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>liora op
ah yes

hey did you know moonies have no concept of consent

benör in vagooter :-DDDDDDDDD

C@ thread

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Gimme liora album

Me under the table.

big fat


You called?


anyone on balmung want to share a house with me

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Which one is better,

Futa roe giving the Dick
Nonfuta roe getting the Dick

i need this pump

how come nobody yells pedophilia when people lewd au ra girls and miqote girls?


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Neither, Male roe giving the dick to all.

First on second.

ty to the drk lala for joined temple

Sure thing, any time.

I need this


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they don't look like early teens, they look like late teens if that. you should scream pedophilia at people who lewd lalafell

because it's normal for guys to want to impregnate 15 year olds but itn's unnatural for people to want to fuck toddlers

I wish I was a 15 year old girl...

you and every other guy that plays a female character


Would you rather get dominated or have consensual dicking?

this is wrong as well though?
i guess but its still creepy to want to fuck 15 year olds

only wrong for the last 100 years, if that. And there are even some places that stil have consent at that age. It's programmed into us, and will be for a very long time. Even if it /is/ wrong.

Mommy, I promise I've been a good boy.

whomstve grown here

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does anyone got a list of eureka quests

cringe posting time?

Psychologically it's not creepy, They're able to bare children and generations ago it was normal. However nowadays due to people living as long as we do it has become morally unaccepted and frowned upon.
Not the other guy but yes, it is wrong from a moral stand point. There's no reasons that in today's age a person who is still considered much a child should birth offspring.

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Fat tats shall rule over the weaker non fat tats.

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GIANT catboys

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cringe posting time!

i want to suck you off can i

>me at 15
>be vaguely unattractive
>not a troglodyte, i just didnt wear makeup or dress nice
>completely average
>boys at school dont give a shit about me because i behave masculine
>at parties people just wanna cry on my shoulder
>even the popular girls struggle with self-confidence and consult me all the time
>only boys who wanna date me are nerds who say shit like "omg you play video games too!?!"

i have absolutely no idea why you guys think that your lives would be better as a hormonal 15 year old girl

why did you delete your discord

>boys like me
>they're nerds
>being 15 year old is girl awful.

go fuck yourself.

Eat your vegetables

hi me

all tats are good tats the fat tat spider hidden back there always makes me laugh

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reshade preset?


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>be a jock in junior high
>slowly degrade into nerd shit
>join circles of nerd outcasts who are intimidated by me but slowly warm up to me when they realize I play CS:GO and other shit
I could have been fucking bitches and doing cocaine but instead I chose this life. Oh well

Fingers crossed we get a better butte mod.


>>boys at school dont give a shit about me because i behave masculine

you realize youre presenting yourself as the female version of a nice guy right. maybe people didnt like you cause youre a fucking whiner

they dont actually like me, they just like the idea of omg gamer grill XDD

ya pst

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good lord what is this aberration

i meant more they didnt wanna hook up cuz i wasnt like acting particularly girly, i dont blame them im just stating it

>everyone thinks his post is about the lethe's fat tattes
>it's actually about banana's tummer fetish

those boobs are so fucking disgusting

Holy shit come on now, that ass mod looks so fucking clowny. Please uninstall it.
>tummy fetish
Patrician taste.


when is it NOT cringe posting time???

*makes angery face back ):

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fujo bun....

How do I show people the real me?
"Through your hobbies and intrests"

What the serious fuck is wrong with you?

Does anyone here like males?

>tfw no friends on mateus and all alone
What server for friends?

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Never mind I don't want to be a good boy.

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Name? I'll add you let's be friends !

nah they didnt care about my thoughts or goals or that i didnt want to fuck any of them, they just thought "geimur gurl" and tried to force themselves on me repeatedly so i had to stop hanging out with them

thats not genuine at all

have a totes sparklin mega fun day kay????
major agepoyo NOT sagepoyo no yabababa none at all kay!!!!
if you smile you trick ur brain into bein mega happyhappy!
sit in uldah and get compliments cuz you’re totes adorbs and valid
kisskiss love ya!!!

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It's nice to have something on common outside of your time wasting habits.

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And girls who like males too.

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People are more than the buttons they press on their keyboard. They have hopes, dreams, thoughts, etc

I'm glad you kept the cool eye tattoos. They look great.

can i suck you off after?
all i want is to suck you off on demand whenever you tell me too

>nah they didnt care about my thoughts or goals
Protip: literally no man ever will. They will pretend that they do, but chances are, they won't since they probably have enough on their own plate already.

Rate my miqote

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would JO with

X.L.'s aether helper party is up! Come on in if you need help with anything or just want a bud for roulettes.
pass 6969

unironically photogenic even if there is a penis from time to time/10

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Thank you!

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>tfw no one ever complimented your eye tattoos
They might be covered 99% of the time but it still stings.

Gotta start somewhere.
If a girl likes video games I can already tell shes gonna be way more enjoyable to be around then other girls.
Sharing interests is just a good place to start, but a relationship has to move past just attraction. Being friends is the most important.

>just wants a girl to play games with and buy gifts for out of love.

>Call someone cute in chat
>tfw you wipe the party
>mfw they tell me to git gud

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pazuzu up?

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stop this...

very HQ miqo!

Best catxhorse hybrid in the world.

why did you post my cat

shame about the dick

im going to get wasted and make bad decisions tonight. anyone want to join me


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stop posting my cat
only has dick sometimes frick you??

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Mine now

I just hit 70 yesterday

How do I grind levels in Eureka if I missed out on the initial train? Do I just have to run it solo?

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>tfw orange percentile in every fight
>people try to downplay it just because im SCH
Stay jealous, faggot.

please i beg you

Hello CG

just get in a party and sit in the train anyway, I've heard with a full party you can still get gold even with all level 1s.