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[3/21] Deviljho and weapon rebalancing in update 2.00 - capcom-unity.com/monster_hunter/blog/2018/03/21/

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Post or find a room ID. Squads are not searchable without one. 3DS use passcode 7243.
World, Preference: Small Monsters - Message: Zenny Farming - Private: No
Gen/XX, Objective: Gathering
4U, Target: Fishing

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Sns #1

Lance is the best weapon!


Walk the dinosaur!

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Kirin girls!

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the orange stuff on Xeno and co is thermal energy and Monster Hunter plays out in the same universe as Lost Planet

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Can't argue with that!

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Is white winds or tempered elders most efficiet way to farm hr? trying to grind to 100

Good, black Kirin sluts need to die

I miss Kut-ku so much

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"muh element" worldbabies continue to be the most cancerous bunch of posters i've ever seen

instead of coming into a game and understanding how it works and playing according to capcom, they'd rather bitch and cry until element is king at all weapons instead of the some weapons. Go play pokemon you autists

>Second Tenderizer Jewel from melding
I would like to thank god

also Xeno’s dad is eating the bioenergy at the core of the planet

Imagine if the ship guy sold wyvern gems

Thanks for that.
At least there's a couple of non-retards in /mhg/. My faith is restored.

He does, also Bird Wyvern Gems, and Rathalos Rubies and every Monster Gem with the exception of Elders and Jho

Really now? I've played for 500 hours now and I have never seen him sell anything other than bird wyvern gems.

>Unga bunga raw should be better at everything than building to counter specific monsters
I know you're just crying for attention user, you can stop

It should be certain weapons that favor element. Like half the roster preferably. Elementless was a slap in the face worse than Frontier's sins.

Dude, when raw is the best against ALL THE MONSTERS instead of just being a versatile weapon that isn't the best against anything you have zero reason to craft anything other than whichever is the best raw, and that's a problem in my book, I don't care if it has always been like that, before World clunky as shit movement was a thing in all the previous monster hunters, yet they did something about that.


>and Rathalos Rubies and every Monster Gem

Anyone have a game up?

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Deviljho talons cleaved from its tiny forelegs are sharp enough that inexperienced crafters can risk serious injury if they are improperly handled.
Yet our finest Second Fleet were not only able to work with them safely, but even invented several new weapon designs out of them as well.

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I just don't get their endgame.
Element isn't that worse than raw. If they wanted to play some pokemon element rock paper scissors bullshit, they absolutely can. There are quite a bit of weapons that prefer element over raw, hell the strongest weapon in this game uses element. And even on weapons where raw is commonly preferred you can still get competent kill times with a Blast GS or a Lightning GS.

Like what do they want? They just want Element to blow Raw out of the fucking water? Anyway, I take solace knowing they're just a vocal minority. If they were anymore obnoxious I might have to start filtering them via keywords


I don't know if it'll work though. Other anons in the previous thread have tried connecting to my sessions and failed. Something's up with my Internet.

>It should be certain weapons that favor element
that's how it always worked, NEB just made it even worse.
it makes no sense from a design perspective that element would be less effective on a greatsword than on dual blades. it's just idiotic and stubborn that they don't want to change it

I do think they need to buff Element but I'm fine with the idea of Raw being better for certain weapons and Element being better for others. Why don't they just make Element crit normally with critical hits instead of needing a Skill for it?

Hello, welcome to your first HR Monster Hunter game.


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I'd like if it were optimal to switch weapons depending on the monster you're intending to fight. Raw would still be the best all-rounder, and I guess there would be monsters where raw is outright better than any elemental weapon.

Raw being outright better in all scenarios is silly, it destroys a lot of weapon diversity.

best IG and kinsect? i'm feeling spicy

Be sure to update that to the Rocket GS soon user~

>Why don't they just make Element crit normally with critical hits instead of needing a Skill for it?
Because the bandaid skill was introduced too late in the franchise's lifespan(4G)

Element being better on fast weapons and worse on slow weapons is fine
What isn't fine is monsters taking like 5-30% damage from elements that they're supposed to be weak to.

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Why would Capcom introduce a weapon that just shits all over the others without contetion? I liked the GS pool before Devilho and Boost GS. You had three GSs that were all very viable. Now one is just going to tower over them all.

i am goddamn sick of the dober-eyepatch hellscape we live in. post your memeiest builds
I'll start: vaal head/chest/waist, teo arms, jyura legs, guard charm, nergi HBG: immortal shotgun tank, put your barrel on the monster's head and wail away

>and I guess there would be monsters where raw is outright better than any elemental weapon.
Yeah, like Rathian's face taking almost full raw damage.

Uh... except Jagras was 1, Vaal was 2 and Agito 3

Post weapon usage!
Also 7 decides my next weapon

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Gay. Real shotgunners rock the red white blue.

For DB it's more optimal to use element by 2%
For SnS it's more optimal to use element unless you're spamming shield bash like a retard
For Lance it's more optimal to use element, even with the inclusion of the Jho lance.
For Bow it's more optimal to use element, in fact it's the best element weapon in the game and outclasses EVERY RAW WEAPON in the game
For CB element is now on par if not better than blos with non-saed spamming gameplay. If SAED's spread was lessened it would shit on Blos.

I think you guys are just bitching for the sole reason to bitch. Element is fine, wait until G-Rank when we get better weapons with higher element.

