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why is juri so ugly in V compared to IV

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V more realistic

I want to sniff Menat's pussy, no homo.

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Name a more tryhard costume than this.

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Why is this happening right now bros?
Capcom is always supposed... to win...

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>want rainbow buttons because I like the aesthetic and it's my waifu's icon
>don't want to be seen as gay
god damn it

Literally all of that shit can be said about SFV as well. All of these FUCKING CAPKEKS think that SFV being popular is some kind of "victory" for their overlord Ono, but it's clear that they didn't have to put any effort into making a good game (they did not). They just had to use a popular license. You could put literal shit on a plate and say it's Ryu and SOMEONE would buy it. Why they are celebrating this like it's brought fightign games out of the ghetto, I don't understand. Can't wait for Capcom to buy the rights to make a Pokemon game, followed by them all going "SEE LOOK, OUR KUSOGE DEV IS ESPORTS NOW, CHECK OUT MY PIKACHU V-TRIGGER CANCELS, BRO! WE ARE NOW RESPECTED! STOP MAKING FUN OF CAPCOM, WE ARE NOT KEKOLDS, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" like the pathetic blind KEKOLDS that they are.

If this shitty unga mash retard pressure game was about, I dunno, fucking Accel World instead, you would only see these idiots going "wow, look at this trash moeshit anime game" instead of "OH, OH, OH, CHECK OUT THAT SILVER CROW V-TRIGGER CANCEL, BOYS! HITTIN' HIM WIT DAT BURST LINK CRITICAL ART". Guess we know who the real shills are now.

Reminder not to play Capcom games or else you'll get deluded into thinking anyone cares about your garbage games because they're actually good.

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at least pick a pic with good art

>covered bellybutton

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Well..... you tried. Couple of things to note here.

1. Street Fighter is popular because it is a FIGHTING GAME, not some anime thing you watched 20 years ago. The same cannot be said of Dragon Ball Fighterz. Most of its fans did not know what an ArcSys game was until they played DBFZ. They are clearly anime soys and the game is banking on this. There's a good chance that people playing SFV have also played another Capcom game in the past.

2. Capcom actually can make literally who anime popular amongst westerners. Most people had not heard of Tatsunoko anime besides Speed Racer in the west before Tatsunoko vs Capcom and that game gained a following larger than the average FuckBread or Examwho kuso based on some anime thing. If you need an example, look at Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (origin of me using the Silver Crow unblockable line you fucked up, as it's an assist), Aquapazza, or Nitroplus Blasterz. Dengeki is completely dead despite being a crossover of like 20 shows that I assume some mouth breathers like, same goes for Aquapazza and Nitroplus. Tatsunoko vs Capcom is still being played to this day, further proof of Cacpom's superiority. And if I recall correctly, Casshan did not become popular in the west until it got its new anime. Nitroplus has that Saber bitch that gets spammed ad infinitum in these generals every goddamned day. Examwho, are you even TRYING? Even the FATESLUTS posters and a being full of "sniffs" could not save your game. Fucking sad.

3. No matter how much you want to be a contrarian and hate on Capcom and Street Fighter V, they are undeniably the best fighting game developer and publisher of all time. Even our broken anikuso like Marvel is still more popular and interesting than your indie trash equivalents. Fast walk speeds are the bane of all anime games, which is yet another reason why no one plays your shit. They're just better. Always have been and always will be.

Now, go back to crying in your discord to find matches

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reminder to pick the airplane stage in SFV and make your console opponents lag


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I didn't think it was possible to create a character with a shittier mid-screen game than Picollo, but lo and behold, Arcsys rose to the challenge.

I swear to Christ, Broly must have a damage scaling bug.

Is there anything more pathetic than the dude trying to post a non sniff op? This guy has been trying every thread

>stage makes opponent lag

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Wtf is wrong with his damage? Did they even test this PoS?

*removes shirt for round 2*
heh... he won't expect my....

This means war

No. No there isn't.

they ruined her idle pose and her nostalgia costume. literally unplayable and im not even memeing.

welcome to consoles

her eyes literally look retarded in SFIV, V is much better

left actually looks like a fighting stance
right I dunno what the fuck that is

the juri discord is starting a movement against capcom #adjustthebust

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how do we make the fgc blacker?

ask your mother, she knows about that

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Her face looks better in 5.



