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Kagero is my wife.

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Don't be a lazy waifufag and get more pics

>op in charge of a new image

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anyone fucked an /feg/ twink lately?

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>That Red color on Legfest
>Days before Thracia
>One month before Golden Week
I must resist this bait

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No that's gay

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Really, user?

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No cummies
Not epik
Who the fuck is grima

>finally get Spring Catria
Damnit. She'll fit perfectly with my +Def/-Atk Gunnthra.

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Do you have a +10 Kagero

>show me your cock, little boy!
What do?

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really want s!elisse but don't want the other two
>really tempted to roll for grima/blyn merges
>Only 65 orbs
Wat do?

do as mama says

That's my husband.

usagi snacki

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>lower bst
>no great flame the best enemy phase prf in the game
>balanced stats

feels good to be the better unit

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Buttjobs from Catria!

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I hate how all of the art makes her look flustered

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I'm pretty sure we were talking about Boris' image.

65 orbs will probably get you one or two units. Besides, trying to get merges on Legendary Heroes sounds excruciatingly painful.
I'd say aim for greens. But then again sniping is also rough so doing full rolls might be the best choice.

Why not have both?

Only two months left to the english release of HW on switch.

I don't have one you dumb cow


I want her to hop on my dick repeatedly

I swear to god If I get a VaIke instead of Zelgius or HNowi i'm gonna be the maddest person on earth

Show her my cock.

>still a filthy subhuman
That's like getting gold in the special Olympics, congratz

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Would it be a bad idea to roll exclusively colorless and red here? They all have units I want.

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Yeah gonna try a full roll and see how it goes from there

It's out now in Japanland and only sold 24k.
Pretty poor desu.

He has effective damage against mounted units that aren't Wyven Riders or Mechanists, he joins with a good level along bases, and belong to a unique class. He doesn't need a Heart Seal or pray for lucky level ups to have a niche or a role in the army. That's more than anything LaSlow and Mr. Coinflip Odin can do. Granted when you actually get a good Odin he is great, basically Leo 2.0 who hits less hard but can actually land hits reliably. But still, he's a huge gamble and for most people you're better off just abuse castle visit grinding especially if you want to hook him up with Elise.

Who the fuck is valke

Unless you want Lute, no. Gunthra will obviously get rerun again and maybe with a better spook crew.

if a color or two has all the focus you want then snipe away

Show me your butt first!

I'm the biggest sucker for big tits and milfs and older sisters but holy shit I just want to ravage the shit out of Sakura, especially when she's in that cat outfit

What the hell, what is it about Sakura that breaks the mold?

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Because it is the third release of the game. I think most nips already played it on Wii U and 3DS. They've done it all already. I never had it on Wii U, so getting the challenge maps would be cool for me.

I hope I get a Soleil on this b8 banner

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massive cockslut and isn't flat

Dealing super effective damage to beasts is really only useful in like three chapters after Keaton joins, 18, 19 and 24, and in 19 they hurt him back so that won't work.

Is this lewd? I hope it's not, this artstyle is too cute for lewd

I'll take that over the -atk+spd one I pulled

Will they let us pick another free one?

they decided to basically cram every lena/maria type character into one to create the ultimate cleric girl


She wants to ravage your cock more than you do her

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Read: good level + bases + fitting growths for base class. LaSlow and Odin can't afford that.

Shy cutie with a bigger chest then her big sister who very obviously wants your dick.

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No she doesn't.
She never once acts like that ever.

>that art

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Laslow can class change into a bow knight and provide +1 move to anyone, that already is contributing more than Keaton can.
Same with Odin, Dark Knight.

>bigger chest than her sisters
How is that a good thing

No, that's the full image. I wouldn't post lewds of my wife anyway.

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user, it's always the most shy girls that crave cock the most

Okay, Reddit

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why the FUCK are some seasonal meme weapons prfs i just want to give my doot a new egg

user said he liked big tits

blue egg is still a precursor to huginn so you can just transfer that
because let's be honest you weren't actually going to use the + version for combat

/feg/'s fan interpretation of Sakura is not the real Sakura, stop acting like it is the normal personality of Sakura.

Reddit is sperging out hard over F Robin and the state of FEH. Has it gotten that bad?

big tits

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She just wants sex alright?

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I'll raise you a Mae

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>user... Why haven't you showed me your dick today, user? I'm very thirsty, user... I hope you're not giving your delicious milk to some other bitch, user...

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The game has no future. After the 12th Robin and Ike alt, even most of the dumb whales will get fed up. Most of the playerbase will leave at that point unless they release non alts. But they will run out of non alts that anyone cares about and it will be literally who the banner. This game is done.

You can do what this user does; and roleplay but don't state those character traits as facts.
Otherwise I should just claim that Echidna has had a mastectomy.

It’s Thoron actually

>40 hp
>32 atk
>30 def
>30-33 spd
>27-30 res
these are Roy tier stats holy shit, now that's embarrassing. what fucking let down for the first colorless dragon

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Whenever you think of spending orbs just remember her face

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>Blew hundred of orbs for this cock thirsty slut
>Got good IV's
>Haven't used her ever

i think i'm going to stop taking pre-datamine wikis as fact

Yeah he needs a seal for that. Also Keaton is the best back pack for Camilla, one of your very best units. Nuff said. And Soleil isn't even a good unit. And for Odin you will actually have to train the bastard since he starts at level fucking 5 + god awful bases when he should at least be level 8. He's lucky Ophelia is a decent unit whose paralogue gives so much good stuff.

God damn it WHY?

No...I can work this. Just give her the speed refine on the carrot and +Spd seal. It doesn't bother me it doesn't bother me it bothers me it bothers me a lot FUCK THIS GAME!

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Sakura is fat! No more cocks for you

Never played a fire emblem game, just popped by after seeing the OP pic to say this girl makes me horny. Whats her name?

Thanks, it only reaffirms my decision to spend my orbs right now.

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*blocks your path*

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>Sorry sweetie he's with me now

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>70 magic bulk at most
>fluffy mom and daughter easily break 80 dmg to dragons

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It's actually a man

Why do you put up with this, /feg/bros?

>mfw yolo pulled a +spd/-hp one

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Blessings were a fucking mistake...

>according to /feg/ sakura is turbo slut
>just like fmorgan
>gunnthra is more like Kiara level slut but only for Kiran

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So exactly what the fuck is the point of different blessing if different legendaries are going to give random buffs to blessed units? Is it just for inconvenience?

>blew like 50 orbs
>got shit IVs
>haven't used her ever

Delete this picture. Deirdre is pure