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>wpsg guilds
Wrath of the Lich King
(H) - Sunwell.pl - Angrathar - 2x

/wpsg/ discord server - discord.gg/bSXZw39

>Where can I get game clients?

>How do I connect to [server]?
1. Register on a private server that hosts the same game client you have.
2. Copy their realmlist URL. This can usually be found on the main page of the website or on their registration page.
3. Look for a realmlist.wtf file in your WoW folder. This may either be in the root folder, or inside Wow/Data/enUS/
4. Open the realmlist.wtf file in a text editor such as Notepad and paste in the realmlist settings of the server. Make sure it starts with 'set realmlist' followed by the realmlist URL.

>I have set the realmlist correctly but it still connects me to XYZ server/says invalid login info.
Make sure your realmlist is correct and not read only.

>How do I stop my client from auto-updating?
• Start the game with wow.exe - not launcher.exe
• Don't use your email for logging in, use your account name.
• Find the patchlist file in your installation and remove it.

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alex is /ourguy/

staysafe is /ourguy/

>Being rich enough to afford to throw scraps to mentally unstable and chronically depressed NEETs so that they continue providing you with barely sustainable entertainment

I’m making a Veeky Forums Horde guild for Kronos 3. If you’re interested in joining please fill out the survey linked in the Discord here: discord.gg/Yr4YKE6
If you don’t fill out the survey, you’re not considered a member yet.
A few things to keep in mind:
>The Discord is primarily for LFG purposes and there will be no long-term or general discussion channel
>The guild name and loot distribution system are undecided
>Any officers appointed during the first couple of weeks will be temporary just to help add people to the guild; long-term officers will be elected or appointed later on
I’ve never played with a guild from /wpsg/ or its derivatives before, if that matters to you one way or another, but there seemed to be an interest for a K3 Horde guild so here we are. I’m usually lurking if you have any questions.

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WOW... guys... I think I'm in love...

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Fuck off.

Claiming this thread for F E L M Y S T
the only private server with good scripts
From 200 in January to 1200+ last sunday, we are waiting for you

>endless kiting
why doesn't the perfect vanilla server TM nostalrius (lights hope) have that?

the only private server with good scripts was qualitygaming

Because kiting dangerous monsters into low level areas is problematic.

reminder to report this thread because the old one didn't hit the limit yet

Literally a classic god.

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This is a FELMYST thread!

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real new thread that wasn't created before bump limit. this thread will be deleted soon

why are they so many

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>100 of those 1200 are level 70
>5 of those are tanks
yea about that


>reposting the same week-old screenshot over and over again

>Why does it have to be a competition between Felmyst and K3? They offer completely different versions of the game. If you want Vanilla and don't want to deal with corruption and chinese overpopulation then roll on K3. If you want TBC and don't want to deal with faked population and certain guilds getting 'special benefits' then roll on Outland.

I dunno, they refuse to explain their reasoning. I would argue Twinstar wants their new kronos server to be the #1 most played private server yet they only seem to be threatened by Felmyst. I would say it's because they claim to be making a kronos tbc server in the future, but I'm more of the idea that K3 is just a quick cash grab that's not intended to be up long term, and their tbc server wouldn't be out for a very very long time.

It legitimately makes no sense therefore that twinstar would feel threatened by Gummy's, but asking them why they have such an issue with them and you'll only get meme responses or accused of being Gummy. It's almost as if they're just shitting up threads with autistic shitflinging for the sole purpose of shitting up the threads.

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>/krog/ 404 with 14 unique IPs including trolls, there's no actual discussion about the server it's just shills spamming about it as much as they possibly can.

They're doing it everywhere. Here, reddit, on official wow forums, other game forums, in game chat of other private servers. Just last night a kronos shill was spamming Staysafe's twitch stream about K3 and trying to get him to talk about it on air, before gettng told by him to shut the fuck up. Yet, as you said, you see barely any actual discussion about the server on their own general threads, or their own subreddit. It's just shilling on external platforms to try and get as much interest to their server as possible but it's clear it's not working. There's a reason why they still intend to not show population numbers on K3.

It's almost as if having two bad servers in a row would make everyone not willing to give you a third fucking chance.

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wow these gummy shills are getting serious

yeah im sure its just a bunch of shills and k3 will open with 1k population which is a dead server. oh wait, whats the population on felmyst?

as long as k3 doesnt have game breaking bugs or stability issues it will grab a steady 5k~ players with spikes up to 10k (4k~ in queue) during peak for the first few weeks. it'll settle at 4-5k~ which is four times the english speaking population currently on lightbringer. felmyst players are trembling because they will lose some players to k3 and it will divert new players away from felmyst. lights hope is scared too because they will lose the non-chinese portion of their population. once the majority leaves the rest will follow shortly.

this thread:
[x] made 20 posts before bump limit of the old thread
[x] biased and advertising the felmyst private server
[x] coordinated attack by irc hacker group called GRIZZLY
please delete this thread and migrate to the real one

fuck off shill

1k pop in TBC is perfectly fine.
1k in vanilla is dead.

