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hours before esports

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why wont MC let me rub his belly

first for techies op

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Reminder that DP is objectively the best waifu! Literally satisfies every fetish!

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I know I'm at least a 3k player, but I'm stuck at 1k. I know I could easily be 4k if my team let me play carry every game.

Are ya winning, son?

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no dad, can i borrow your credit card to sign up for plus priority queue??? i know ill win for sure then

y lifestealer is meta

because he steal life of enemy
enemy no life = ez push

hes not

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Because everyone goes for health these days and he benefits from that
at least i think so, i'm not sure tho, plus the magic immunity is nice.
He's hard to deal with you know?

*picks pl*

free bkb and sustainability

>valve made the dota plus quests harder

but why

F R E E?

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To counter gyro

Maintenance when

was jugg banned?


queue'd up on us west and got 9 south americans, what a beautiful game

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how could you tell?

That only means you’re a peruvian

they all spoke spanish and I checked the profiles, almost all peruvian

might as well be at this point

yeah but 40% of commiefornia speaks spanish
you could be playing with "legitimate" americans

I thought peruvians queued USE ? USW sounds like californians aka mexicans

who would ever want to pretend to be peruvian on their profile

they dont give a shit

idk exactly, but spics still look up to smash as their pastor
could be some sort of misguided tribute

r we ded gaem yet?

An easy way to tell who is not from your region is to open the console and type "status". It will show the latency of every player in the match.

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its over bros, its finally over

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Dota 2 came out in 2013

>there have only been 5 TIs

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TIs were a thing before the game was released you FUCKING retard

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>quit playing unranked because of all the smurfs
>there's a smurf in every single second ranked game now

at which point do you recognize they arent smurfs anymore, you're just in an bracket you dont belong in

thanks. im winning and the other team all has 125 ms and have spic names

yeah man

im sure that 700 gpm storm spirit with 300 hours of dota 2 is legit

thats exactly why the game has been going on for longer than 5 years retard, you just proved my point for me

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He was using 2009-2018 as you would date of birth-date of death

Release date = date of birth

I.e. it's 2013-2018

release date =/= date of birth, real date of birth would be when dota 2 was born (beta) which was circa 2009

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So a baby's date of birth is when they start being developed in their mother's wombs?

dota came out in 2010 when the first ti happened u shitstains

in many states this is defined by law so yes

>circa 2009
>doesnt know what circa means

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if that was the case dota would be still born as it never left beta

I'm no longer winning my pudge games at 4.2k. What's happening to me? I used to have an 80% winrate with him.

the based frog gutted his early game with the rot nerf and bounty rune change

2009 is wrong doe

>i still dont know what circa means
pic related, its YOU

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>amerimutt laws

Lmfao who cares

What are some good wardspots that I'm not using?

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A baby's birth date is when it's out the womb, dota was out the womb when it was available to the public in 2011.
A beta is by definition public.
Alpha = Internal or NDA'd external only
Beta = Testing builds for limited public (no NDA)
Gold = Release Canidate
Too many video games made by people who have never worked anywhere real in their lives decided Alpha means something like 'even earlier Beta' but they're fucking stupid children.

reminder that 9 sentry wards are more cost effective than a gem

You are on the spectrum.

that is statement is a complete falsehood

wish me luck boys

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tomorrow's patch is going to be awesome

the maintance felt like they had a lot of (((behind the scenes))) work going on

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fuck you

>implying I'm not closer to psychopathy
Not on the spectrum according to the court ordered pros I saw ~_^

Because roamers can't kill him. You need to commit like 3 heroes to kill him

why would they patch in the middle of a major?

cause the new schedule doesnt allow for any patch room regardless

it will fall between day1 and 2 group stage
not a big deal

>razor gets buffed fifty patches in a row
>still haven't fixed his retard projectile and attack timings
Could they at least make him feel like not complete ass to play

So is that nigger's fanfic slutty creep going to really be a hero now?

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god I hope so

daed game daed thraed

dearht dead emag dead

ded thread

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valve please add loli Pugna hero, thank you

a good victory
need to work on my positioning still

gaben has a strict anti-pedo policy


Hello fellow anime fans

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OwO hello

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>Be mid player
>Decide to go zeus because takes no effort
>enemy picks viper
>okay so obviously clarities are gonna be worthless, gotta buy something so i can lane
>soul ring?
>void stone?
Also could you tell EternalEnvy to stop being a retard, i don't wanna see my pos 1 with a pipe especially when viper is a natural pipe carrier.

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>hitting random on the oblivion character creator

I'm US West and I pretty much always get a full team of english players (ranked). Pretty fun when you go up against a spanish or chinese team because you get the race related bants at the end.

>girl with sexy voice screaming at me in russian because I got picked off


How are they making a radiant creep hero but not a dire creep hero
Also siege tank hero when

Should've done the Orchid build just to piss him off.

>presses tab and w 3 times
>nukes you for 700 damage on a 6 FUCKING SECOND COOLDOWN
>already level 25 when you're level 10
hah...high skill....pinnacle of skill... meepo most skilled hero...second only to ogre magi in the amount of skill needed....

how do you build viper nowadays?
havent played him since mek was core

3 bloodstones and courier into mid feed

reddit was experimenting with a magic damage veil/kaya/aghs/octarine build, didnt work out well

>go offlane
>get trilaned
>go safelane
>get aggro trilaned
>go jungle
>get 3-man smoked
>go mid
>get autism

I am so glad Icefraud and League devs brought back my favorite meta from my favorite TI (which was TI4), I sure do hate how so many heroes used to be viable and that the laning situations used to be flexible. No more than 20 viable heroes, no sir! Trilane them all you want! Just don't forget to collect and push after everyone is level 6!

Give me the latest news from the metaforge of company_syria pls

basically whatever you need to get as many poison attacks out as possible in fights.
if you're in no danger of dieing rushing hurricane pike is probably best, if you have space and want to farm faster you can get a maelstrom before that, if you are in danger of getting bursted by squishy cores like sf or clinkz a blademail can do wonders. otherwise stuff like hood or just going for the force staff first increases survivability a lot. Then bkb, aghs or whatever

How's my lina build?

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Viper is good at magic damage, you just do a sort of hybrid build with him and transition into a carry with the damage talent.
If you can get away with it, Bloodthorn is absolute bullshit on him, otherwise I would consider Aquila Treads Veil Pike the go-to build.
Bretty gud

literally all icefraud needs to do is rework shrines
as it is deathballing is too viable because if the enemy team starts to mount a defense, lmao just group heal and push again

post heroes that allow you to conclude that the player is an absolute faggot
>SF, Juggernaut, Mirana, Zeus, Nyx

hey i play 2 of those, used to play jugg 3 months ago too

i hope they make her into a midlane nuker like sf or invo


Sven, Luna
I'm a luna player myself though

troll braindead hero


>He does the bidding of the Dire.
ayy lmao, we Radiant folk are truly awoke. One day you will learn of the real world my child.

Shadow Fiend

they're either played by absolute sadists, retards with hyperinflated egos or in the case of Naga pickers historically, human trash