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2018-3-29 04:00 - 2018-04-04 03:59 UTC

>[E Pluribus Unum Pickup 3 Summon]
2018-03-29 04:00 - 04-12 03:59 UTC
New Servant: Cu Alter 5*, Thomas Edison 4*

>[E Pluribus Unum Pickup 2 Summon]
2018-03-22 04:00 - 04-05 03:59 UTC
New Servant: Queen Medb 5*

>[E Pluribus Unum Pickup Summon]
2018-03-15 07:00 - 03-29 03:59 UTC
New servants: Nightingale 5*, Helena 4*, Rama 4*, Geronimo 3*, Billy 3*
New craft essences: Ideal Holy King 5*, Record Holder 4*, Beast of Billows 3*

>[E Pluribus Unum Release]
Fifth Singularity: North American Myth War E Pluribus Unum
Release date: 2018-03-15 7:00 UTC
New interludes for Orion, Fionn, and Fergus

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True Assassin animation updates announced at the con or we riot

This is my wife, Hime-chan. Say something nice about her!

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>1 thread
>not early

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Very good image, OP.
More OP images should be like this.

Almost every servant in the game worth having is either Story Locked or Limited Pickup. Combined with 1% odds. Story Lock is almost forgivable since if you're an absolute madman like some of the anons here, you will roll for it, but Limited is just horseshit. Especially servants like Abigail and Da Vinci.

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Is Da Vinci even worth rolling for? I already loathe her voice after listening to shop lines for a billion times, I don't want her as a fucking servant too.

>back to back Cuzilla, Horta, Raikou, then summer event
Fuck my life. Why do they always bunch the good servants together? The same shit happened with Okita/Scat/Jack too.

That's how they make money, dumbo.

Washi ja!

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She's horribly mediocre. Even Choco Tits (after buffs) is better.

this, hopefully they'll look out for us and add and additional 2 weeks between each banner so we can save

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Frankly I don't know, she looks pretty solid to me but she's not tiered high. But regardless I roll for servants I like, and I really like Da Vinci, however she's not just limited, she's only in really awkward spots. Right before the limited pickup summer servants this year, next year the best chance to get her is right after Dantes, whom I also want sadly.

who /veteran/ here

Loving all the extra time we get to save up!

Thanks user!

Me. Gonna play DA:O now. I want to do a Saber cosplay but male. (Not Arthur)

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Ready to Roll for Edison tomorrow?!

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Is it even worth it to roll for both Horta and Raikou? It seems somewhat redundant, given they're basically identical outside of ST vs AoE NP.

>2 weeks
non veteran detected
The oni events are hopefully pushed back to near the end of the year, and have Camelot be the year ender.
That's what we veterans want

isn't this reddit meme the other way around?
why is reddit retarded

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Hm, really? She doesn't look that mediocre. It looks like a lesser version of Tesla, at least from the looks of her skills. Though the way her card+NP deck is structured, it looks like she wants to be Arts-oriented, which doesn't look too good, especially since >offensive casters aren't that great.

>Stheno and Medusa Interludes
>Gudao Swoons
>he gets turned into a pincushion because she lacks natural Charm


13 hours, but yes.

Also, advice on how to use him for an arts team?
With Waver - Tamamo - Attacker who should he replace? His skills and NP seem to be offensive support, so I'm just not sure if he should take the attacker slot or he should replace waver. His third skill definitely sees like it would be best used on Tamamo for a huge amount of extra NP to the party.

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Looks like a roach NP spammer due to per turn heals and Guts, as well as two NP charge skills. Percentage chance for defense buff is kind of eh though, unless you pair her with Ozzy. No damage buff besides the one on her NP either, so she sits at a really weird place.

red: DW
yellow: me

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Only one thread and before we hit image limit? Eurobros are based

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The issue is she has no damage boosts of any kind for regular attacks, on top of the fact that she's a caster (0.9x penalty to damage). Her only gimmick is NP damage on a 450% Arts AoE NP, which is utterly useless compared to Choco Tits who gets 600% Arts AoE with a massive damage boost to a lot of common servants.

Comfy event like knk when?



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Camelot soon bros.

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If I had to compare her to someone? She looks like Caster Francis Drake.

No, I even passed the nurse.

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>Mode Red gets instant NP every turn
How the fuck do you deal with that?

>event when?

>American mutt in a fur suit
>AoE caster
Can your taste get anymore shit?

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Edison is best placed on a stall team that can help him spam his NP a lot, since he's a lockdown-type servant who basically says "fuck your NPs and skills". He should be the attacker in a Waver-Tamamo-Attacker comp.

Here's an example of how it would work. youtube.com/watch?v=73LS_eMBaxc

Probably as an Attacker due to mostly selfish skills, with the bonus of being a minor debuffer post-Interlude with the attack down. Don't think he can replace either of the two, though he can kinda maybe sorta not really replace Waver?

The time has come.

Prove you're a veteran

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Anyone have that page that lists the release dates of all the strengthening quests and interludes?

Unleash crit Archers and smack her to death with fat numbers.

If anything I miss the lanterns.


I suck SEAniggers dick

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If you feel so strongly about this, give up on bait banners and roll story from now on.
When I started the game, I saved for two servants in particular. I got one in the thanksgiving gacha and the other just before America dropped.
Now that I have no more pressure to save, I can start rolling story in earnest. Even though Chadwain is garbage and Tristan is David-lite, I'm going to try to get them both after Camelot drops.

