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Show me yer fucking offices.

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No, die.


>Show me yer fucking orifices.

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Rena please hustle me




Thar she blows!

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>Tfw wish I had every fes card
>mfw I would to spend thousands on a game that will close down in 5years

It's alright as long as you enjoyed your time.

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Rena's sexual

It's time

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Shout out to my main man ChieP
we go way back

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I want that alternate Fes Serika so bad. Fuck you, Aoba.

Those are implants.

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Hey I visit you everyday and you visit me back too, you're a good pal.

Idols that are the masters of the convenient leg are my favorite idols.

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Great start

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Making babies with Ranko!

Attached: 593E23C5-4954-4F1A-BB2D-464E0391E28E.png (1334x750, 2.48M)

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I love this dork idol

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>ChieP stole my spot

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>Early CG art
Christ, what a nightmare.

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Thank you YoshinonP for the room


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Thanks for playing and floweing today, lads! And sorry for that DC.
02:00 JST will be tomorrow's time. See you

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Thanks for the room lad.

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Honoka is cute.

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It's alright. For now, sumanai Chie.

Thanks for hosting, Yoshinon!

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My Rome

Attached: Screenshot_20180329-044152.png (1920x1080, 2.17M)

Thanks boot leg Yoshino.

I don’t have an office but here’s my love pad for my favorites.

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Thanks for the room, YoshinonP!

Thanks for the bonus room, other YoshinonP!

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Chie I like your room everyday
NanaP I have no idea who you are

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Honoka, you’re not getting a SSR!


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Thanks to the TWO YOSHINOS! for hosting

fun was had today

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There’s no bed. How is it a room without no bed? And what’s with that creepy dress in the middle?

Why did you change your profile idol?
I suppose we never met before. Let's change that in the future.

Attached: 1510067789003.png (1280x411, 496K)

a bed? why? and that is a weeding dress

this is the room where I try to use semi-coherent themes

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Sanae send me to the jail of lifelong domestic partnership.

oh yeah forgot about room numero dos

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This is my opus magnum but nobody ever gets the idea behind it, so I guess I failed

Attached: Screenshot_20180328-215331.png (1920x1080, 2.65M)

Did I miss the Kaori birthday OP?

P-chan...I can't hold back anymore..!!

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four seasons?

Who cares about your stupid cellphone house faggot.

She got one three days ago.

Attached: Screenshot_20180328-150208.jpg (1920x1080, 1.21M)

Down the hallway, to the left.

kill all chies

Attached: Screenshot_20180328-230219.png (1920x1080, 2.18M)

>this clusterfuck of a room

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With kisses.

>change your profile
Nothing really, just wanted to see Syoko more.


One season for each corner in the correct order if you go clockwise! I noticed right away if that makes you feel proud of yourself.

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I need to change up the layout one of these days.

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wtf is that gameresque massage chair

>Strike a pose, there's nothing to it vogue!

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What program do you guys use to datamine SS? I wish to extract the stages/motions from the MVs.

>four seasons
I assumed it had to do something with that but never really mentioned it.

I'll improve it one day so it's not a random furniture mess. Thank you Tibia for teaching me how to decorate.
My other room still has a christmas tree what the fuck.

Attached: Screenshot_2018-03-28-22-10-15.jpg (1920x1080, 619K)

>a room full of lolis

>and Captain Cockblock

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Not mine but it's nice.

Attached: DJa9oJjU8AA0KZV.jpg (1706x960, 195K)

Yeah, thanks

It's not that messy, it's just divided into four sections

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Chihiro you can't hide from me

post your room then

jesus christ

Attached: Screenshot_2018-03-29-05-10-13.png (1920x1080, 2.49M)

No need to reply to the whiner. You don't get tendies for proving yourself right y'know.

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Shitposts into naught
Forever condemned to fail
The noose awaits him

chie about to get blasted

This one is good too. Also no thanks for stalking me

I still don't know who you are. I only have one Dook friend and I don't think you're him.

YoshinoPs are fucking weird

Attached: Screenshot_20180305-093901~2.png (1042x252, 219K)

Gáe Bolg

Attached: Unlucky Rabbit Dog.png (400x275, 92K)

Unlucky dog, you get your ribs ripped out.

kill yourself, chie

... was fun!

Chie, you gonna stab Clarice (Voiced by Jouji Nakata) while she's talking with Tomo (voiced by Kana Ueda) with your last dying breath

Nibba I'm not even playing TD but making an "hurr durr they copied that" argument is stupid as hell. Gacha games are just one game with different gameplay and audiovisuals.

Scat/Fran/Nightingale Chie when?

shut up, priest

>Falling for the bait

Attached: 1522094786489.png (234x197, 16K)

>Nibba I'm not even playing TD
I'm calling bullshit on that, metafag.