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Mommy Edition

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Joyful a best wife

I love my Harshfu.

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Does anyone remember what to put in the console to make bobs sag in clothes?

SetLoadOverrides(-1, -1, 1)

> (You)
>Nothing major - most of the proportions are nice but her eyes are too close together for how big they are. I'd increase the distance between them by about 50%.

it's better ?

> → (You)
>Nothing major - most of the proportions are nice but her eyes are too close together for how big they are. I'd increase the distance between them by about 50%.
forgot picture

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the hair is still awful.

I copypasted this into the console and pressed enter and nothing happened, went ingame and they still have bras.

Oh, wait, my bad. That wasn't it.

It's this for every model load after pressing enter:
SetLoadOverrides(-1, 0, -1)

That's it, thanks.
Do I have to do this every time I open the game?

>mommy edition
This is something I can get behind.

Thanks m89.

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there need to be more moms around here

"But sensei, there's fucking nothing written here."

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what self respecting teach would show their cleavage like that like some cheap hooker
she should be fired

Attached: 1522268243431.png (1080x1920, 1.62M)

What if she teaches paizuri

>wake up
>see this
what do

Attached: AA2Play 2018-03-28 16-32-39.png (1920x1080, 3.04M)

wake up again

Realize it's a dream because people don't clip like that in the real world.

Hope to god they all have big fat dream dicks as well.

Attached: 2018_03_28_04.jpg (1127x996, 661K)

I agree. Everyone should post one.

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>liking used goods

Man, resisting a moms huge hips and breasts + lot's of hair isn't easy. I think I can accept her having fucked someone else before as long as she is yours from now on.
Of course optimally you also can just have a normal girl who just has mom proportions and personality but somehow managed to stay a virgin.

>I think I can accept her having fucked someone else before as long as she is yours from now on
Face it. You're a cuck with a cuckold mindset.

Attached: 4346303946345.png (1313x985, 986K)


Attached: AA2Play 2018-03-28 17-41-36.png (1920x1080, 1.92M)

>they were thiis big

Does this species lay eggs?

I miss user who posted that girl that had hair like a ship. I miss user who posted pink haired bunny.

lactating species typically do not.

Not really no, sorry

>that girl that had hair like a ship
The robutt who used recycled kancolle parts?

I miss the 2hu posters


Okay. But isn't it more likely that animals with scales tend to lay eggs regardless?

that's usually the case, yes. however, scaled animals tend to not lactate either.

Bigger breasts.

they used to be big but they have sagged since she is a hag

They can be big and still sag, those are the best kind of breasts anyway.

FutAnon, have you looked into Mama Kiro yet? It crashes both the Player and Editor.

>big enough to remain big after old hag sag
I can only imagine how grotesque such tits much be

Have you redownloaded her recently? I removed her modules so she should be more compatible with more people.

For you? Probably a lot, but I love them. Especially if they have darker nipples as well.

not him, but
user, have you looked into updating your aau yet? it worked for that other guy with the same issue, or did you not notice that?

Will try and get back to you.

I'm the guy that said that he had the most up to date version.

The sweater is hiding like 80% of the rest.

the other guy thought he had the most up to date version too.

Well, just in case then, is there a link up top to the DL?

Post nudes!


the one in the op post is the most up to date version, other than in development beta builds.

Didn't they just release 6.4 the other week? Well, my maker only has 6.4 so I guess that's what's up, sorry everyone, i'm retarded.

it's okay. i forgive you.

Maybe tomorrow.

your degeneracy is nothing short of deplorable. I bet you like it when they have exorbitantly sized areola too

Well, just tried to load her and it still crashed, but at least now i have 6.5 AAU.

big soft boobs and big soft bellies are the best

a moment of silence for milfs that will never sag

Attached: 2018_0318_0030_58145.png (1920x1080, 2.49M)

Is that Pounceamouse's mom?

Usually yes, I even like armpit hair

I wish AA2 had mods to make bellies actually look FAT.

Attached: 2018_0328_1557_11723.jpg (900x1600, 138K)

Truly. To swim in one's maiden's own milk amongst her belly folds is to experience the utmost ecstasy.

I-I....Usually make their areola bigger in the maker...

I, for one, am glad that it does not.

Attached: 2018_0321_1808_08637.png (1920x1080, 2.29M)

>armpit hair
I feel nauseated by the mere thought

>editing another man's card
>intentionally making her look worse
you are scum and a villian, and I do not much care you you

Whoa, assuming a lot there, huh? I never said I changed anyone's card. I only put it on my cards, so suck that attitude back into your gullet.

Holy fuck, they are huge!

If i'm trying to update the AAU but it won't change after I merge the folder what do I do, run the instal.bat?

If you feel nauseated by that, you wouldn't want to know the other stuff I like as well my man.

I apologize. I may have jumped the gun a bit

please do not share them here

this is cute user pls post more

>run the instal.bat

I did what the Update guide said and nothing happened.

Well I certainly don't like them too small.

Attached: 2018_0328_1729_17970.png (1440x900, 913K)

What's so bad abt the instal.bat

Attached: 2018_0320_2234_52368.png (1920x1080, 1.17M)

Those look super close to pregnancy tests.

Attached: 2018_03_28_05.jpg (1127x993, 479K)

I remember playing this years ago, and there were subtitles during H scenes and for the "everybody let's X" bits. I've installed aa2mini and those aren't there any more - is there something else I need to install on top?


No more subtitles. They are not currently compatible with AAU.

Tasha is cute! Cute!

Aww. Oh well, AAU is obviously worth it! Thanks for the info, user.

hairy armpits

i wish you could have hairy armpits on futas, or pubic hair in general

I have the same problem.
I'm on AAU 6.5, but it still crashes.

Still crashes before her model can load.

burnt girl bros ww@

soon (TM)

Looking much better. I think her face is a bit long, but that could just be preference. If you change her hair the new framing could make that head length look totally fine to me. That or you could give her a different chin shape.

I think she's cute but I don't like that hair as I said before, even on a tomboy. AA1 hairs simply look bad, no getting around it.

Attached: 2018_0328_0039_33877.png (1600x900, 1.28M)

so this started as a joke...i'm not proud of it

Attached: Screenshot_1.png (1144x695, 924K)

it's still a joke tho, right?

Reminder that Wise is the best and cutest personality. You are welcome to disagree and be wrong.

Attached: 2018_0328_0032_20520.png (1600x900, 1.17M)

not finished personality < Genuine
How could you be so wrong?

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