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Welcome back to all returning players! 1.0 is here!

>Where do I look up tanks?

Play with friends too!

EU: NOPAN - eu.wargaming.net/clans/wot/500136066/
NA: NEET - na.wargaming.net/clans/wot/1000043295/
PS4: BLAPS - console.worldoftanks.com/en/clans/ps4/BLAPS/

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1st for anime

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>which leads to good players farming reds
welcome to WoT. My goal is that all the reds are equal in numbers and types of tanks. So if your LT rushes off to die in the first 20 seconds, hopefully the enemy LT also dies in the first 20 seconds. What happens instead is that one of the LTs on the team is good and that team wins.

Everybody knows that arty and TDs don't carry. What matters is if the medium and heavy players are decent and if your team has better spotting than the enemy. LTs don't carry either, but they can ensure that your camping TDs are extra worthless.

I liked most of what you said in the previous thread, but you're clearly an idiot. Arty, td, and light can all carry in the right game.

LTs, TDs and arty can help to carry, but you'd have to admit that the bulk of the work still has to be done by meds and heavies. Without them, a team can't do much.

Entirely depends on how many of each class are in the game, what are top tier, and the map. In my experience it is easier to carry as a light.

>Without them, a team can't do much.

Not even true. A good player can carry in every class, it might help to get a bunch of Type 5s and Mauses on Hitlersdorf, but they could lose still if they're all retarded. Player skill matters far more than what type of tank he is in. On an open map I'd bet my money on lights and TDs over a heavy.

>exception proves the rule
usually they don't, but I'll grant that arty got a map buff in the new superflat maps.

Arty and TD gameplay is usually passive and needs:
>Friendlies to spot
>Enemies to blunder into the open so the TD has a shot
TD/Arty skill has very limited control over the actions of other players. LT often have the problem of either a shit gun or can't fire without being spotted so you must again rely on friendly players to take advantage of the spotting. Backline mop-up of campers is of course the major exception for LTs.

For MT and HT you hold or pressure corners, angle your armor, spot for your damn self and flank/weakspot seek. Player skill and positioning knowledge is the primary factor.

>Enemies to blunder into the open so the TD has a shot

They do this all the time. And not every TD is a bush camper.

I want to like this game since WT went to absolute garbage, but tanks surviving multiple hits at point blank range is so fucking stupid.

Just play chinese tanks if you want the oneshot experience.

>tanks surviving multiple hits at point blank range is so fucking stupid.

So is people surviving multiple gunshots to the face in every other shooter. It's just how the game works, get over it or go back bore thunder.

if you spot as a LT and your team doesn't shoot your spotted targets you won't win. If you TD/Arty and your team doesn't spot targets, you won't win. If you play MT/HT and your team manages to leave the spawn and live long enough for you not to get 1v10 rushed around a corner, you can win with an ace tanker and a shitload of medals.

FUCK I forgot to turn on accelerated crew training on the fucking reward tank.

>stop playing tank arma to play tank cod
>wtf why isn't it realistic

>you not to get 1v10 rushed around a corner, you can win with an ace tanker and a shitload of medals.

But you fucking won't.

>but tanks surviving multiple hits at point blank range is so fucking stupid.
Yeah this so much unlike the Soviet WT tanks who absolutely die in a single hit and do not bounce most of the shots or have them deal no damage

>not spending gold to convert free xp
do you even open wallet?

>Reward tank

>tank arma
+5 GE

This. WT players act like their shit is realistic but it's just counterstrike with tanks and shit controls.

Tank operation flashpoint?

No, never, but all the damned free xp on tanks I either forgot to turn on accelerated training, or that I overshot before eliting, makes me consider dropping however much it would take. How many burgerbucks would it cost to get rid of 89k xp?

Look in-game.

89k isn't even that much dude. I've seen people convert a million before.

I'm a casual.

Give all your shekels to WG you filthy fat goy.

If you actually wanna do it wait for a XP conversion special and get a discount.

>tfw wanna play tenks but can't stop fapping and get out of bed

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Cool cool


>WG rickrolling people in 2018

> 84.7 second mark
> get shot by a t92 1100
> Outskilled again sure glad xvm sniping doesn’t exist
Sometimes I wonder why arty players don’t regularly get gangraped by a pack of wild niggers

arty are the bonus damage, credits and xp you get for driving into the enemy base first.

>sits idle with no objects to block shells from enemy base to his tank
>waah mom why did I get clicked there are like 14 other players who have the minimal mental capacity required to not sit idle waah why me :^((

>get hit square on by a T92
>live to tell about it

You would have died before faggot.

don't be so camperino next time xd

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At point blank range even Gayjew bias isn't saving them though.

why didn't you carry as a TD?

There is so much wrong about this post that I don't even know where to begin.

> tier 10 lights should camp behind rocks all game
your logic is pretty shitty my dude

>tank arma

WT arcade is even dumber than WoT.

the game lasted less than 3 mins, how the fuck can you carry a team if there is none after 2 fucking minutes into the game.

you go try not to get flanked and raped up in the ass by a light and a med at the same time and then tell me.

Fucking retard.

>tier 10 lights should just sit idle after getting spotted and let the T92 reticle contract to its minimum

based orange logic

I didn't really play WT, so I can't know better, and attitude of WT players ("hurr it's better than WoT in every possible aspect durr why you don't like everything about WT, it's superior to WoT") doesn't make me want to try.

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> going full speed
Your logic is even shitter than before

I'm pretty sure most WT players are disillusioned for a long time.

