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>Patch 3.2 League: Bestiary
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Stop consuming anime if you have to play poe already

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stop playing spectre summoners, totems or RF, those are reddit builds and you bring great dishonor to poeg if you play them

sst is heavily underrated

Fourth for "why do golems die so easily now?"

didnt look like it from the streams ive seen

I haven't touched this game in weeks

wording this
only play official /poeg/ builds like blade flurry and TS/KB+Barrage

the same reason my kitavas herald spectres now die so easily, stealth nerf but according to the experts here "nothing changed and you are retarded"

too bad. i quit this dumb league and am consuming anime right now faggot.

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stop posting 3dpd whores here

your loss, really

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GGG's lead programmer is a weeb, how does that make you feel?

can love bloom on wraeclast

he is just pretending so you faggots spend more money on his game

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only shitcrows can't appreciate anime desu

Anime mtx when? Chris clearly isn't aiming to make a profit if he can't see how lucrative it would be.

I mean he's relatively based for at least reading the source material and watching the old OVAs

what anime genre would Bex enjoy the most? my bet is on shonen ai :3

I just finished reading Mob Psycho last night, pretty good stuff

what bosses correspond to which touhou characters

is the league ending yet

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not gonna fall for the bait you can stop putting in effort

Yeah, new league to be announced soon.

make 2h great again

it is, play sunder

Sunder is significantly better in every regard with dual wield.

What about all the high test weebs who lift?

remember when disfavor was the endgame item for every melee build unless you had mirror gear
remember when atziri was hard

what's the most afk build that isn't RF?

Stop me from buying a bunch of jew boxes, instead of waiting until Sin herald comes to the store AND on sale

they suck eachother off after gym

max block gladiator with all 3 trigger gems equipped and a 4L tempest shield

then explain
>tfw no gf

what is this circle autism that I keep hearing about

max block glad with aegis or surrender
literally unkillable 98% of the time

Autists taking advantage of the fact that Elder and his guardians having permanent influence until you kill them and that you can't break influence between them.

When will be the keep target in low life missions get removed?

remember when mathil made builds that could kill uber atziri

How does beastcrafting work in regards to item lvl and possible results?

If I do the "craft a unique body armor" recipe and the item level of the top left beast is, say, 40, could I still beastcraft any unique chest, even higher base lvl drop ones?

>bored of bestiary
>already fully geared two characters
>decide to try diablo 3 after having abandoned it mere days after release
>can't tell whether i'm having fun or if it's just different enough to feel novel
Do I buy reaper of souls?

I already did the Elder ring last league what's different this time? was a pain in the ass

>Could not connect to the instance.

Jesus fucking christ. I have this feeling that I've fucked my Ranger beyond reasonable retooling, I'm at Act 8 and died several times to bosses and mobs, my damage is shit.
Is this TripleG's way of saying start another character?

As an evasion character? Yes, that's completely normal, and doubly so if you're trying to use bows without massively overgearing the content.

>Up to 200% more damage for some build and free penetration
>Video of Shaper getting killed in less than 1 sec
Someone tell me how in the same patch they deleted double dipping (that could make any build viable) and put these fucking elder/shaper statsticks, amulets, rings and shit. Who tested that shit? How is 5 millions shaper dps normal? Is it normal to bypass every boss mechanics in the game with that shit? It's not even that hard to get.

does anyone unironically play pvp? is it fun?

>ice "golem"
>looks like a stupid little spike ball
>dies in one hit
Nice game /poeg/

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first time Ive been stumped for a price check all league. thoughts on this amulet? is it really only worth 30c?

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are the minion builds the only worthy builds from witcher? or should I try some spellcaster one?

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occultist best witch ascendancy


that aint goin for 30c

isn't that foccused to support?
I'm kinda new to the game

Yeah. I might just make a Templar next and see how far I can get with him.

I would ask for a build-guide, but since most are based around very specific Uniques and Mods (and thereby requiring you to be lucky or pay for them) I'll hold off on doing that.

about that yeah

>unshattered will 3.5ex
Should I get it for my SR build?
Only shows like a 10k dps increase at 8 stages, but I'm thinking maybe I can get rid of my Kaom's Roots then. Could use Herald of Ash then too.
Can I have both a golem and that harbinger out?

>go duelist or marauder
>buy dirt cheap leveling uniques for a few alterations each
>1 shot aoe everything into act 10 with sunder

Yeah it could maybe go for more

who is your /poeg/waifu

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>30c for an accessory with zero resists
hell naw

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How do I make HCSSF fun?

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>find permanent Speed and Defense Shrin ine Uberlab

Well fuck you too, you spunkgargling boner gobbler!

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how long until they make cwdt + immortal call some sort of passive buff to all characters
possibly after some quest or whatever

>waste time grabbing darkshrines
>punished with dc
i see nothing wrong with this

>dot build
>get critical strike buff

switch your build every death

no, there isn't really an ascendancy that is purely focused on being a support. occultist is fantastic for the amount of energy shield and es recovery it adds along with the free curse and cursing through hex-proof utility. it's a great ascendancy for damage over time and chaos damage builds along with the mutli-curse support you were probably thinking of

hi poeg im new to the game
i just finished the main story, i'm ~lvl70, i rolled occultist for some reason
i've barely any items and haven't used most of my passive points because i have no idea what my overall build will be. an anyone point me to a strong and fun occultist build?

thanks for reading my blog

it's been a few leagues, but i had a lot of fun with a death's oath occultist when i made one, and i'm sure with the new changes it's even better than before.

I remember there was some shit going on years ago which let you clear half the mods with scour + tora crafting
Then I stopped playing until recently, is it still in the game?

>doing mathils champion
>1.69m shaper dps with all buffs up
Where the fuck did he get the other 1 million?


what's a fun build to use? I don't know what the fuck to do, I've got a glacial cascade totem templar as my first character and I was thinking on making another spellcaster

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post pob and I will help you.

Make a spark nova build, faggot. You wont.

First time trying Poets Pen. Scion, Elementalist or Inquisitor for VD? Probably going full MF build.

Also, does the attack speed on the actual pen itself make much difference?

Why do I see so few Incinerate builds on the forums? the "50% more" multiplier should let the damage reach incredible potential.

ci 10.6k es lightning strike occultist, 50% evasion and some block too.
Am I cool enough for /poejit/?

the gym

nah lol

>not wanting double enchants and extra treasure key shrines
are u faggot or just a faggot

Alright I don't even know how it showed me 1.69m before. I closed it and now the best I can get is 381k shaper somehow.
Also somehow my res in PoB isn't maxed even though they are ingame.
Dont mind that one murderous eye jewel btw

I literally go to the gym more than him and lift more than him though

Reaper of Souls has to content that's "good", which is Adventure Mode.

imagine lifting instead of farming your way to level 100

What crack are you smoking? It's barely worth 30c. The rolls are bad, no resists, phys damage added for some reason, there is no reason to use that thing.


>player is cursed with temporal chains
>area has patches of chilled ground

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You have a 20% chance to get one of those per shrine, that's not even remotely worth it unless you're not being delayed more than a couple of seconds, and that only happens with one of the shrines that can spawn right next to an exit door.

your fault for not playing rf jugg

that cat has some really nice glovvves

>wait until celestial rf mtx sales die down
>gut rf

>it's a sea bitch chains map with -max res

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is this the same girl that did the sailor moon skate, but now with dyed hair?

>literally any mods
just l o l

the only time you shouldn't be grabbing shrines is normal/cruel, and merc after some time

But muh 5 minute runs!

>people backed this """game"""

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