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>Old MGV stuff

*NEW* Survive information
> farming guide

>Base Personnel Guide

>Numerical values of subclass skills

>Africa secrets map [INCOMPLETE] (Afghanistan map in progress)

>Rough count of the fixed resources that can be found in Co-op maps

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Put the map in the next OP

>next OP

Hackerman on the front page

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Just picked up the Legacy collection and a cheap ps3.
Should I play in release order or chronological order?


disregard everything else

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My Captian forces her all female crew to drink all of thr milk everyday straight from her huge cock

Maybe we should just let this thread die.

I can't believe we even had 140 posters last thread

I wish they would add more single player content

Give us some new missions.

Some new bosses


So my entire base just got destroyed after dying by a bomber 10 seconds before the end of the final wave of dig 4. I think this might be the end for me.

Going full OCD here.
Red zone is animals.
Green zone is plants.
Blue zone is water facilities.
Yellow zone is everything else.
Some neighboring zones spill into blue zone a bit, since it doesn't take up the whole space.

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The tents being scattered triggers me.

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>twin snakes
jesus christ how horrifying

What's the best sidearm from grey to blue rarities?

How do I get lots of bullets/ammo quickly and reliably without grinding, I haven't played for over a week because no fucking way am I spending my evenings farming for a single mag of bullets.

Hitting all the transporters is crap because the decent stuff doesn't respawn by the time I get there e.g. all the copper at singularity 2

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I too am interested in this

>"Shall we do it here?"

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Leech on rescue missions. Hell, normal salvages are giving out quite a bit more ammo resources as of recent. Still not enough to let you shoot how you want, but S ranking a rescue mission will net you around 80 gunpowder/copper/lead each

release order

I never understand this question, shouldn't release order be insanely obvious? There's got to be a reason the games were released in this particular order.

It's like if people were constantly asking if you should read the Silmarillion before LotR. and the answer to that is that you should never read the Silmarillion.

Craft a low rank gun that uses the ammo you want in mass then scrap the guns

You'll get half resources back and a lot of the shit guns cost less to make than the ammo they use

people just want an excuse to say they have played the games, while finding out which games they don't have to "suffer" through in order to call themselves a fan of the series

you're forgetting skullface watching surrounded by half naked guards who have just had a go at her

I still would a Paz, even with shaved hair.

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>tfw when no 7.62 gun recipes

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fuck peace walker was so fun
just fun
you can have all the serious gritty war political intrigue doubletriplequadruplecross shit you want in your games, but unless you humanize your faceless soldiers with moments like this, you can't really say shit about war
and no, johnny doesn't fucking count


i wish your survivors would help with crops sure, but you just could invest kuban into your weapon crafting shit so you dont have to relie on having someone who knows how to make a fancy gun for repairs and crafting, you should be able to dig for blueprints and shit, or have like a mini wormhole digger that can bring you random blueprints, say your looking for drill hammer, and you can pay extra guban for high quailty broken hammers, and hopefully you get it

Agreed, I started off unsure if I liked Peace Walker but eventually it became one of my favorite games. It would have been perfect if MGSV had just been Peace Walker with better graphics tbqh

>It would have been perfect if MGSV had just been Peace Walker with better graphics desu
Isn't that what we all wanted?

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Not Kojima apparently.
muh race
muh words and deeds
muh vical chords

you know how you can tell no one on the dev team has used a wire saw? they think a wire saw is anything other than a useless piece of shit

portable ops is canon?

Depends on who you ask, like revengence

not really, any kojima fanboy that would say it's not canon would also be hellbent on saying he made zone of the enders despite the fact that he was a producer and not a director on both

So are we all moving to single server so queue times aren't bad?

Anyone want to do some co-op?

Just started playing 5 on the ps4 and it keeps crashing out of the game for seemingly no reason. Tried reinstalling it and even a different disc and it keeps doing it. Any advice?
I DID get the system preowned for jewstop so it's already kind of a shitty system in the first place

Salmon run is better than salvage.

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I want to like this game and keep playing. I want to get my crew whipped into shape with everyone at least C-rank in something. I got my first B-rank ever today, and now I have a B-rated medical team with just her, Miranda and one other C-rank. But when I think about how much easier it would be with another salvage team for lead farming death marches to kill off the E/D-rank scrubs, I see Konami wants real money from me just to unlock it. I haven't spent any of the SV coin login rewards and I'm still like 10 short. I'm not even sure I'd want to spend it on that anyway, since once I have a good crew I won't need that second team.

Then I get a load screen crash. All the crew organizing I did is completely fucked up. Why am I still doing this?

>Why am I still doing this?
Just for suffer!

Is steam down for anyone else?


Kojima a hack.

Fuck Konami too.

Sounds like a harddrive issue.
Might need to rebuild the PS4 database, which is a pain in the ass, but you shouldn't loose any data.

Do some research beforehand just to make sure though.

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I know I'm not the only one.

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Colour 06
by Zementh

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user check also
>autistic interactive map has the german domain extension
every time