WT can be okay but it really isn't fun The people who play it have this inferiorty complex towards WoT so they constantly have to shitpost and tell us how much better their game is. It's sad really because they know their game has almost the same problems.

>queue inna WZ-132-1 because I like that tank
>cool top tier 3/5/7
>end up being the only on my team to do more than 2k damage
>only tier 10 to do more than 1k
we had an IS-7 and a 430U

end my life

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>TD cuckbaby mad he is not allowed to farm ez damage
Keep going.

>exclusively play bush TDs
>wtf i did 3k when everyone was dead, why we lose?

>not playing them aggressively

I siggy

>implying a red like you can

>doesn't even own the tank

I have a skorpion, Strv S1, and a 103B and 60+% WR in all three. Try again.

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>gets BTFO
>shitposts in response

like pottery

>team quality collapsing
>MTLS-1G14 added to garage

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everybody on your team actually inflicted some damage, that's great.

pre-1.0 Erlenberg was way better than post-1.0 Erlenberg. If your team weren't a bunch of Polish monkeys, you could win on assault on that map by pressing both sides. Now you have to cross no man's land while every redline shitter shoots at you before you can even think of flushing them out.

>20kmh top speed
>No gun depression
>No gun elevation
>148 pen/140 alpha
>Middle turret
>Ineffective armor
How the actual fuck are you supposed to play the Churchill VII?

Haven't played this for like 2 years, probably lost my profile since I changed emails. Is this new big update worth checking out?

you aren't

Erlenberg 1.0 is a one lane map. The lane is the city.


The MTLS is fun. Imagine the M3 Stuart with a 3 round 37mm autoloader that has good pen. Now reduce it to 2 rounds, make both shots fire over .5 seconds in a single click and set its view range to 0.

It is speedy, it hill humps like a pro, it pens for 70-80ish damage a clip and it can't spot worth a damn.

>>Ineffective armor
just wait until you get BP

At least the BP's random hidden sidescraping weakpoint is smaller than the VII's

it's not, and since higher tier tanks have bigger guns, it's more likely you'll get tracked and damaged from frontal shots

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It also has the camo rating of a Type 5 Heavy.

Link to EU discord?

>If your team weren't a bunch of Polish monkeys

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Do most mods work for 1.0 yet?

>got in a YT argument with some douchenozzle trying to say unicums use compass over minimap

I've heard never such retardedness. Why use the HUD that gives you LESS information.

Nah, compare. The BP has spaced armor throughout the whole cavity except the green strip. The VII has more exposed face overall.

That's fairly normal at low tiers, is it not? You'd basically be undetectable otherwise because the tanks are so small.

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is this some console trash? who cares about skill on a platform with shit controls

>mocks strv players as 0 skill
>drives an s. conqueror
absolute state of unicum

Yes, but most of the crosshairs are still missing/partially working and soundmods have minor issues

So what do you think about 1.0?

What's it like being retarded user?

they have literally the same (shit) armour on wheels
not to mention that guns with enough pen/girth can simply ignore the spaced armour and then track and deal damage at once from any angle

some maps are the same but have a bunch of visual shit added.
some maps got turned into flat campfests of cancer
everyone is mad except artillery players and redline campers

Pretty to look at, messy to navigate, general flatness

prettier but nothing changed

improved eyecandy to attract new players while the core issues of the game are untouched. Also a forced FotM premium tank in the back of your garage so you have a higher chance of buying it, because the forced daily splash ad on login just wasn't enough


Terrible maps. Stupid map design allowing for hard camps with no chance of aggressive play. All the new and altered maps have new points of interest that comprise of ridges near map edges, bushes next to hard cover, and huge flat expanses of nothingness surrounding. Super retarded design that allows for no approach, unless you rush it like great grand pappy did in the patriotic war and take huge losses. All this does is promote shit play, aka ""playing for the draw"" aka ""waiting for the enemy to be more bored than your team and then you win as they suicide because the game sucks"". Erlenberg was a great map absolutely nigged up. Steppes could have used some touch ups on the hills but they had to add super gay TD promoted no-go zones. Glacier is basically the Malinovka field made into a map with stupid gimmicks like having that mental carrier balcony covering the only flank not overlooked by every base camping TD in existence. Fisherman's Bay i have no clue i played it once at tier 5
all in all wargaming is shit, they want drawing games since longer games means more gold rounds. arty play is promoted since they all play with gold loadouts and food. 268 4 still in game because fuck you

>268 4 still in game because fuck you
Also buffs planned.


not balanced enough tovarisch )))

Unimpressed to be desu. Some of the map changes are nice in some tanks, but overall they don't feel like improvements. Only because I'm trying to get ace on Strv 74 do I like the ridges, because other meds can't hull down where that tank can. Still waiting for spaghetti tanks to hit so I can turn in my campaign things for pasta girls.

>Q: How is the Obj. 268 V4 doing?
>A: There are a lot of voices, both good and bad, but that means that the tank is balanced. A nerf is improbable, but a buff very possible.

Can someone explain to me why IS-7 is so damn painful to play?
God fucking damn. Less pen? Motherfucker are you serious?
The fucking T-10 makes a better Tier 10
All this "IS-4 need buff" shit better not be a meme since im on the doorstep of ST-1. Even the IS-4 has a better gun. damn it wargaming.

Russian troll armour doesnt account for not penning a simple tank.
258 and 340 to 250 and 303 is unacceptable.

On the Centurion 7/1 if I carry the premium HESH should I bother with the regular HE? It seems redundant to have both.

Play the 5A if you want a HEAT shell.