Few different ways, lower her atk/raise your defense, just burst her, NP seal.
Someone posted a video of beating her using nothing but 2 star and lower servants. I don't remember all of them, but after the setup his plan was using a friend Asterios with his Asterios and spamming NP, then using STELLA to finish her. With the Labyrinth stacking, Mordreds NP was doing literal 0 damage to him.

I'm going to throw a few tickets at him, I can spare them since I've got a sizable quartz stock in waiting for Da Vinci.


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Drake is probably the closest, though the stars from Golden Wild Hunt and her team NP and Attack buff makes her somewhat preferable to Da Vinci.

based abortions bro

Not smelly

I survive a war

What music should I play to summon Jalter?

I want to marry this dumb chunni hag!

>tfw Waverlet and no 2030
At this point I think it's far more logical for me to roll for Cuzilla. He functions on his own just fine, while Jeanne Alter requires a competent team setup which I do not have.

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linkin park
rip in peace ;_;

dont fall for meme, you can just use waver supp

>implying I have any 2030 Waver friends
They're all being whores with the Bond CE instead of running 2030 like they should be doing.

no they are right, why would you use 2030 right now ? there is no fucking content

>needing a 2030 for farming

You can always grab a Waver off of your supports, and 2030 isn't quite that rare, you might get it in a random roll at some point. It's really not that bad.

>No waver
>No 2030
>No Kaleido
>No Limit zero
>No Formal craft
>No Tamamo
>No Jeanne
Eh, just play what you already have.

>use waver supp
Stop this meme.

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But the issue is the servants I want are limited, Edmond Dantes, Abigail, Da Vinci, Summer Oda, Hijikata, Ereshkigal and Moriarty.

None of them are Story summonable. So I have to decide which ones take priority, and only roll for them.
But the fact that servants that are part of story mode, like Abigail and Moriarty, are limited is horseshit. I would roll story for them if I could.

no, you should stop there is no necessity to roll for this fucker

Story summon may as well be limited too, since who the fuck rolls the story gacha? That means stuff like Medb, Cu Alter, Medea Lily, and so on are forever locked.

But if you use Waver support, how will you use Merlin support?

What would even be a good budget setup for Horta? Horta/stargen/damage buff?

your mistake is thinking you need to use waver + merlin. The game isn't THAT hard.

But one CAN roll story gacha. There are people in this thread right now that rolled story for Cu Alter and Medb.
We can complain about odds, we can complain about availability, we can complain about both. Right now I'm opting to just complain about availability.

>not having your own Waver and Merlin

Enjoy only ever picking either of them from the support pages, instead of picking from any servants your friends might have in order to maximize fun

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Horta, Hans, and some star generator from your support list like Okita or Jack. Have Hans use that Extella CE (AKA Poor man's 2030).

You either solo her with Herc / Cu or you slap her shit with an archer.

Or you stall her to death, but this is risky because she has an NP charge skill

You are completely mistaken about how things work then because if they're only in the story summon then any time you do actually hit a 5* servant then the chance of it being a particular servant is divided up among all the 5* servants in the pool. So if you want one single servant then you're still fucked.


>limiting your support choices to just him
>not being able to use double Waver
Are you for real?

>Want to grail Anne and Mary
>Won't be at 100 until Zero event because was saving 5 for Jannu Alter originally and started grailing Saber Alter
Should I just split the grails and get them to 96 or wait until I get the rest?

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I'm fully aware of that, however I would take that over the fact that they are literally impossible to pull outside certain times. 100% not going to happen versus, how big is the story pool? .05% chance of pulling them.

>NP seal.
Nope, her NP seal resist is really high.
You have to either tank her NPs, kill her super quickly, or drain charges.

wait if you care about being laughed at


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I hadn't thought of that. I also have Tamamo and Waver but am generally averse to stall teams because the fights are so boring. At least with Edison there's an offensive aspect.

Didn't know that, Stun resist too I assume then?

I wonder what your complaints would look like if you binged on the story for a few months without ever pulling the 5* you wanted, as the pool of 5*s available in story only grew to lessen your chances

No, just NP seal. Feel free to either drain charge or stun.

git gud


My complaints would probably be about the odds then. Why point that out though, I know you're not but it almost sounds like you're defending DW's decision to make them Limited.

me too

Yeah, that was pretty much my anxiety. At least we'll get back to back events, r-right?

I'm pretty sure his point is that for general purpose of trying to get a specific servant, story gacha exclusive servants may as well be claimed limited. As for why they're limited, they do that on purpose so you bust out the wallet to get them. It's also no coincidence that the top tier servants are pretty much all story locked or limited.

There's nothing that feels as good to a veteran like clearing the 10ap hand node in 3 turns.

I’m really looking forward to these fights.
>Arash with MLB’d Halloween Princess / Support Arash with whatever Starting NP Up CE I can find / Leonidas with whatever / Shakes with whatever / Hans with Dragon’s Meridian / Asterios with Summer Precognition
Turn one, activate Toughness for both Arashes and activate War Cry and Rear Guard’s Pride for Leonidas
Turn two, use Shakes’ Enchant, then swap him out for Hans and use his Rapid Casting and buff the entire party’s damage with the MC buff, then go for a triple NP chain
Turn three, activate Asterios’ Natural Demon and Monstrous Strength
Turn four, stun Mordred
Turn five, hope you can deal enough damage to clean up
Hopefully that’ll be enough, I’d rather not have to rely on the double Asterios strat.

What is your servant's favorite food.

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I don't really care about whether there are or aren't limited releases, especially since we can see two years into the future and easily plan out who we want. I'd complain about the rates way before I ever complained about servants being limited. Every game does that anyway, it's not like DW had to make a controversial decision here. But your alternative is just as bad, just dumping every servant into the story gacha is shit.