct until the devs shit on it and don't contribute anything

> Legendary emperors drop rates

> Commendation drop rates

>Information about chests and when to open them

>Grim/Tome locations

>Performance guide
pastebin.com/BKH7pNMy- Graphic settings
pastebin.com/eGYWAFsM- Game hosting optimization

>Mega of shit:

>Deepest lore

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What is the ideal talent setup for BH?


The beamshotgun is M2+M1
Beamplosion is M1+M2.

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Level 5 talent doesn't really matter but if you use the crossbow faster reload is nice. After that go crit power, blessed shots consume no ammo, health on kill, and cooldown reduction.

What's in Kruber's chest /vtg/?

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who /WHC/ here

>Make Them Count instead of Swift Reload.

volley crossbow reload is prohibitively long with next to no spread



Shame about Ussingen

What's the most kino level?

only the finest Kerillian nudes

Did you get dunked on today /vtg/?

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the dev build

how is your overcharge going down like that?

His remaining alcohol stash, Kruber got the terrible thirstings insanity.

Aesthetically, Into the Nest

Crit build + Heat Sink probably.

>links don't even work

nice thread OP

works on my machine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All of them do though except for the performance guide ones, which are weirdly fucked in the sense that they have a dash at the end. Remove it and they're working again.

Can't wait for all these Siennas, Elves, and BHs get wreckt charging into hordes thinking they can just whip out their daggers and dinky swords and spam M1. Seeing it happen all to often where they just charge ahead of the frontliners/CC to kill whore.

Stop elf propaganda.
I finished off the last few and went on to rescue my entire team and we finished the match 3t2g.

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BH will still probably be good in melee. Flail has insane cleave right now so I can't imagine the nerf hitting it too hard.

lewd elf pics

give me vermintide reaction images

Oh shit I'm dawi

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>48 seconds

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nothing, its chained up to bait saltz into wondering whats in it.

they work, OP just removed the space after the links for some stupid reason.

people having trouble with links in OP, make sure to copy only the link, not the "-" as well. OP, stop removing fucking spaces for no reason

All the BH I see are using the Machete.

>copy-pasted it from the last thread.
>which was probably copy-pasted as well.

Learn how to use a computer you mongoloid. Notice the other guy figured out the 'problem' instantly, because his brain is actually oxygenated.

Any of the 1hand weapons is good for dorf?


Best of the best:

Into the nest

Dem distant views tier:

Righteous Stand
Fort Brachenbrucke
The Screaming Bell

Comfy tier:

Against the Grain

Aesthetic even if the level generally sucks ass tier:

The Skittergate (when you get to Norsca)
Empire in Flames

Brown tier:

Convocation of Decay
The War Camp
Festering Ground

WOODS tier:

Anthel Yenlui

So shitty its pitch black for part of the level tier:

Into the Dark

I find the flail windup fucking you over unless you got good ground to work around, machete block attack got good wide sweep for safely dealing with horde.

1h mace is good for hordes / mashing storm verm skulls

I honestly don't see the point of the flail wind up. The first two hits of the flail have just as wide a sweep and are instant, you can then cancel and do them again.

step back, wind up, move forward and attack, back dodge, repeat. It takes a little finesse but the flail isn't that hard to use.

The light attacks have okay cleave, the heavy attack legit cleaves as many targets as a 2h hammer right now which makes it great for crowd control if you're fighting a horde in an open area.

so aesthetic

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>I-I know, I'll t-take a picture of the GROUND, yea the ground that'll show him he'll be so assblasted

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I got an powerlevel 300 1hand orange axe and was wondering if it was okay since my 2hand hammer is 250 powerlevel

>Best of the best:
>Into the nest

sick and fucking tired of this map

Does anyone here wanna do Champ QP runs?
I'm so fucking tired of the retards in my region, I can't play the game anymore.
There's one specialized -5IQ fucker for each difficulty, I can't avoid them.

Save me from this hell.

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wait for 4chinks dedicated servers never

You guys think they will fix melee before nerfing everyone to enforce ""teamwork""?

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>42 fps


That was before I read the performance guide.
I stay at 60 pretty much the entire time except during hordes where it drops to 30 because swedes can't program.

>"I will sell-trade elf-thing for warpstone, yes-yes"

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it has its issues but as far as aesthetics go, its the best one. Dwarven cities, views underground across great distances, bridges, and then it goes full blight town.

On a side note can someone post the webm of saltzpyre shooting and killing the elf

The pastebin is deleted, how do I get my performance up?

1axe is ok, nothing special but it's not like you're gimping yourself by using it.

protip remove the -

Why are Skaven so cute?

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How good is Kruber's long bow against the armored bosses if youre good at landing headdhots? Haven't played too much huntsmeme myself but I see people saying his now is pretty good against armored targets so I'm curious.

