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I fucking hate you all.

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The Sonic comics will be as straightforward as the current level design from Sonic team.

Japanese manual of SA2, if I'm not mistaken.

He could have just been created that way.

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Where would Perfect Chaos be?

I fucked up, my C and D tier didn't copypaste, I'll fix it

That's the way I like it

I think I like it the other way

Did you guys ever rank all Bosses and Villains in a Power-wise Tier list?

Solaris, Dark Gaia

Time Eater, Dark Queen, Egg Wizard, Iblis, Infinite (Phantom Ruby)

Black Doom, Metal Sonic (Heroes), Mephiles, Alf Layla wa-Layla, Master Core: ABIS, Dark Oak, Erazor Djinn, Ultimate Emerl, Nega-Mother Wisp

Dark Oak, Perfect Chaos, Imperator Ix, Egg Dragoon, King Arthur, Babylon Guardian

Deadly 6, Void, Silver Sonic, Gamma, Lyric

Let's make today a good day!


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Mina Milestone Maybe?

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A week. Really Japan? Why would Maria be so attracted to a Black Hedgehog in such a short timeframe? It could have been a bit more passible, if pic related didn't exist... Oops.

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Was it ever explained how Blaze obtained the power of fire?

>Why would Maria be so attracted to a Black Hedgehog in such a short timeframe?
Well, once you try black...

Why did he have gray hair as a kid?

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I would want SEGA to make Sonic's clothes for sale.

What went wrong with Sonic after S3&K?

Cats get in heat, user.


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Pressure to move to 3D.

Lack of hardware limitations.

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Wait a minute...

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Sonic is a middle aged man acting like a teenager

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Explains the dad-tier jokes.


But Iizuka helped make S3&K.

All he did was be small part time level designer. When he became director, he fucked up everything.

>Dark Oak listed twice
>Alf Layla wa-Layla is just a stronger version of Erazor Djinn, but both of them are on the same tier
>Perfect Chaos not on B at least

Sonic and DBZ are Mirror universes

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>Sonic and the gang didn't appear in the Tournament of Power.

They had to transition with the rest of the world into 3D, which required fundamentally changing Sonic.

Worked great with SA1 and 2. Maybe Heroes. Then 06 came, which wouldn't have been bad if it weren't rushed. They wanted to release it during PS3's launch to maximize profits.

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That'll be my goal in the future. Wonder if it should be long sleeve or short sleeves.

Look out world, you're gonna see me in rad clothing!

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Tails is a good lad.

There is nothing wrong with abusing Chao. Why do people get so mad about it?

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>Then 06 came, which wouldn't have been bad if it weren't rushed.
Another thing to consider is that with SA2, they waited too long to release it, near Dreamcast's death, which really fucked sales. It's why it was quickly ported to GC.

They didn't want that mistake happening again, and of course, committed another mistake by rushing to get it out too early.

SEGA is just full of unfortunate fatal mistakes.

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What do they call this era of Sonic?

>Sonic Adventure
>Sonic Adventure 2
>Sonic Heroes
>Sonic Advance
>Sonic Advance 2
>Sonic Advance 3
>Sonic Battle
>Shadow the Hedgehog
>Sonic 2006


>The shitty game era
>The dark ages
>The era of autism

That excuse would make sense if they hadn't been releasing it on brand new hardware. The reason they rushed it is so they could have it out as an anniversary game, nothing more.

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Don't wanna upset Cheese.


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Can Iizuka make anything besides Sonic Anniversary games?

Take off 06 and it's the "Adventure era" if Generations is to be believed.

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>Sonic Adventure
>Sonic Adventure 2
>Sonic Heroes
>Sonic Advance
>Sonic Advance 2
>Sonic Advance 3
>Sonic Battle
Golden era

>Sonic 2006 ~ Sonic Forces
Dark ages.

We are now progressing back into the Caveman ages with classic sonic taking over.

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I want to be Tails' gf and spoil him rotten

Yeah I love this era.

Iizuka hasn't actually made a Sonic game since Shadow and wasn't involved with 06 at all.

Do chao do anything different if you spoil them with one character in SA2?

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You mean beat him senseless?

Nice try Adventurecuck, 06 is part of your shitty Era.

There was only two boost games at the time of Generations and 06 was the pseudo-reboot, so they had to lump it in at the end.

I'm sure your primitive brain does.

Sonic is reduced to a series of grunts and doesn't understand the concept of 3 dimensions yet.

me sonic
go down hill rly fast
much speed

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I love this comic

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>only two boost games
Black Knight/Secret Rings are as Boost as 06 is Adventure.


>Black Knight/Secret Rings

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Boost is just an alteration of 06's mach speed sections. Plus 06 had Blaze who debuted in a boost game. Plus 06 was made in Japan when the previous games from Adventure 2 to Shadow were made in the US. Plus 06 was made for 7th gen hardware like Unleashed and Colors were.

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They'll do the "I'm sweet and cute so pet me plz" thing that they do when at a high happiness/bond level with one character, but not with another unless their bond is raised up as well.

Hero characters make a hero chao
Dark characters make a dark chao.

That's about it.

Just saw these browsing Veeky Forums and haven't played a Sonic game in fifteen years, can someone explain this to me.

The Adventure Era is SA1-SA2, prove me wrong.

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boi that is some reaching right there

Heroes is a direct sequel to SA2, with ShTH being related and 06 effectively being a conclusion if you consider Shadow's story arc.

>anons unrionically arguing that 06 isn't an Adventure game
>"the mach sections are kind of like boost, and it was made for the 7th generation of hardware"
lmao this fanbase sometimes

Shadow's game is the closest to an SA3 we'll ever get.

Maybe it's for the best.

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>06 was the pseudo-reboot
So you acknowledge it's not part of that era then?

In 2, 3&K and Mania, if you're playing with Tails as your companion and he dies, he just respawns. It's basically an in-joke that Tails doesn't die.

By the way, what was your last Sonic game, user?

They'll come to you if you whistle.
They'll randomly chase you around asking for a pet.
They'll draw your picture on the floor if they learned how to draw.

It was the end of one era, and start of another, an idea that Sonic Team didn't even commit to, shrugging it off like a bad headache that capped off their previous games before properly moving into a new era and style of gameplay

Will sthg die before thread #1500?

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No, I'm going to keep making threads even if I'm the only one left.

Just make the next thread #1500. It's just a number, it's not like it really matters.

Adventure to Shadow - Adventure era
Rush to Black Knight - Sonic gets all the bitches era
Free Riders to present - Just fuck off already Pontaff for fuck sake era

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What happens when Sonic's adventures come to an end?

The world finally finds a cure for Autism.

Oh cool, the Sonic games have a lot of stuff like that tied to them. I played Heroes last, it was really fun but I was maybe eleven when it came out so I was never able to finish it because I got lost in some levels, I suck at vidya.

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>I played Heroes last
Well no wonder you quit the series.

What's wrong is abusing your chao to death. What you should do is abuse them for the majority of their lives, then be kind to them at the end so they reincarnate. Then you can abuse them throughout multiple lifetimes.

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Could at least read the comic as it's getting posted realtime...

But if you insist, here's a brief rundown:

Love that game.

Did the Sonic Adventure Music Experience ever get a CD release? I don't see it for sale anywhere.

What was even the point in including Tails as a companion? I remember only having him help me fly like once.

90% of the time he's just left off screen getting killed