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GENERAL FAQ: pastebin.com/wyz3Ye1g
Additional FAQ, SERIOUSLY, READ THIS ONE: pastebin.com/GHStmm22

>How to join Warbros NFA or the Alliance: i.imgur.com/gu5HZxZ.png
(Due to a large influx of applications, the clan is full for the time being.)

>Notable links
Wiki: warframe.wikia.com
Essentials: deathsnacks.com/wf/index.html
Buying and Selling items: warframe.market
Farming Prime parts: war.farm/index.php
Riven Prices: semlar.com/rivenprices
Droptables by DE (probably rigged): forums.warframe.com/topic/809777-warframe-drop-rates-data/
WF news, Riven Calculator, Zaw and Fish parts: semlar.com/
DPS calculator and weapon build planner: github.com/GottFaust/WWDC/releases/tag/0.8.2 (not maintained)
DPS calculator and build planner No.2: warframe-builder.com/ (frames, weapons and companions)
Top guns: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mdgJUyNrsHWRMveKwFrpdMJQWyyEGE4Wpo34e8BzE74/edit
Frames and Modding: pastebin.com/D8Ckdz0c

CURRENT UPDATE: Shrine of the Eidolon (Update 22.16.4)
> forums.warframe.com/topic/935648-shrine-of-the-eidolon-zephyr-prime-22164/
> forums.warframe.com/topic/935648-shrine-of-the-eidolon-zephyr-prime-22164/

/wfg/ OP pastebin, if it's not like this one report it and make a proper one: pastebin.com/iAgtMahh

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>he doesn't know

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3rd for buy more plat


It's Inaros Delux, sneak peak:

big tenno cock

>mfw came back to the game after a year
>mfw they gutted ash

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Can't wait to roam the plains of Venus with Khora

Looks cool, but I don't play sandman

Yeah, feels bad, Ash is just a melee frame these days with 4 being something to use once a blue moon when something actually has really really really really really high health

itty bitty tenno sissy

>she doesn't know

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Please don't nerf her.

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And the worst thing is he isn't even a good melee frame.

post comfy personal quarters

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I tried putting up some displays in my PQ's but everything is rounded so it all went to shit. That's when I gave up on the place.

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Compared to what exactly?
Equinox has sleep memes for focus
Nidus has free combo stacking on linked targets

aaand I'm running a blank, his still leagues above shit like Excalibur because Blade Storm still scales with combo counter meaning at just 145% power strength you can still kill level 150 heavy gunners with no effort and smoke bomb = invincibility

Maybe atlas can also be compared since he has the same extremely high damge potential, but atlas has way less survivabilty


Ash Prime
Banshee Prime
Ember Prime
Neverever Prime
Twitch Prime
Hydroid Prime
Loki Prime
Mag Prime
Mirage Prime
Nekros Prime
Nova Prime
Nyx Prime
Oberon Prime
Rhino Prime
Saryn Prime
Trinity Prime
Valkyr Prime
Vauban prime
Volt Prime
Dollar Prime

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Loki. At this point, ash is just a loki with a 50% shorter invis. Also, Blade Storm is way to slow now. By the time you target everything and build up your damage, a meme strike loki already one shot five rooms.

try stacking a display off of another one, you can solve quite a bit of the clipping
but we should have the tools to not require doing that

In what world.

Loki can't strip armor with 1 cast
Loki can't shit out finisher damage
Shit loki can't even meme around and make the rescue/sortie defense target invisible

The only thing Loki has going over ash is that his invis lasts longer and with an augment silences his weapon, point 1 is sort of irrelevant because zenurik/namaron is enough on both frames to fully regen the cast cost during the invis time, the second point is irrelevant because we are talking about their power as melee frames.

Loki has been dogshit for well over a year now, that frame got powercreeped so hard it's not even funny, you literally only ever use him because you like him, not because he is particularly good at anything, doesn't even have spy going for him now that operators are a thing.
And why on earth do you think Ash can't use memeing strike, last I checked that mod isn't frame exclusive.

remind me; what we have gotten so far this year content-wise?

2 big boss fights. A new frame.

Bugfixes and QoL shit
Definitely nice, but hardly something you can point to and call major.

boss reskins, birb prime and bugfixes

It's almost April. I sure hope they release something with actual content.

>Prime version of an existing frame
>a new frame

Anyone have a pic comparing the asses? It's my first time playing and i'm not sure which frame i should pick

Well said user

>Changing a bunch of numbers around was this years major content
>Took DE almost 3 years to re-balance gear

>mesa is going to finish crafting in about a day and a half
>got a reactor blueprint from sortie
It is time

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Wait for Mesa Prime. Wasted reactor otherwise.

>showing that he doesn't understand the ruse master
i hardly need to use my invisibility when half the map is slapping each other and the other half is shooting at their comrades
invis just makes every non-combat objective even faster

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Didn't they nerf the shit out of the mana regen focus? Not really up do date on all the changes yet.

>Wait for something that's possibly 3-6 months away
I think he'll find another one before then, just a hunch.