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>tfw slowly creating a rag tag super team of the most skilled and chill randoms that added me to friends after games
It's happening

Thanks, sorry for the boomerpost

What does Drengbaraizi and Dawi mean?

You will miss most of your headshots if boss is not stormfiend.

Dawi - what the dwarfs call themselfs
Dawri - like dwarf, essentially honorary dwarf
Drengbarazi - band of slayers

>tfw usually under 30 FPS because only have a GTX660

>The punch is predictable.
That's not how that works. He has 3 variations he can do at close range and none of them are set in patterns.

The overhead, the kick, the punch, and the horizontal slash. He can do any of these attacks in any order. I've even seen one do the overhead 4 times in a row at close range. The safest way to attack a chaos warrior is bait the swing, attack once, and get out. The problem is two-fold.
1) On Legend you have clusters of Chaos Warriors, demanding you attack inside the only opportunities you get while they all chase you slowly with their overheads and
2) it takes too long, even for solitary Chaos Warriors.
Lastly on the comments towards back dodging. That does not avoid the punch on reaction. Neither does sidestepping if you were curious. The punch hits you before the animation of the fist even finishes on your end. Which is partly the problem. Skaven push is fine and all, as is his kick. Shit like that punch is ridiculous. Especially given its speed and damage when compared to something like the bile trolls only attack to get you off of it.

Chaos dildos

Dedicated elf bondage porn when?

how do i play zealot

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alternate between left clicking, blocking, and pushing

Reminder to never play with russians.

>tfw this will be removed after the next patch

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Look pretty neat , too bad i dont play slayer

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>wave clearing with your range weapon as kruber
hope I never get a shitter like you in my game

Use your active skill somewhat conservatively, don't be a dumb Slayer and spam it every time it's off cooldown. Equip flail or falchion depending on preference, maybe rapier if you really like that weapon. Salty's only really bad melee weapons are the axe and greatsword so you can't go wrong with the other three.

Volley crossbow is the best ranged weapon for Zealot. It's the most accurate at a distance for special sniping, has good ammo capacity, and can provide nice boss dps if you spam the triple shot at boss weak points.

no one cares about oranges, especially if they're below 300pl

good. maybe the dwarf won't kill specials half a mile away and everything in between with one grudgeraker blast.

Is this is a good trait? I don't think it is, but what's better?

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>One shot that clears a horde is waste

Hello elf.

They haven't said anything about removing this. And reducing ranged damage by 40% still leaves almost all ranged attacks well into the overkill for horde monsters.


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Reduced power means reduced penetration as well as damage which means even less damage on subsequent targets.

Will be lucky if you can kill 1/3 of them after patch.

But they did as the power system will affect cleave and stagger, how do you think ranged weapons penetrate entire hordes? Because they're cleaving through everything.

I'm talking about Bodvarr and Skarrik actually, but also don't assume my aim is bad my dude. Headshotting trolls and ratogres is pretty easy, only chaos spawn are hard to headshot consistently since they're flailing around so much.

its 209 power
just use whatever. dont bother rerolling shit until you're 300

I just realized I haven't seen a chaos spawn in like 30 missions

what gives?

Why is every red just
>blue lines lmao
Jesus Christ

>tfw the closest class to a Khorne-worshiper requires me to play a fucking midget, and it's a terrible class at that

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I feel pretty confident about the punch coming out whenever these conditions are met:
1. CW is occupied with swinging at someone else
2. You get in close and hit him at least once

This is when they will do a 360 and punch you away and since there's no animation transition between previous thing he was doing it will come out of nowhere. Dodging backwards with high dodge weapons right away after getting a hit in is usually enough to not get punched.

I'm not going to argue this is 100% undeniable though. I've just had to get into this exact situation very often because I play Slayer with short range twinaxes. You can disregard it until I get a few webms of this theory.

It reminds me of the ironworks gear in ffxiv, shit would look nice if it wasn't covered in LEDs.

Also this is what I run for talents. The power boosting talents don't work right now so I avoid them, but they may be worth taking once the patch drops. I'll probably still stick with flagellant over no surrender though just because flagellant is really good.

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Hey fellow Slayers.

Do you ever use the 25 level talent "Crunch! - Increased stagger" or "Become uninterruptible"? Why and what does Crunch specifically change? The only thing I noticed is PERHAPS bigger AoE but not "increased" stagger.

>he worships chaos

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Ah! Sigmar favors us!

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fags like you are the worst.

Pretty fun so far. Started today and just unlocked Foot Soldier and got my first Deed. How often should I open chests now, I was told I should save them for later since their loot scales.

Who needs Khorne when you have faith, steel and gunpowder?

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>he doesn't think Khorne/Slaanesh should have been the focus of VT2 instead of ugly ass Nurgle

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Does it even work? I've never seen ANY indication of gaining stamina when someone confirms they have it equipped and shoot heads left and right.

>Become uninterruptible
garbage talent

crunch is good. mandatory for legend
take speed if you want on champion and below