/4ccg/ - Peak aesthetic performance edition

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>Where can I watch the cup
smashcast.tv/the4____cup or the wiki front page


>Anthems and Goalhorns

>Archived games:

>Event Calendar:

>Current memevitational(s)

>Upcoming memevitational(s)
implyingrigged.info/wiki/Veeky Forums_League_X_Friendlies

>PES 17 Info:

M E G A B A B B Y when
reddit takes over the cup
Veeky Forumslel

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Could have at least used a new picture for aesthetic performance

fuk dag

Faggot edition
/ll/ would be better

what a bland reused OP
thanks faggot

my pleasure

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´pes 18 when



Just watched /w/ vs /r9k/
They really played Elliot Rodger’s speech, kek

/sp/erb Owl 2018 and Wrestling Cup 4 are this weekend.

Wrestle in peace aniki

>still including wikipedia link in OP
nice forced meme fag

All of you that viewed those Itou Hachi pics and lives in Cucknada, you're now guilty of being in possession of CP.
The only thing more retarded than having guns in schools is giving rights to drawings as if they were actual people.

>giving rights to drawings as if they were actual people.
Stop your shit, my waifu is real.

Because of a FUCKING LEAF yuri vn was banned from steam

What is with burgers and leafs and their double standard in sex and violence/guns, seriously?

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We don't know if he's actually a leaf, he was most likely pretending just to get it banned. He's a massive troll, as his steam accounts showed.

North Americans are retarded, more news at eleven

>machine translated rpg maker kusoge with flimsy censoring is a-okay
>"professionally" translated big VN that was made into all ages version is a no-no
Thanks freedumb

Gaben needs to move his ass faster

Cause niggers

Are leaves only this spiteful because they can't enjoy loli material in peace?

Niggers don't produce loli material and if they did it'd feature niglettes. Nobody wants that.

It's a self-destructive cycle. Loli material that would tranquilize more than one angry leaf is banned because of other angry leafs, increasing the net quantity of angry leafs that then go on to ban more loli material.

guns don't exploit and sexualize children, they just kill them.



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what do you want to tell me

I've never actually listened to this before. He talks like a JRPG villain

he's so pretty

The fact that this was an actual person and not some cartoon villain boggles the mind.

fuck off pooftah

>page 9

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you know im right

The only thing I regret about that victory anthem is that this version wasn't out yet.

Typical 4chaner girl

She's far too old.

>too old
we don't know her age and honestly I'd say typical age varies

i need gf :c

We know, SDA

/myteam/ also needs GF, too much GA.

how do i unironically get GF
most games usually end up low scoring but really close or /myteam/ gets btfo

invite the opposing team into your half then strike on quick counters

Preaching to the choir pal

Step 1: run the very chad 2-5-3
Step 2: run literally any set of sliders besides maybe poss long
Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT

rip off /fn/

he's gay, dude!

wow that's mean

gays have good gf

sorry, I don't have any

why are people so bad

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yeah fucking nerds disagreeing with me, they know jack shit about what's good

What would you have chosen instead?

it's ok

It's TOSHINOU KYOUKO's birthday. Say something nice about her.

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she looks as generic as weeb waifus come...?

she's a cute and scored a fun goal despite being a defender

she is the worst yuru

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Chinatsu is a shit tier waifu and she'll never love you

reminder that /a/ is a rude board

reminder that /a/ is a nude board

reminder that /a/ is a bad board that is still better than Veeky Forums and especially this thread


It has succeeded.


they are all the worst

what's wrong with it

>page 9

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How many "shot goes through the legs of the keeper" goals were there over the years?

>triggered snowflakes in the comments
holy shit

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>page 10

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>managers names

What exactly is shit?

hi myuer


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>page 9

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I wonder how much rent would be

too much


Go on and make a worksafe request thtat someone manage the team and that other people provide interest in it

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this would be the best new team
fuck the rest

>Sixth Founding have only 2 out 4 teams active, /i/ that sadly sucks, and Veeky Forums that was kind of dead until AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA came and brought some interest on both the board and the team
>Seventh Founding featured Veeky Forums, which will be here FOREVER and >/p/
That's a 50% chance we get another bag of nothing, so I would rather have them staying in memevitational hell unless they get support and I mean real support, not whatever you call what /cm/ had and involved 17 guys from Ireland.

i'd much rather have /wsr/ over /bant/, not much you can hate about them while /bant/ are a bunch of retarded shitposters

ded cup

>page 10

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Running 5-4-1 is a good idea that will not backfire at all and will most definitely not result in you losing to lesbians. Just ask /n/!

It works against trannies though

tbf, it did work until we started making changes to try and win the game.

And with this post /4ccg/ is dead. We're all free!

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Think again

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A /wsr/ and /gd/ "derby" would be damn comfy

Sleepy thread is sleepy

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I can remember only one from latest cup.
Where are history autists when you need them?

There were a couple last VGL from /wtg/

Doesn't count

Hey Prow, I challenge you to count the amount of kapows per match/team/tournament

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