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6- edition


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help lads

>6- edition

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Not how that works dude

Reminder to join the OPGG discord

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holy fuck the -2 CD applies to base CD. -1 from Borsalino and -2 from 6+ Borsalino, that's why hes only on 9 turns despite maxing at 12.
This means with two Borsalinos you'll be able to keep up your 3.5x PERMANENTLY

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How does it?

>shitty artwork
>garbage captain
>same special, no BLK removal at all
>no first stage
>shitty looking special
>epic LB break
>7 hits


You forgot
>no extra voicelines for the special

A bad 6+ today brings a good v2 tomorrow, as old folks say.

If he already has 200CC he's done. CC are permanent.

>Colosseum Kinemon

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>He sees his 6+

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I´m so fucking done, how did they fuck him up so much???
Fucking jews, waiting to cash in on the V2 version i presume

Normal Borsalino doesn't work like that so I dunno what you mean.

>Easter Eggs on Buggy's art
It's all an April Fools joke guys, you've been had.
Real 6+ Borsa will be revealed April 2nd.

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stage 1 6+ Borsalino special is 6 turns cooldown
but when you use 6+ Borsalino special (at max), he doesn't go down to 6 turns left to level 1 special, it just shows 3 turns left for it (and 9 for max)
from the Japan uber alles video
wonder what's up with that

Yes I know, I'm just mentioning that if indeed Borsa 6+ reduces CD permanently, then his CD should be at 4 and 10, not 3 and 9. Since 6* Borsalino just reduces CD at the start of the fight.
Honestly just think it might be a bug from messing with the game data.

Those are balloons user, they're those things you usually see clowns with

or maybe they change how that mechanic works with his release

What's up with Buggy's fetish for clowns and circus related accesories?

His big red nose.

I seriously doubt that.

Can Lucy use 1 int or psy units on global right now? JP had that bug for a while where he would still boost by 3.71 despite using one int or psy unit.

yeah I suppose it's just a bug

And I seriously doubt that they managed to make Borsalino+ so fucking bad on purpose

Maybe it's a ship with -1 cd?

>Literally named Buggy the clown
>LIterally has a big red nose
Gee I fucking wonder, user.

In the video he's using the Dinghy.

Why? There are plenty of terrible 6+s. Sengoku was the worst legend in the game and even after his 6+ he's trash. This is nothing new.

I'm user who's been spamming about Borsa 6+ for this entire month. I want Borsa 6+ to be amazing as much as you do, and I honestly wish you were right, but I can't see it but anything but a bug.
Again, I really want to be proven wrong.

I'll keep using normal Kizaru, at least he looks and sounds cool
Fuck that garbage

Kizaru is still a neutral color with full board orbs at a good cooldown. Just not really worth the skull.

To the user that needed the neko/Law team for Garp, here you go

LB soon, he will be redeemed, just you wait!!

>still doesn't remove block orbs

im praying to the gods that you are right

>Kizaru 6+ is literally

Have you ever been kicked in the balls at the speed of light?

>full board orbs
You're wasting a slot using him on a shooter team when Boa exists. I don't use slashers but don't they have other orb manip as well?

>Let's give the only full board changer for slasher even MORE orb manipulation so you never have to bring anyone else and are even more screwed if you don't pull him
Wow what a great designer you are user

What if the enemy prevents you from using "Turns X into Matching" buff? There are a lot of those around. He's still situationally great.

Why slasher orb manipulation is so shit? menwhile strikers can have broken ass f2p units like str neko.

You are already screwed if you don't pull him. Slashers are unusable without him because your only other option is memeing with colo Kinemon + raid Fuji.

V2 Fuji :^)

CavenDex for block and RR Onigumo for orb control?

>let's make this free colo unit give full matching orbs to everyone, including block orbs, and an additional 1.75x atk to the two strongest classes in the game. The condition? Any form of immunity, i.e. 90% of OPTC content
Borsalino, a superevolution for a legend, is literally worse than a free colo unit

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>seeing all these shit 6+ units

I fear for Fuji

It's not any form of immunity, it's just anti-delay or general immunity.

6++ Borsalino when???

T-the pattern is one bad 6+ followed by one great 6+. W-we will get the good one fujibros, I promise......

Just don't mention any potential 6+ you want to be good, People memed about Shanks, Sengoku and now Kizaru and look how they all turned out

>mfw I memed about Lucci 6+ for days and he turned out the best yet

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PH gets some really nice things.

Reminder that borsalino will not get a CD reduction from his LB because he shares it with the 6* version and even a -1CD would mean that 6* borsalino is a permanent 3x captain.