Switch axe

Huntresses are the right kind of thick though, don't bring your fat fetish into it

Insect Glaive

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>you can still get competent kill times with a Blast GS or a Lightning GS.
But you still get better times with raw, that's the point, how is it so hard to understand? Why would I want to use that shitty lightning GS if a raw GS can get me better times even against monsters weak to lightning? It would encourage people to build more weapons and more specialized sets, but I guess that's too much brain power needed right?


because I don't want to look like a fucking bum

It's not even that much better.
It's a Rarity 8 GS, so it has 1 Augment slot, which will be used for affinity.
It has 0 slots, so it won't be able to achieve Crit Boost Lv3 like Jagras.
The only plus it is has natural white and it benefits from non-ele boost. It will be a small upgrade, but not something that shits all over jagras and the like.

I have no idea what you're talking about so I guess I'm a fuckin homo now

Ouch, have fun not having fun

At 100 I'll give him the long beard

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Given your mentality why aren't you just playing RNG Cannon HBG or Blos CB? If all you care about is fastest kill times why are you gimping yourself by not using the top 2 weapons in the game

Someone post a good baguette stick + set. I have 8x hero shaft and 11x warrior shaft stones

>rocksteady mantle

What were they thinking

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Are you sure about this?

If it's legitimately better to switch weapons between hunts to elemental weaknesses, then I'm happy, but I don't think it is.

Where can I find hitzone and weakness information?

do people just not look at weapon type damage? hammers to the face are going to do more than dbs to the face holy fuck

Azurelos chest, teo gloves and kirin pants combo. Shit looks goofy as fuck.

Don't forget to treat yourself every once in a while.
You deserve it for all the effort you put in while on the hunt!

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Blos IG
Affinity + Attack
Handicraft 4
Attack 7
Agitator 4
Max Might 2
Protective Polish

lance or gunlance?
Gunlance looks fun but Lance is probably better.
Change my mind.

Is Agitator that good?
Also I don't have any attack gems besides the freebie one so can't make the set

guard 5 worth trading 1 level of crit boost and health regen augment on lance?

The same Capcom who thought they need to pander to grugs for $$$ by making element increasingly irrelevant since Tri ditched elemental partbreaks.

gunlance make boom
lance not make boom
easy choice

>wait until G-Rank when we get better weapons with higher element.
But they'll have higher raw too and it'll be just like 4U again

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I hope they add more endemic life to catch in later updates, they shouldn't count for the achievement but it would be a really nice touch.
I'm hopeful leakfag turns out being right about Shimmering Lagoon, my expectations are 0 but my hope is pretty high. (Especially if they bring back Lagi)

What kind of reasoning is that? Instead of implying I only care about times, how about you give me a reason why I should spend resources on making and objectivelly worse GS

What were elemental partbreaks?


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The science bitches keep track of that shit

>why use x when I can do y faster
Why spend resources making an objectively worse weapon when you can just make Blos CB or Jho HBG?
I'm using your exact mentality against elemental weapons. If you want to play elemental then play elemental, so what if your hunt is 15-30 seconds slower? If you cared that much about being optimal why use GS in the first place?

I don't play as much as I'd like

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exactly what they sound like

Do we get earplug decos?
I got a lvl 3 charm and Bazel's pants but I don't want to go around mixing decos if I don't have to.

You had to do at least one point of Ice to break Rajang's horns, one point of Dragon to break Teo/Kush's face/tail, etc.

>been using Jho GS for a week
>Feel like going back to my love already

Surely being able to fit Crit Boost 3 with 30% affinity is enough right?

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I was debating about making that weapon, I'd lose 2 levels of crit boost but I'd get aesthetic and healing augment

blast lance?

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That sounds awful but hilarious

Because they play totally diffent you idiot, while raw GS and elemental GS play the goddamn same, but one is worse than the other. But yeah you're basically agreeing on how elemental GS is totally useless trash, so I really don't see why you're arguing with me.

Is it worth importing XX for the switch? I can't read moon, but I'm burned out on World. How hard is it to get into XX with guides?

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I still remain loyal to my Purgation's Atrocity no matter what TA autists say.

You know those Teostra horns you kids can break with your best weapons like they're nothing?

Well, back in my day they don't break so easily. In fact, you need a dragon weapon to break Teostra horns. I made the Red Dragonsword G for the sole purpose of cutting those horns from my rival's brow.

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You'll be better off with 2 max mights 1 crit boost instead of 3 crit boost with 30% affinity.

Paralysis hammer with Slugger and Earplugs. It works remarkably well in MP - even if only with the help of the Apothecary Mantle and some traps.
I really only use it as an excuse to wear the Diablos beta chest though. It looks too good.

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Why not play 4U instead?
I assume it's not that hard but I guess you'll miss out on dialogue

just play another monhun? What's up with all the people wanting to try XX? Go with 4u

Jadeblade is the best looking gs by far and is still very viable.

>15-30 seconds slower is "useless trash"
How can you be this fucking dense?
Your logic is so incredibly flawed.

Noo ne is forcing you to use raw.

not as much boom as blast gunlance

and you still triple carted. You're blacklisted huntsman

I played 4u years ago, and I don't have a 3ds anymore. Just a PS4 and a switch. I'd rather drop $60 on one game than rebuy a system for one game

You too

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