outland is probably less than 1/4 the size of kalamdor or eastern kingdom

it also has flying mounts so you never actually see people since they're all up in the air rather than on the now meaningless roads

what a fucking blunder, can't believe people like TBC. it was cool when it came out just like wotlk (stopped playing after that) but these are both shitty expansions compared to banilla

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the only bad part about tbc is flying mounts, and they're not even a big deal unless you have autism

>Welfare gear not bad
>Blood elves not bad
>Shamans and paladins both factions not bad
>Making 1-60 content a joke and take less exp not bad
>Black morass not bad
>Battle for mount hyjal not bad

nice deleted thread pussy

Okay, badge welfare gear isn't good either, but even the worst raid in tbc (hyjal) is still better than everything besides naxx in vanilla.

>Battle for mount hyjal not bad
you forgot to mention gated raid content with sunwell

TBC was literally "novelty: the expansion" hence the bizarre looking zones like zangarmarsh and thousand spikes and that mana pipe zone etc. Flying mounts are another feature of this.

It eviscerated world pvp as well as the lore and made the game much more high fantasy goof since you're literally in outer space and there are fucking space ships, to the detriment of the medieval elements present in vanilla.

also "the light" went from Christian-esque holy fervor to "lol space travelling aliens bruh"

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>world pvp
>the lore
TBC is literally vanilla+ with some minor flaws

good argument brainlet

it's hard to seriously argue with somebody who argues about the lord in a blizzard game and complains about muh fantasy in a fantasy mmorpg

fucking tranny gumcum mods wont allow based k3 shitting on gummies thread
fucking RIGGED

The game is literally called "World of Warcraft". Somehow that idea only lasted the vanilla game, as in TBC you have flying mounts to take you everywhere, 0 faction identity and neutral main town to hang out in.

>tfw dead kronos 1 has more players in starting zones than Gummy
top fucking kek!

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That's not very difficult

i logged in to setup my addons and stormwind was bustling with activity. ironforge didnt look too far off from lightbringer, minus the chinese names.

I liked TBC because every raid was linked to each other. They all had meaning. In Vanilla it was just "dwarves summoned Ragnaros", "help niggerdragon is trying to destroy hyrule", "oh btw there are bug now too", "help undead are attacking". Reputation gating also discouraged alt faggots from bringing their 10th alt into a late tier raid to soak up loot

>zero faction identity
>zero world pvp
sounds like you didn't play tbc kid

Sounds like you didn't 2bh. Only isle of quel danas had any sort of wpvp PVP, other than that it was just niggers on their flying mount, and nigger druids with instaflycancer.

The raids were linked to each other, but in Vanilla you had quest lines all leading up to the raids. For example, everyone gives shit to AQ because it "came out of nowhere", when the reality is that everyone gets their first taste of the qiraji as early as the Barrens. The game sets it up that the Horde has been giving the druids all of these bug carapaces and body parts to druids, who have been taking them to Moonglade, and they suddenly realize they aren't dealing with your average mosquito. It's only because the Alliance forced Prestor to play her hand in Stormwind that everyone's attention was focused on Blackrock and no one developed a base in Silithus, until it was revamped, which required a massive server-wide quest chain to open the doors to eldritch abominations, which severely weakened the hold the Argent Dawn had on the Plaguelands because all of the world's adventurers went to the exact-opposite side of the planet, which allowed Naxx to invade, especially after weakening major capitols by hiding grain in the cities that were mass-producing supplies to support the front on Ahn'Qiraj and no one would examine the food.

Everything in TBC happens inexplicably and for no reason, with no tension or build-up. It just "exists".

Absolutely btfo

Go read up on Kael, Lady Vashj, Illidan, and Kiljaeden and come back to me.

nice headcanon there was no plaguegrain in major capitals

>everything in tbc just happens
this is quite literally the most wrong thing I have ever heard anyone say about TBC lore. There's a reason Vashj, Kael, and Magtheridon are all available in 2.0, just because you don't know it doesn't mean it just "happened"

I wish I knew you were trolling beforehand, so I wouldn't waste my time. Still, good on you all for tricking me like this. You're really Alex-tier when it comes to making people believe bullshit, so you should pat yourselves on the back with that accomplishment.

