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godot > unity
arch > gentoo

The whole point of making games is to make money. I can't pay rent with You's. These threads are useless.

does post-op vagina just smell like inside-out balls?
asking for my game

Post anything gamedev related you've made, be it writing, art, music or code. ...Or don't. I don't care.

I will also make a bad post

thanks for contributing please enjoy your stay at the amateur game development general (also known as agdg)

I'm procrastinating with the rigging... But I've also drawn up plans for some other weapons and stuff. I'll start programming soon... Hopefully.

There's a lot to do.

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hi agdg, today I made progress
the ocean acts like an ocean now!
time to start learning fresnel and physics

Here you go friend.

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Was Hunt down the Freeman agdg?

Amateur Game Done Gangrenously

disgusting furry end yourself

Based dog.

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scary cat or dog! I like it!

can you just do what you know needs to be done and kys

I'm still not totally sure whether this game is meant to be an actual furry porn game or just a regular furry game

Wow, those are some edgy comments. /Very/ cool.

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this is not my work, but I'm trying to make pixel art like this in my game
It'll be a game taking place in a cave about an unsolvable mystery. and by unsolvable I mean it's actually not solvable
it's abit devious I know, but It'll teach the players that not everything has an answer

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nobody will play your game with gameplay shit like that and you will deserve to be shit upon

Is that a female? if so she has the perfect body shape. if its a male thats looks gay as fuck.

/agdg/ - furry game development general

Where can I learn how to ake amazing models like that?

post fox mama

they will definitely play the game, cause I will build the feeling of curiosity and anticipation to keep the players chained to the game
there will be lots of actual solvable side-mysteries but the game will just end with everything unresolved

it's a male.
he's gay.

Will your game have a character voiced by America's sweetheart Jim Cummings

you will fail and everybody will laugh
the end

Im redrawing it as a female then.

How do you make a script run in Gamemaker Studio?
I'm trying to code a mouse scrolling script little by little and I don't know how I can test if my script does anything.

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Everyone will badmouth and refund your game. Everyone will label you a hack and no one will ever buy or support another project from you

Why do io games even exist? Isn't it better to release it on steam or itch?

>he doesn't know

Why dont people with this skill draw normal girls.

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why does a question have to have an answer?
where does a circle begin? what's before the big bang?
I'm trying something abnormal, if the gamedev community starts to cry that's their fault

Know what?

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Thats been done before, i cant remember the name but there was an adventure game where the last puzzle was unsolvable, or at least so convoluted and hard no one ever managed to figure it out, the idea was that the solution would be givin in the sequel, that was never made.

you're a fucking underaged pretentious retard

I will reach that skill and draw normal girls

what's up with all these god damn furries?

post your furaffinity profiles :3

What's better? I make games associated to my name, or i make up a "studio" name and associate my games to that?

thank you. I look forward to masturbating to your work.

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Just getting into learning Unity and wanted to start out with networking instead of bolting it in later.

Seems like all of the popular Unity networking solutions are verrying degrees of suck for one reason or another. Is UNet as garbage as people make it out to be? Should I trust Unity devs to improve it or look at something like Forge?

literally doesn't matter just make a fucking game

Under a studio name that contains your real name, like Mark Industries.

why is that dog fucking a stool

variations of the give up dog

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I used to hate furries until i realized they're making more progress than most of us here.

Incorporating a fetish you like into your game makes you a lot more motivated to work on it, mine has lolies.

>Come up with a name for your game
>Look it up to see what else used it
>Find out some shitty made-for-tv movie from 1999 has the same name

Goddammit. Should i stick with it or figure out another name?

>anubis is already a well known character and regularly appears in kemoshota threads on /v/
>lolifags achieved nothing except ruination of /agdg/ for a good month because of lolijam
it is clear which fetish is superior

loli, since there's nothing furries can do to redeem themselves

good man

Someone probably went to their furfag center to cry about people being mean in the intertet and linked this thread. Aggydaggy is contaminated. Abandon ship.

Hes getting fucked you retard.

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how do you deal with being bored of your game when you're 90% done

Know what?

If you're doing what you like you make progress
If you're spending all your time keeping up appearances and worrying about purity you'll never get anything done

Go play some other video games you didn't make for a bit til you're not burned out anymore.

why is that dog getting fucked by a stool

put show_message('this shit is running') in your script then run the script from the create/step event of your object

will this be included in the game?

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Becayse he likes putting things into his boypocci

Can i personally pay the 100$ fee with paypal and publish a game on steam without making a company even if i'm a 3rd world europoor and not a US citizen?

It really depends on what your aim is but UNet is fine for small scale player hosted games.

So I really need an object to attach the script to? Even though my script isn't specific to an object, it's just for scrolling through the room using the mouse.

Yes, its a lewd game after all. The plot is like a dating sims.

You can do whatever the fuck you want man. Neither PayPal nor steam cares. But that doesn't make it a good idea

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Yes, create an oSystem object or oGameplay or oHUD or whatever, you have an object for each system you develop and categorize the scripts, and run them from the appropriate objects so that everything is easy to understand.

Yes, because object step events are called every frame.

That’s the way it works. You could put it in the room start area, and have it run only once if you’d prefer.

Actually they do.

You can't release your game on steam until all your paperwork is in order.
And steam will not pay you until all your tax and bank information is in order.
Their FAQ isn't helpful either.

oh, ok

Post results.

Nice dog. Which game?

I'm not so sure about this color palette
Maybe tone down the yellow and white a bit?

What the fuck is "Soft Particles Factor" in the particle shaders? I can't find what the fuck it does anywhere.

I know what soft particles are but not what this 0-3 value does.

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>Blender in charge of unwrapping

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I don't even know what engine but I guarantee you it's how far it has to be from the edge to start fading. bigger values are fluffier.

So just blindly max it out until it proves an issue?

Have you looked into starting a company? It can be pretty straight forward depending where you live

no tune it so it fits your specific effect dummy.

What do you guys use to help you draw? Like electronic note pads. I'm just starting this hobby and everything seems overpriced as fuck

It's a space game, there's not a lot of environment for the particles to clip into.

Electronic notepads...? You mean drawing tablets?? Get yourself the $100 Wacom and go from there. Anything else is a bit overkill right now.

Once you git gud and shit, upgrade to the $250-300 medium intuos pro. Nothing else is needed after that.

Download Krita or Gimp or pirate clip studio paint ex and get to drawing, faggot.

I got a really cheap tablet many years ago and its fine

Not that guy but also an artlet, what are the big differences between Krita and Gimp and which should I go for first

although isn't pressure sensitive

doesn't matter, if you have a big fluffy cloud of smoke or whatever make the value big, if you have a tiny puff or some dust or whatever make it small. look at the effect clipping into something and tune it until it looks right,

Krita is more geared toward painting, but that's not to say you can't paint in Gimp. It's just more readily doable in Krita.

>electronic note pads
Holy shit I'm fucking dying of laughter lmao

krita is actually good. gimp is still trying to catch up to photoshop 4 and is all but abandoned.

When you say painting that includes stuff like illustration, right

Got it. Thanks for the help user.