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we live?

we're undying.

I forgot to update the OP with this


it's in the pastebin now though so should be in next thread

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> If someone named "Savias" whispers you, do not respond


They pretty much invited every active bnsg player to ERP with them.
If you want some FutaGon action by all means respond to them.

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Why is this lyn always exploding.

explode in me

That would kill you.
You'd literally be ripped apart into little pieces that splatter all over the place.
It's a fucking nightmare to clean up. It might also be a little traumatizing.

lol ur so funny xd

that's not what I meant???

Then what DID you mean?
Please be clear.

tfw no qt NA yaruru to alpha call at

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Looks like NC's trying to think of even more things to add into premium

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Check everything but the last.

Gun Rats

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Gun me please.

>make an alt account
>Do nothing after creation
>Get banned due to suspcious activity
What in the fuck?

Precision Gook defenses.

Had a mental breakdown while doing the 10 NS runs with LFP, think I cought every type of STDs too holy shit people are bad at this game

>10 NS runs
Ur cute

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ur cuter

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There has to be an autist somewhere who has the 1K cheevo. Pls post it.

only remember some normie autist that had like 1k runs of all lego dungeons or some shit

>that shit ui
bet you are one of those I had to carry

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This place is so fuckin rad looking. Any idea how long it's gonna be before we can get in there?

Man I just want to play a Jin forcemaster...

Why do I have to play as a fugly ass race just to shoot fireballs at people?

You could always play a rat

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Sure it will take some effort, but the other races can look very presentable as well

>still playing blade & trove

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me too

>Playing a chink dressup p2w instanced simulator

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Until the very end my good sir


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so /bnsg/, what are you up to?

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Punching myself in the dick

Flirting with my cute buttslut while grinding dungeons in BnS

Doing the same thing as this guy right here but more efficiently.

please help me!
also, which faction should I pick on zulia?

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I really like 1, but any of them other than 2 would look fine

Friend is on crimson, truNEET is on cerulean. Friend's the more alive one rn

changing hair isn't a free luxury is it?
this choice is too final..

No, but only kinda. Your base hair is final (unless you get an appearance change voucher), but there are a lot of hair cosmetic pieces, or hats that change the hair, such as the one I'm wearing here

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i love visors!

I'd say 1 or 2. 1 there currently arent any hats that give you that same hairstyle, but for number 2 there are a couple hats that will give you that one so if you pick 1 then sometimes you'll still be able to use 2 anyway

do I have to pick forge keepers on myself to get the cheap field repairs? the hammers aren't account bound?

Field repairs are dirt cheap to buy off the market because of all the other crafters

Being a gun rat.

post gunner rats or non-rats

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Procrastinating on progressing the storyline further (and contending with an inconveniently-timed cold or some sort of Springtime allergy...).

Swear I haven't a clue why hesitancy strikes my step when checking-in with our old pal Hae Mujin, but his requests tend to be far from my mind as The Grind sings its signature song. Really 'aught to change that tune soon enough.

While whipping-up [Master Field Repair Tools] on-the-cheap can provide quite the draw, it's not necessarily recommended to assign Forgekeeper as one of your main character's active tradeskills, due to the somewhat-lackluster endgame synths compared to its contemporaries. Purchasable variants of the aforementioned combat-ready Repair Tools can be found on the Marketplace as well.

Still suggest assigning an alt or two on the craft for creating Transformation Stones and such all the same. You'll need plenty for gear advancement once you've completed the major story arcs, after all!

Hopefully one of the two will suffice for now, user. Forgot how many screencaps I've taken of my now-neglected Gunslinger, during the height of the classes' hype. So many imaginary reels of film, now destined for little more than collecting digital dust...!

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Why is the thread so dead?? I remember bnsg slowing down but not this bad what the fug?

have any new players considered going dog lyn™ it is by far the best lyn type and only the best type of people play them

come back


holy d e a d fucking game

is premium worth it?

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No, don't bother until they make it worthwhile again.

I wish lewdposting was still a thing

What's stopping you from starting it again.

Just passing by and thought id bump your ded general

Hey! Hey! Hey!

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Fortune cookie in love
Lets break its shell

What did they mean by this?


Gosh, why is Celestial Basin such aids. Tried to make a deal with myself to farm ~100 pouches a day for a week, never made it past 5 quests before I ragequit that shit place.

ur so fucking gay

so i just started playing this game again. why does the game run even worse now than it did?