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Genuine mental illness.

based capcom taking a dump on juri shitters

SFV is one of the worst fighting games I have ever played.

DBFZ is back baby


What do hey have against flat? It looks good.

Is this the new pasta spurg for the month?

Waifufags need to get over themselves.

were muscle goku and goku sr released?

it makes no sense to take a titty character and give them small tits

if it's supposed to be cosplay, why does she have no tits?

if it's NOT supposed to be cosplay, why does she have an eyepatch?


No. I made a post revealing the TRUTH to ArcSoys and they got so made, they misappropriated it and completely missed the point of my post. Now they're convinced that no one actually likes Street Fighter as a fighting game. Hilarious.

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Put Makoto in the game.
Make her story costume just a few bandages over her tits and make her sweaty.
Turn her into Lady from DMC for her battle costume.

Only this way can Jive be saved from sudden doom

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Hopefully the code removes the eyepatch, because that is this costume's only flaw.

bros... what if they have a secret code that makes her morrigan?

it makes perfect sense if the point is to rile up dumb waifushitters like yourself

Yes, within the past hour or so

>the juri discord

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>titty character

holy vappa

IV looks awful

But isn't the point of a costume to make money from people who like the character?

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>shitposter tries to pull a fast one on Based Ken
>he comes in with his top tier defense at the speed of light

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why does this happen but SF V always crushes dbz in actual tournaments?

What the hell are you even saying?

Year of the dog!

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Can anyone post the FGG discord please? Trying to talk to someone there.

Reminder to stop your retarded thread wars and make new threads in due time.

imagine finding a magic book that turns you from a boring boy into a cute busty anime girl who is also secretly a book
imagine being Mai

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Evens: Use Takuma
Odds: Use Mr. Karate

it's temporary, it'll be back to sub 2k in a week and will continue to decline until the next dlc

high iq: use takuma
low iq: use karate

in jive her face is like some ugly white woman who's into cabaret and corset shit. the poses are huge too: left is gestural and dynamic while right is like an amateur tried to draw/model iv juri.

wanna make that tail wag bros...

Steam numbers DONUT MATTER because of cross platform.

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name one thing that's better about her in IV

fighting stance

because capcom pays top players to play sfv and celebrity casters to cast it, has tons of sponors from big companies and their marketing, etc.

she literally looks like a rat in 4

Steam numbers don't matter because they never mean anything.

so this is what a grandmaster looks like...

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Now I hope Crapcom keeps her flat, just to piss these autistic shits off.

Shut the fuck up already autist. No one cares except for newfags like you

tfw you're learning to play juri because of the costume not in spite of it

Post that sick takuma combo I know you have

I meant appearance-wise since you said she's uglier in V but I admit the stance is better in IV

they actually managed to make broly more braindead than 16, great job arcsys

Our guy Brick is streaming melty!!

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Glad to see you learned your lesson from last thread, but you're wrong. Some people seem to care, inluding you and me.

so she looks Korean?

Because capcucks only watch people play the game.

never doubt the power of their balancing

why do people pretend to like this game?

13 was such a mistake

He means that Ken is LITERALLY Silver Crow. How ironic.

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Maybe 13 fans are Marvel fans.

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cute girl, dreadful to play and play against

DBFZ soys don't leave their houses, they only play at home because their mommy won't let them leave.

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>dreadful to play

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If people actually gave a shit, they wouldn't migrate to the new thread as soon as someone posts it. They would wait for the thread to hit 750 like an autist.

Play Weiss

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There are no serious DB players.

>tfw not a cool boy


Saying that 50% of those people are playing single player or story mode and will never touch online play is an understatement.

booki and sakura are such downgrades from 4...

scared to see makoto, bros...

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for me i love the super fast paced and complex neutral 13 has

making anti air normals kinda weak for the most part unintentional gave the game a really interesting neutral, where the best ways to stop people jumping are generally things like pre-emptive short hop back CDs of your own, except that gives up space

you end up with a game where both players are constantly making judgements about giving up screen space vs risking creating an opening for your opponent

quite a contrarian opinion you have there