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>Recent news
Robomi Z event for the end of March
Robomi 2 rerun is up
Cutiefest with double exp for players under rank 100, also magfest
Metatron and Avatar Raids released
Glorybringer and Nekomancer are available
Arcarum Extreme unlocked, together with Arcarum Weapons and summon FLB (which needs Magna II Omega Anima)
Celeste and Chev 4* uncap
EMP skills for Apsaras and CR and other characters.
Story chapters 106-107 released
Yaia 5* uncap and Bonito 4* uncap released

>How to Start
Go to game.granbluefantasy.jp in Chrome.

>Schedule for March:
2/28 - 3/23 - What Makes the Sky Blue Part II
3/12 - 3/18 - Rise of the Four Beasts
3/18 - 3/24 - Xeno Corow Clash
3/24 - 3/30 - Robomi Generations (Rerun)
3/31 - 4/8 - Robomi Z (new)

>READ THE FAQ before posting! - it will answer most of your questions if you are new or learning.

>Mega Pastebin - This pastebin has lots of useful things like important guides and other stuff, so don't be a shitter and read these before asking something.

>Guild Pastebin

Previous thread:

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Lecia's smelly feet and skinnyfat hips!

>feet thread
hell yes

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hl baha, gonna kick the chair edition


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Quick, choose a table

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My kind of thread

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Primal table!

>no Lecia

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I choose to faceplant into Rosetta's tits and suffocate in them until i die

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I'd like to rest on celeste-chans lap...arigathanks...

is there a better way to farm Dominion Harp in what makes the sky go blue other than doing solo dominion core showdown over and over?

>Ara ara~, danchou

It only took half an hour

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>he didn't
>he literally went off to fight some shitty monsters while she literally gave him that look while asking him that
>he unironically didn't finish the story by having lovey dovey sex with her
oh god
is shirou fucking GAY?

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The one where box is sitting.

>apollo, orchis, jade, walder
This one

>Ubahamut train
>text says 175 minimum
>join anyway because this isn't world of warcraft and I don't obey retarded arbitrary limits
>stay in the entire train without getting kicked

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Can I sit next to celes?

7/18 i believe

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Need more spartas

Sitting next to Nee-san!

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Between JK and Vira


Zodiacs' table looks like it would be fun

My dick is in his ass right now so yes.

People weren't joining and I kinda fucked up by bringing sm

Robots and fighting monsters > girls

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Yeah, it's working on trains with blue chest too, they're okay with one or two under leveled players so they're able to get more honors

A light lewder would be good

nice image filename fagface

How many pots to 40 box?
I may have 20 box twice due to lack of weaponized autism

At least post the original, faglord.

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When can I do ubahahl? Also, I'm really skeptical about keeping the Atma sword in a Jannu, Ferry, Amira team

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Drinking with the homo knights seem fun


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if you have berries to burn on wanpanning nm100, you can spend anywhere around 300 - 400 pots.

next to all those loli titties at the zodiacs

so what kind of stupid and fun asspulls will robomiZ have?
who is the man in black?
were abominations actually the good guys all this time?
how does robomi come back?

Got the lewder, just be yourself with a lanx if you want.

>unironic dark atma

need 2 more purple flames

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lets just start it dude

Symphogear collab when?


>/gbfg/ is full of faceddit
Color me surprised.

When is dark getting a defensive SSR?

>how does robomi come back?
It'll have something to do with time dilation.

>Only 4 swords
>Shitty event EX
>No Huanglong Claw
>Dark Atma with no one to take advantage of it
Id fucking blacklist you before a run even started

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I might've fucked up at some point

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when people accept Chris is the best girl.

You definitely did.

Please be soon, I need more Aoi Yuuki.
And every VA from there, really.

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Baha HL
Just bring yourself and let it start

I'm gonna blow my crystals lads

>can finally bench Lancelot forever and run Owen or Drang
Feels good desu.

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Lets just start it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

what do you need one for




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After Season 5 come out

>Hibiki gets the SSR
>Aoi Yuuki now voices 5 characters in the game


god yuri shitters are pathetic

You'll have one but Maria will be the playable character

what's wrong with dark atma?

...I wasn't complaining.

you're never going to mainhand it

we broke bakamuth with all the untz

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And I wasn't implying you were.


I don't, it just annoys me there is one for every element but dark


>Lelouch has good taste
I didn't know

you don't know me

>all the homo knights have some sort of way to buff their attack except Lancelot

>dark was supposed to be the enmity element
>wind does it 10x better


So how does Peak Magna Wind compare to Peak Magna Earth now?

>good taste

Is there any art of Daimon?

Lanchan has echoes in both Water and Wind.

They're about the same

Lancelot is a bottom


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earth caps at 3 times the hp

He dreams of fucking the android

>ever dropping below 85%

Wind caps at full HP too.

Lancelot has 35% echoes on a 5/8 CD.

That doesn't count.

The primals so I can hear many chimes

thanks for the horn!

Dirt gets to do the same damage as wind except they also get 40k hp to work with.

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Utaha step on me.

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What element would she be, light?
I'd rather zenbu, but that's because I love Ayahi's voice