Newfag with serious question:
How do these frames have backstories and personalities when they are just hunks of metal made for an autistic kid to puppet around? How does Valkyr have this tragic backstory when it's just a metal onahole?
How do I fap to a frame without fapping to the autistic kid inside?

piss off DE I'm not spending my money on your shit

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>still haven't balanced melee

I could have balanced all the weapons in excel in about a day. Shit I could have made a tool that auto balanced any new weapons they are planning to release in about a day. Want a heat based weapon? Put it in the tool and it would give you a very average stat spread, then you tailor it based on tertiary stats.

only the autistic kid's mind is inside the frame so it's absolutely ok to masturbate to nezha

Hey i got exactly the same thing today too

Don't worry too much about the potatoes. The day of the fryer is coming for them
all miracles require sacrifice


Literally just give all weapons the same dps. Boom, balanced.

You would have to take into account range and stances. Not to mention that they would need to delete maiming strike and slide rivens first.

r8 dont h8

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>How do I fap to a frame without fapping to the autistic kid inside?
With twice the fury you would otherwise

>look mom my shit frame with no damage can make also use really weak and inconsistent CC, that makes it good right?
>patches haven't happened loki is still good guys.

They buffed it, by quite a bit actually, the new focus energy regen is about 4 times as strong as the old one with a passive that gives +50% energy from energy orbs, with the caveat that you have to use tater mode dash to get the energy regen over time. A dash every 30 seconds for 4 times the energy regen is a definite step up, the only people who said it's weaker were ones who just looked at the new passive and ignored energizing dash entirely.
Namaron is just the current sleek, a dedicated build for it lets you regen 500+ energy a second provided there are enemies around, may or may not get patched out at some point

fuck off pat

imma do it

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Funny question: the wiki has a list of Warframe abilities that *effect* armor, such as Mag's Polarize but not a list of abilities that are *affected by* armor, such as Frost's Snow Globe. Anybody have such a list handy?

It's shit
I'll take it off your hands for 10p

post webm w/ timestamp

best I can do is 5plat

Have you played around with it in warframe builder? is it ever worth the slot?

u got me

Defiance did this and went a step further to remove enemy levels. High level players could do dungeon runs with low level players and the only difference was high level players had access to all the weapons and also operator like abilities. Worked out pretty well for them. Not sure if the game is still in development though. The dev cycle for the game was rather shitty and they went through a reshuffle in the dev team.

Wait what am I missing with Namaron? I checked the wiki but it doesn't have any energy regen.

>oh no, my warframe doesn't do damage
>let me just use my crits on top of crits on top of crits because we have crit weapons with punch through in a TPS

Don't believe his lies. You can not regain 500+ energy a second unless he's referring to a Rage/HM/Exodia meme build

>Take a look at /v/
>Warframe thread
>Autistic Warbros member that got banned sperging around
>Talking shit about the game without even knowing what's going on
>Getting debunked multiple times
>Still sperging

Holy shit Warbros members are literally the cancer of this game, thank god their leaders got permabanned and all their "achievements" were deleted from the game.

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Executing Dash
Void dashing through enemies gives +10 energy, with the right memes you can literally just stand still dashing on the spot regening energy for yourself for more void dashes and for you frame

>cancer of this game
okay reddit

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You know, I wouldn't even mind paying $20 for a prime Syandana or armor set. Why the fuck do they have to toss in a month of boosters and 4k plat with all this shit? I'm not paying the cost of a AAA title on release for a fucking space cape.

How do I into chroma? His first ability seems literally worthless, his turret thing doesn't do anything, and I'm not quite sure what the point of the middle two ones is besides reducing damage a bit.

he's just a worse octavia now, since DE couldn't let something good exist

But most and I mean many will, so you will just have to suffer.


>132k plat.
A-arms f-for the poor?

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I use Ash over Loki mostly for the fact that Ash's version of invisibility is a one-handed action, so I can cast it without interrupting the longass reloading sequence of my raifu. Seeking Shuriken is a trap option; any enemy that takes too long to strip armor from using a pure stat weapon, you could just Fatal Teleport.

Are you retarded or just pretending? that's a fucking photoshop.

Oh. Didn't know that since it's not listed

it's alms. This is why you're poor

No it's not, he's real, and he's rich, and he'll come and whisk me away from the dregs you fucking faggot!

>get nothing but endo and sculptures for this past week in sorties
>oh maybe today I'll get something good
>fucking forma


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Are there any good non meme strike melee builds?

How would I improve this? Too poor for Jolt

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Sorry, I'm neither a nigger nor a kike so I wouldn't know anything about begging. Thanks for correcting me, Tyrone Sheklestien.

what am i losing by never using the operator? i really dislike using him

ive seen like only 3 people in the 6 digit range
and i know atleast 10 people in the 5 digit range.
so its believable

you're werrcome lee xiao

>Have to grind spy missions to get frogframe
>Don't have Loki because I didn't like Loki
God fucking SHOOT ME

I know how you feel user, I've had a shitty week too

>being this retarded
The actual state of /wfg/

git gud I can run spy missions without triggering alarms with literally any frame

Sorry niggerstien, I don't speak moonspeak either, but I'm not surprised that you are capable of begging in multiple languages.