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>New Arena Mode: Grand Prix
>March nerfs/restrictions - No cards
>Rotation, formats, new class

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Preemptive Haven nerfs when? I was playing ranked today (B rank) against this hag and she BANISHED my turn 2 Belenus. Can you believe that? I still stomped her as punishment, but this cancer should not be allowed to exist on the game.

First for shadownigger should kill themself

Shadowniggers preemptively nerfing snow whiwte again hmm? well b ranks tos snowe wjite

Fuck you

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>hags are in full meltdown mode again

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Hags and their constant babbling again, having Alzheimer sure sucks.

off to a good start, hagfags

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pretty sure it's shadowbabs false flagging

Reposting one last time before the maintenance is over.

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>can't pinpoint falseflaggers

nerf snow white

i don't have any of these cards

This is not gonna work but I appreciate your enthusiasm.

Trying to theory craft some rune decks, is there any reason to run Runie over Owl in spell boost decks? Also my idea for a Faceless witch OTK deck. Probably need to cut something for one more mysteria.

>living in a 3rd world timezone

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>all those free vials from Queen
Alright user, you convinced me to try this meme now.

>falseflaggers falsely falseflagging other false falsefallggers.

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Not even sure if it's hags or shadowbabs anymore. Pretty sure it's some other class at this point but I'll get called out for deflecting so not sure what to do.

>Maintenance going on until 1pm
Not everyone lives in your country. Next time post PST or JST times.

wtf dude delete

Who is this cutie?

Can confirm I'm a runetumor falseflagging as a hag falseflagging as a shadownigger.

t. dragoncuck

Where are the Portalfalseflaggers?

Thanks for the confidence, now I really hope I wasn't way off.

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Puppetfags ww@

I'm going to roll moonbun and there's nothing you can do to stop me

I'm going to fuck moonbun and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

>he only plays one class

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Nah you only have like 2k rupies

Care to try your luck and give it a spin, user? There are exclusive prizes in this lottery, just for /svg/. Try not to hit the Dragoncuck!

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portalbabs don't exist

Some vartua yutubaa, but the cute kind, not the annoying kind.

Not a problem with the improved leader rates early on

anything but 5


>rotation shadow
>can't meme out Atomy
>can't meme out zeus or mordecai on 5

Why even bother?


Runie's Merlin from a different dimension. Merlin's useless in Unlimited. You don't want to play spellboost for anything else other than DShift. Don't bother with this. For rotation you have 3 choices. Standard Dirt, Ginger, or some kind of Mysteria archetype. Unbodied Witch is for DShift. You run 1 of as a tech choice, but it's essentially a win more card, so I wouldn't even bother.

How many hours in photoshop?

Simulacrum please.

big money no whammy

I just realized this but the Wraith nerf means that he can be pinged with a single Missle/Snipe.


Awesome, user

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Fuck me, daddy. Fuck me!

RIP in peace

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>Nerfing fucking Wraith of all cards
Fuck off KMR you fucking retard, literally the only good 1 drop Blood has and you kill it. Why not something like Elana, or Saha, or fucking Roach, if you're going to nerf an Unlimited card? Unlimited Aggro Vengeance Blood is now going to be dumpster tier.

Needs a gacha leader option

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There's no winning, is there?

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>the cute kind
>not the annoying kind
Fuck off
She is /ourgirl/
Not some filthy netdecker playing cancer

Rerolling for the shekels.

Alright, rollin since it's rare we get an OC.

>he lives in new zealand i.e. discount australia
No wonder this op is so shit

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Uironically want to roll the arisa having implied roach mating

Lewd Arisa!

>craftwarnigger complaining about NEUTRAL RUNE

No bully the island kiwis

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>implyning Neutral Rune was bad


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Check out this Simulacrum

Have you thought about Haunted House? It is good removal for early turns and if you play enhanced Poltergeist after summoning those ghosts you can get a couple extra shadows.

We can view leader effects now.

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You are aware that there can be multiple cute yutubaas?
As long as it isn't that annoying oppai slut with potato hardware, I'm fine with it.

of course
But next time don't post a Runenigger youtuber
Runeniggers can't be cute

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How fucking slow are you?

>a fellow kiwi made such a faux pas
I'm ashamed

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Gimme those packs baby!

Dorothy is cute. Fuck off.

Burn and Silverblade both took a hit losing dwarf. They lost consistency and will probably brick more but should be fine, though losing piercing rune might be too much for Oz lists.
Ginger is brick city now without saha.
Mysteria is still a dead archtype. They don't have enough mysteria spell generation to take advantage of their special effects. And end the end what are you building up too? If you want to burn out your opponent it'd be better to play silver blade. Faceless witch or G. Chimera will be the other rune deck because you get to take advantage of Chimera and fiery embrace which are still ridiculous.

Does Veeky Forums even have 00?

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No need to be upset, mentally unstable meido.
Murdered any friends lately?

Well, 6 hours to go. Possibly less, if there won't be any hicks, like due CG. But that was because of the whole format split, right? IIRC we got SFL a few hours early. No matter. I'll be sleeping by then.

You have that breastfaced whatever now. It's still a 2pp and it still puts a cheap sigil into your hand. Evolving dwarf is nice and all but I don't think the fetch is THAT critical for the deck as cheap sigils are.

>6 hours
It's two hours my man.

>if there won't be any hicks, like due CG. But that was because of the whole format split, right?
Yeah not the increased gacha leader rates

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Erika was brainwashed or it's under some kind of hypnosis
She will return to herself soon and then it will be make up sex time, the lion and the dumb megane girl can join in too

The only possible gets in Veeky Forums are 0s

I haven't but it's not a bad idea at all, now that you mentioned it. Even if it just fizzles out and you never catch the ghosts with poltergeist it'll still be one shadow for one since it's a countdown amulet and extra one drop to improve curve. Definitely worth testing, thanks user.

Its 5 hours bro


I'm feeling it. I'm feeling the free pax

Doesn't that girl become an anal slut?

If the fag gets removed by a random Blazing Breath/Zombie Party/Substituition/Scripture/Sylvan Justic/etc. it's no sigil

post it

You can't just say that and not elaborate.

I think she hates hag, blood and elf since she didn't make a DN deck for them.