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Back in Zed meta edition

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Yordles are a miracle of the universe

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I want to creampie this targonian aspect!

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xth for pls no

good thread idiots

Its too late user

This is clearly what you wanted after you nerfed all of the mages out.

Biggest and best bust!

Biggest and best waifu!

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Which anime is this cute girl from?

I want to smell KIed's musky jockstrap!

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I got a Zoe shard from a capsule. Is she worth playing? I haven't played her yet and I don't see her anymore.

Why isn't anyone talking about the servers being down ? What do you guys think caused it ?

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>would have hit the skillshot but enemy flashes
>teammate calls me a noob and tells me to kill myself

I guess predictive targeting is just basic mechanics nowadays

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>he actually plays league

wew lad

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Just hit Gold V cya next season

No one will respect you and you're everything wrong with league/CertainlyT put into a single champion.

Go for it if you're a lolifag.

If I max W first on Janna, should I get Redemption first instead of Ardent Censer, or go for it anyway?

Some people want to collect all the champions.

zac buffs when

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get ardent or athene if you max W, it has more synergy with it.

where's my kindred players

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I just started playing them. Lamb is cute and fun.

see you in 3 days

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Has the introduction of Kayn stopped us from getting an actual ghost champion? He can walk through walls and go inside people.

Sonas new lore comic has been released

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>full AD dark harvest Yorick with sorc shoes so Maiden does more damage
>ingenious hunter combined with ghost blade and edge of night let's me run away from basically anyone coming to stop my splitpush
>suicide Maiden into tower for a free soul to reset harvest
Explain why I shouldn't do this.

> pussy slit
> no pantsu

Who are the female champs who don't wears pantie? asking for a friend

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Kindred you blind bat

This desu.
"Skilltesting" champs are nightmare to balance, either noone plays them because they are not rewarding enough, or skillfloor is lowered so much they are easier than fucking garen with their six passives and outplay xd potential

>queue for fill
>get top more often than support now
the absolute state

grug should be high rank but grug teammate not play well

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Kennen is fun!

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Kalista buffs first, please.

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The real universe has always been theoretically treated as an object, and specifically as the composite type of object known as a set. But an object or set exists in space and time, and reality does not. Because the real universe by definition contains all that is real, there is no "external reality" (or space, or time) in which it can exist or have been "created". We can talk about lesser regions of the real universe in such a light, but not about the real universe as a whole. Nor, for identical reasons, can we think of the universe as the sum of its parts, for these parts exist solely within a spacetime manifold identified with the whole and cannot explain the manifold itself. This rules out pluralistic explanations of reality, forcing us to seek an explanation at once monic (because nonpluralistic) and holistic (because the basic conditions for existence are embodied in the manifold, which equals the whole). Obviously, the first step towards such an explanation is to bring monism and holism into coincidence.

Jinx, Ahri, Soraka maybe

i want to cum inside his boipussy!


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Shut the fuck up

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The only skilltesting champions I legitimately like to deal with are Draven, Aurelion Sol, and Azir and thats because at least they had to practice them assuming they aren't fotm shitters.

Why do I feel like Irelia is going to destroy everything we know about balance?

don't let anybody tell you otherwise, but this is actually the best way to play him. Ideally end the game with 0/0/0 score.

>Why do I feel like Irelia is going to destroy everything we know about balance?
Its done by the same guy who made Galio.

>waaa waaa why are people enjoying two games that offer vastly different experiences
>waaa waaa only normies could enjoy a game where you can be self-reliant
>w-were lolchads and we're the only constants and hard carry people who don't deserve it

>this will never happen

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>Azir, Aurelion Sol
I like them but Karthus just like them have the same insanely high dps. He lacks cc but lets you focus more on the game as a whole, rewarding you for watching the map and not even punishing you for dying.

I just got Project Vayne in a hextech box...is it worth it?

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How would Jinx react if I just whipped out my erect cock in front of her without warning?

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He's so cute

Did riot fuck everything up again and make him a yordle? wasn't he just a mummified kid and not one of them retarded rodents?

re zero

Kledfag would rape him and ruin him and you know it

She'd laugh at the size.

>How would Jinx react if I just whipped out my erect cock in front of her without warning?

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i'm being serious

One of three alternate possibilities when they made amumu's lore. No confirmation he's a yordle but one of the three possibilities.

Kennen is cool!! He doesn't like the way you treat him!!

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Eh, I'm not a fan. I hate how none of her skins really emphasize the crossbows, they only either ruin the look of them or change them to look like something else entirely. I want a medieval-style arbalist skin.

best vayne skin. that doesnt mean much though.

My dream is to non consensually impregnate the Lulu lolg

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never gonna happen.



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thank god. that thing looks absolutely hideous

hello. new friend here. what is the consensus on Jax? what rune set up is the best? who can i watch to study the play style?

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So I just picked up Nunu, yi and WW to learn jungling. How does Nunu gank?

Is it possible to deflower Kai'Sa still or are the goods forever locked away behind the chitin

I don't know what to build with ahri once i have luden's & boots.

snowball em, walk up and smack em. Helps if you have red buff

only if they give him corpse explosion from LoL Alpha

he's shit but can hard carry if the enemy team is retarded. pta or conq is best or aftershock if you want to meme. watch hashinshin and do the opposite of what he does

How does Kai'sa even use the washroom since that thing is stuck on her forever ?

Kill yourself retard, use a non point and click champ.

Should I buy Ludens on Sona?

is that Lendo
I love Lendo

She doesn't, her suit works as a giant diaper.

I think the suit can process the waste for her

Kaisa's body suit:
>molds itself around every nook and cranny of her perfect tight body
>feeds off her bodily fluids (sweat, etc) to stay alive
>keeps her permanently aroused in order to have a constant stream of fluids from her virgin hole.

why wouldn't you want to be the exosuit?

Thanks. Is he a farming jungler? My friend says yi is an invader and WW prefers ganking lanes early.

The suit process the waste and uses it as ammo against you and your shitty team.

>being so boring that all you do and can think of is playing league

oh fuck off

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nunu is the invader, yi is the farmer but all can gank. Keep in mind when the enemy finds you invading as nunu you don't always want to fight them, just snowball them to slow them and W to speed yourself up and you can just leave and they can't do shit about it.

Nunu is best at counter jungling and objective control. Try and invade the enemy jungle and take his shit and take dragon whenever you can


Because eating literal shit to survive doesn't sound nice.

Jinx is for ____ ?

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Why was Kai'Sa release such a non-event compared to Zoe? Even though she's free now I barely see her in my normal games

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>leblanc support
>w into their carry and 2chainz them off cooldown and murder them
>win because this shitty meta revolves solely around the carries
this shouldn't be working, right?

leaving the fuck alone.


>rageblade doesn't specify that stacks need to come from attacks against enemy champions or even enemy units specifically
So does this thing ramp up against turrets? I'm having a delightfully devilish idea. Does the 4% bonus AD per stack means it only interacts with bonus AD and not your base, or does it just meant that the AD granted by the buff is bonus AD?

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>Another bitch with a big ass
>second loli after annie

Gee idk

getting her belly cummed on