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New Expansion Out In Mid April

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thelightforge.com/TierList (Arena)

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wud u y/n

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>a shitposter got the first post

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>discordfags forcing their shitty server into the OP again
Hello meddit!

Threadly reminder that Rexxar still hasn't been fixed

Eh, at least she's not a furry, in this expansion that's enough.

the set has its corridor creeper

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Does Keleseth work in this brawl?

i miss old druid

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I hope there's some cards like this guy or the pixie one that are even cost, Genn needs some support right now idk why you'd ever play him.

>this tavern brawl after everyone disenchanted their Bonemares

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lol no. doomsayers is all your proc

Bahamut to the MAX next week too!

so is exodia paladin pretty much gone?

new tavern brawl is good fun and rewards professional deckbuilders :^)

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>destroy a random enemy

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So you get the 1600 dust back for golden molten giants. Then you can disenchant them for a free 400 dust?

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what is it boys?

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mekgineer thermaplugg



Sure, never fucked a physically disabled person before.





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millhouse. also next time reveal one so we at least know from what set you doofus

Well, /hsg/

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>3:42 AM
what the actual fuck user?

You have to go back


LF friend who wants free 80 gold.
Insulted #1759 NA

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sergeant sally was briefly ok in zoolock with power overwhelming



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>taunt quest
>no tar creeper

fair call- next time friend

yeah cant sleep

no u
We all use Reddit AND Discord.

you gain 400, then you can disenchant for 400


Give this artwork a fitting card.

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Paladin Epic
1 mana 30/30 Murloc

>otk taunt warrior
i welcome this timeline

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Bilefine Gravedigger
Paladin epic
1 mana 1/3
Battlecry: your Hero power summons 1/1 zombie murlocs

2 mana 2/1 Paladin Murloc, Battlecry: Summon a random friendly Murloc that died this game.

double doesn't mean 2x, you fucking idiot, just look at velen

Lil' chunky cheng

this lil guy wont be scared easy! Rush / Echo


1 mana

neutral common

"The Original"
Battlecry: Summon 3 random enemy minions that died this game
They are Murlocs

>Neutral 2-Cost, 2/2 Murloc
>"Battlecry: Choose a minion. Gain a copy of its Deathrattle."
It's a small neutral Unearthed Raptor. Just what Cubelock needs!

wrathion saw play in dragon priest

>worrying about 80dust

Even with a whole pack added to the quest rewards they still feel so shitty.
Spending an hour doing the daily quest for a mere 50 gold and 40 dust is a real bummer.

who the fuck would disenchant for 40 dust a card that will still be playable for a whole year

But double DOES mean x2 you drooling tardling

But thats exactly how velen works you cretin

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you're hired

>no Stonehill Defenders
>no Tar Creepers
That seems too big a sacrifice, but I'll give it a shot.

yes it does. it's literally how i'm winning games in tavern brawl right now

>play Doomsayer
>2 card 32 damage combo next turn
Pretty good

Giving up tar creeper and stonehill defender is a huge hit, though. Brawl too.

>tying effect to card art
you'd never make it at team5

>deleting your post

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Seems like I was too late.

brawl costs 5

Don't ever reply with reddit to based rexxar poster or any of his replies ever again

Of course it does, what the hell am I thinking
I'm mixing Taldaram's restriction up with the odd/even deck restrictions.

>don't have any proper shaman cards for top tier decks
>end up looking at the shaman deck creation screen for a bit before I hit cancel
>game asks me if I want help filling up my 0 card deck
>accidentally click yes
>say fuck it and give the mess of a deck a try in casual for the luls
>the three opponents I queue into just happen to also be playing some completely garbo joke decks

I refuse to believe this is a fluke. According to Blizzard matchmaking should NOT take anything else but your current MMR into account but clearly it looked at what I was playing and matched me up with someone I had a remote chance of beating. Anyone else have similar experiences?

Wtf is this furry shit that gets posted every thread

>your gold
>your dust

stonehill and tar crepper are odd cards user

umm no sweetie

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Yes, and?

I once queued up murloc shaman because I had a murloc quest and got matched against another murloc shaman. I had never seen one before and this wasn't even in casual, I just queued into ranked.
I definitely think matches are rigged to a certain point but I am tinfoil as fuck about literally everything.

they also not rotating for whole year

Read the cards at the beginning of the reply chain again.

Not long and the entire Dragon priest bullshit core is fucking off

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K&C new

Holy shit I can't fucking wait. Dragon stuff, Barnes, and also generic good stuff like Talonpriest and PoM. I'm going to dance on Anduin's grave for an entire week.

*doomsayers your shit up*

turn back while you still can user.

inbefore they print even more broken stuff

gimme hafu eloise pusy trisome

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Why the fuck don't people concede when I have fucking Exodia? Motherfucker made me finish a 40 gold quest because he refused to concede after throwing 4 Fireballs at his face. Dude I'm pointing the last one and not firing it for a reason fuck you for making me complete a shitty 40 gold quest motherfucker.

LMAO at your life.

Just as planned. Burn in hell, solitairefag. Go cheat Ice Block in wild.

maybe he started fucking his girlfriend when he saw he was going to lose and let you get the satisfaction of doing your combo since you dont have a gf


I've actually been wondering this too. I only started going to these threads around KotFT.

Duskbreaker tho

Any Rogue mainer here? What do you think of the WANTED! card?

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It's a little funny how nerfs where they increase the mana cost by 1 now change whether it can be played in even/odd decks.

Play wild with us... YAYSIES

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Blizzard is going to regret this even/odd thing

Is it true? Are we finally free?

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i literally just browse while you fuckers spam those ballz and emote
play an honest deck you dipshit

I never concede because sometimes people are retarded and lose the game trying to BM.

An example, earlier I had Sneed and Lich King on the board I believe, the Shaman opponent hexes the Lich King and used lightning storm to kill it.
Now he has lethal on the board with his minions, but does he just end it? No, he casts a second lightning, killing Sneed which summons a taunt, denying lethal, letting me make a comeback.

do the tavern brawl with kingsbane, him and shadowcaster.

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>Winning due to the enemy BMing
Is there a better feeling?