This for the most part, and unlike Alex I played retail tbc. Mostly a shitter but that isn't important.
At launch the wpvp was insane but that probably is expected. Hellfire was packed, the big servers had queues out the ass (I was on KJ), lots of crashing, and intense competition for mob tags in addition to constant faction wars.
Also while i'm sure some realms were imbalanced faction wise, since this was retail and not private servers with vanilla transitioning naturally to tbc, the factions weren't completely borked in either favor so the fighting was rampant and relatively even.
This lasted until people started hitting 70 - for lots of people the flying mount cost wasn't so insane as the tryhards already had tons of vanilla gold anyhow. After flying mounts, the pvp still happened but it just wasn't the same. Halaa was a big deal, same for the hellfire things and the tower whatevers in the terrokar desert thing - then later down the line wpvp at the skettis dailies, and the elemental place was almost always camped by either faction sort of similar to vanilla nesingwary.
Isle of Quel danas had the most pvp but that felt a lot more like later things like the MoP pvp island. People didn't sit there all day, they went there for dailies or to run magisters and then left. And once you got them down the dailies were fast.
That's ignoring how many people were taken out of the world by arena. That became "the pvp thing" after farming honor in bgs for gear, then you'd push arena while sitting in neutral town.

I guess my summary is it was still fun but NOTHING like the wpvp in vanilla. I love arena but I'd toss that and flying mounts in an instant if possible.

>i have no argument so i'll just say you're trolling
*brings my alt to AQ*
*soak up t2.5 and good offhands/mainhands*
Also, don't even mention Naxx's rep farm. That shit was disappointing. You just had to spend money to get in assuming you've ran an undead dungeon even once

K3 will save us

I was wondering why this thread felt better than usual and then I realized the K3 shills aren't posting

>brings my alt to AQ
>soak up t2.5 and good offhands/mainhands

Imagine, unironically, being this retarded.

try being in a guild that cleared that shit day 1, faggot


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I am, no one is even close to giving AQ weapons to alts yet, and the good 2.5 pieces are naturally choked by the amount of idols that drop. You'd know this if you actually played the game rather than just shitposting like you do.

just go to the auction house or stop skipping trash in AQ you fucking retard
>muh no idols of death

>idols of death

Alright, thanks for proving you know fuck all about the idol system lmao.


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alright i have a very important question. is finalflash playing on k3 and if so, which faction?

>certain enemies drop idols
>also drop keys that you can use to open chests after the raid
Get a better guild leader. You shouldn't be short on idols unless you're skipping trash, giving priests/druids/etc t2.5 (you should not be giving them any idols), you've just started clearing AQ, or your guild leader is selling them.


hmmmm......so this is....gummycraft....i just might like it.....

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>no underage edgelord guilds on Classic
woah... I hate Blizzard now?

WHO CARES if the starting zones are fucking dead you kronoscuck idiot.

Here’s a tip ff: name your characteron k3 FINARUFLESHU

What about FinalFresh?

>wow these gummy shills are getting serious

>Still not answering why you twinstar shills have such a fearboner for Gummy.

nice falseflag lmao first day at the big boys club Veeky Forums? grown up baby shorts.

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>1 minute in
>"I never partaked"

>being afraid of a literal cripple and his 100 pop server

you guys have 4 days until gummyposting is dead forever, forgotten

>Implying the other thread wasn't biased towards kronos with that fucking header image.

undead isn't popular right now since sylvanas is evil

Why would you post this? it just proves its a dead server

>real new thread that wasn't created before bump limit. this thread will be deleted soon



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o: thats got my boy kloak in it good meemshot

>gummy is dead
nice meme. look at all these people!

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Theres 481 people on horde atm. Not very dead m8


wow theres a grand total of 42 people on the horde side in the 1-10 zones. talk about server growth. take out the higher levels and you have like 30 people at 1-10. damn gummy should probably shut down character creation because that place is poppin

is /ourguy/ Ludvig going to join Nihilum again?

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hahaha enjoy your doa chinkfest nigger i cant wait for /krog/ to come back so you can go to containment board you vanillaboys

maybe they shouldnt bully him. they had an agreement that he would get all of the chests first so he could get his trinket and they betrayed him.

is this when he got killed by two people at stv arena and got mad?

he's still a retard for trusting people from a Veeky Forums guild.

I just realized what his name meant

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>you guys have 4 days until gummyposting is dead forever, forgotten

Why would TBCfags give a shit about another vanilla server releasing? Why do you feel like a goddamn tbc server is in anyway a threat to your latest DOA kronos server or think that it would actually hurt the population of Felmyst? Actually explain what the fuck your problem is towards Felmyst instead of responding with memes or accusing me of being gummy or a gummy shill. Why don't I see you kronos shills ever trying to trash warmane outland, or sunwell, or hell any other private server but fucking Felmyst? This one single server that's not even the same expansion of the game, one that has a measily population threatens you so deeply. It makes zero fucking sense and you just seem to have absolutely no motivation for this. It's just deranged shitposting lacking any sort of goal. I'm starting to question if you guys are even human at this point.

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stop bullying my boyfriend

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this ruins the gummygoi......

they're retarded vanillafags

>why would NO PEOPLE give a shit about a server that's not based cripple craft
see you on Kronos.


guys gum here, please play my server. it has the best scripting and GRIZZLY says the raids are well tuned, also I have all RP quests working, WWU!!

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>this ruins the gummygoi......
>>why would NO PEOPLE give a shit about a server that's not based cripple craft
>see you on Kronos.


The Fucking



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