Who's next in the chopping block?

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Jinbe's not getting his 6* until at least Vagabond Drill happens in the anime.

He has a stronger attack that samiwara seiken though

Or however the fuck you spell that weeb shit

6+ confirmed april fools, new info just leaked
Borsalino gets 2.5x/3.5x with 1.25xHP, special is still 2 stages but goes 3 turns and 9 turns, number of hits is not 20, it's still 10

Jobbe, the emprisonned Shichibukai
Captain: Unconditional 2.75 ATK and 1.5 HP boost to Fighters. Reduce the damage taken by 10%.
Special: Turn all orbs into Matching for Fighter characters.
That's an inironic boost to the regular Jinbe.

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This shitty bait won't work user. There are already videos showing their animations and specials.

But the video shows 3 and 9 CD and how can you tell his multipliers?

CA Description.

My dad is a typesetter at Bamco he told me his boss said PUT RONG INFO ON BORSARINO SO BAKA PIGGUS FARR FOR APRIR FOORS

I'm legit starting to think this is actually the worst 6+ we have gotten so far.

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Luckily we have sengoku, boa, shanks and ray with their 200% clear rate :^)

Boa and Marco unironically got better with the new Aokiji

Yeah if you want to depend on Aokiji friend captians, otherwise they are near useless as subs

Now gives 3x Atk to Fighter and 3,5x Atk if HP is full + 1,25 HP.

Special: Changes all Orbs (including Block) to matching on Fighters and boosts Orb by 2x.

Sengoku's upgrade was miles better than this abomination. Sure, Sengoku+ himself is still extremely weak, but at least he got an actual upgrade.

Don't make me laugh. That's Jinbei v2 you're talking about, not 6+.

Jinbei will be the best 6+ to date motherfucker screencap this

That's what Kuckzaru fags said last thread.

based retard

based retard

The 6+ that killed the general.

Reminder that 6+ buggy is 100 times better

>People talking about characters other than v2 Akainu
>implying anything matter besides getting v2 Akainu

I'll never pull him even if I start saving my rainbow gems now.

Just buggy up bros.

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6+ kizaru when? Maybe next month?

A-user. Kizaru's Super Evolution is released.
It's very bad. As a Captain, he loses the first stage special and his multiplier is 2, outside the turn that you use his special. Because the meta require one single turn burst, h-haha.
His special didn't won anything at all.
He still have four sockets and he don't get any from Limit Break. Literally worse than any RR.
Not to mention that even his artwork is bland, just like his Special Animation, no new quotes, 7 hits. His sprite is also worse, since his shades don't reflect light anymore.

Guys stop talking about inferior japan content, no one cares.
More importantly, are you ready for garp?

Gonna be a easy and comfy max tonight, ill probably grab 8 copies extra to save for limit breaks if invasions ever get em

can you fuck yourself pls? k thnx

yeah, good call on the extra 8 copies. gotta prepare for not gettimg garp back since we on global bby

Will this beat Garp?

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ishygddt a showcase truly of gambling/pulls as an illness

Do I really have to farm Dellinger for the TM?

Am I the only one who thinks this game needs to start having specific character banners?
The pool of RRs is heavily diluted by now, same with the legends. Sugofests need to be remade so that you can ONLY get 3-4 batches of characters along with rated up legends.
It's disgusting trying to pool during a batch with a bunch of legends that are rated up and not getting any at all because there are like 50 fucking legends so the boosts don't matter.

You don't need to max characters for treasure map. Just a copy is enough to boost points.

but both buggy and borsa are dogshit

It's almost like we keep telling you to pull only on CYO sugos.

dummy. we have access to rates on japan. adding more legends doesnt decrease the chance of pulling others. instead with every new legend in the pool the red poster % increases

>Tanaka we need to make Borsarino prus what do we do
>I think we should just increase his multiplier after the special to 3.5x...
>Sounds good
>...and increase his RCV bonus by .05...
>yes, yes, more!
>for his speciar just change 10 hits to 20 hits and remove the 1st stage...
>and arso we should downgrade his art and animations in every way...
>you're promoted!
>...and give him only 23 attack more

>Missing 6 legends out of like fucking 50
>Pulls 4 of them
Meanwhile I'm missing like 35 and keep pulling fucking dupes. Faggot whales.

imagine being this much of a redditard

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I honestly wonder if the big whales of this game are like millionaires and arab princes obsessed with the game with enough money and time to throw away, or like NEETs with debts up their necks who have a gambling problem and close to suicide.

Hey that's me! :^)

Kizaru 6+ is good
But I refuse to evolve mine because it looks like shit