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2nd for Umi's voice is overrated and Chihaya is better

I love them!

Poor kotorifag

Umi is love

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Didn’t we already have this image as an op

We know, smart canon poster.

Post cute Chikas!

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Delicious Mikan

Post Cute Chikas!

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Duh, idolm@ster is better than love live in every way possible

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i'm used to it. still bitter this one was less than a minute before mine because i fucked up the captcha twice.

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No it's not
Love Live doesn't have trapshit or cutting hair shit

blessed genes!! her boobs are so gosh darn huge *///*

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I don't know, probably. From what I see not in the last 100 threads at least.

>those two things, one of which is of no consequence, overrules the overall better quality of im@s
You really need to try harder than that

Do you all feel like you appreciate women more because of the raibus? I feel like this game makes me a better person! All women and raibus are great!

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Reminder that Umidah saved SIF EN

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>panafat saving anything

OG imas yes

Nu-imas no, and your threads are as shitty as ours.

I still have hope for Million Live

not in the slightest

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For magnets.

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love live made me less attracted to teenage girls by helping me realize they're all idiots

i only like real womyn now

I love Estelle! Sora no Kiseki is honestly best video game series.

>P2W women
>the skillchad

>game where score is based on the p2w trading cards
>skill ever mattering

t. t1 with a b combo

both of these are unacceptable in any franchise
therefore, there is no point in having "im@s" and "quality" in one sentence

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In which songs does Pile sing like she's going to rupture some eardrums? I don't remember and I need examples.

Real women a best

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All of them.

That's the same thread.

I wish more people would play Sora no kiseki, it's seriously the best JRPG in existence.

Chika loves her beautiful senpai Dia-chan!

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Chika only loves Riko and You.


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Kanan is for hugs!

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What's the FF game the burdbro plays?


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kys. That shit isn't funny

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wrong 3rd year

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best mom


I really like it when Wooby wears her hair like Chika. Kebab better use it when they release a ChikaRuby pair.

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>and You

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Apparently Rippi was confirmed for this event on a press release or something, but they still didn't reveal it online.


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Cute Panas

Lubing up with Muse!

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who the fuck is th...oh god no it's a degenerate furfag

Hugging my wife!
Also acceptable.

I don't.
Chika has ugly haircut and shouldn't be a guideline for any raibu how to wear her hair.
Ruby would be better off with long hair. But if this can't happen, cute twintails will do.

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Honest to God, here. Who?

Post cute Chaikas!

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Dumb tripfag
ChikaDia isn't even a thing

I love Mari!

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>become the YouTuber cancer of SIF
Congratulations, he made it!

Chika's haircut is fine for the most part. It only looks ugly because of the bangs.

>this is an improvement for chika

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The worst thing about her haircut isn't the bangs but the braid to be honest.

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Pokemon autist. Him and Umidah both have that really annoying voice.

Since so many BanG Dream shills pop up here from time to time, I'm curious as to how many people are interested in the EN server. It supposedly launches in Singapore tonight, and should be able to be sideloaded for Android players. Also, just any other games that llsifg plays in general. I know there's a ton of MGS and Fate fans here.

Poketuber. Furfag. Lots of bad things

Dia loves Chika's hair.

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There are a lot of things Bang Dream does better than SIF, that's for sure

t. bang dream shill

Chika's hair is cute when it's drawn by that artist since he actually draws it correctly. Most other artists fail to do so unless they are Chika lovers.

I'm moving to Bandori altogether if Klab doesn't address the hacking issue. If they keep letting things roll as they have been then it's just gonna snowball into everyone using the mod without repercussion, until eventually there's just no point or enjoyment in playing.

I see. Thanks for the explanation.

I'll definitely give the game a go once it goes worldwide. Still haven't watched the anime yet, but I probably give it a watch tomorrow. The problem is that I'm in a listening mood more than watching. Just want to listen to podcasts, but I am catching up to Pop Team Epic.

I wish I was Umi's panties.

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>if Klab doesn't address the hacking issue
They have addressed it though, they just haven't done much about it.
>As we have announced previously, we have banned 5,832 accounts that we've found to be using unauthorized tools. Please note that we will not provide further customer support to these banned accounts. We will continue to monitor and take actions against any account found to be in violation of our Terms of Use.

I didn't realize it ended in 3 hours :(

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That's not "addressing" anything, that's just slapping a bandaid on it and going "Yey, we stupped the hackas xdd"

I'll be playing it once it gets released. If I get hooked I'll think about moving to JP.

Lemme try that again. If Klab doesn't PROPERLY address the hacking issue, I'll quit playing. Banning accounts that can be re-made within minutes isn't gonna do shit., they know this but they don't care since it appeases the retards that still spend money. They either hit the creator of the mod with a C&D (which I have no faith on them doing) or patch the game to prevent these kinds of exploits (which they're too incompetent to do).

>Sayounara e Sayonara (ELI MIX)
Based Elichika

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Actually, I think they did send the Kuroyama dude something along the lines of a C&D. Some user posted about it here. And there was some other guy that said he was not going to update the Mega Mod, but that could've been a falseflagger, I guess

>5,832 accounts cheated
>almost as much as T2 cutoffs
Sasuga EN SIF
>The requested page was not found on this server.

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>I think they did send the Kuroyama dude something along the lines of a C&D. Some user posted about it here.
Was that before or after he confirmed he'd be updating the mod? That's what matters the most, because if it was before he basically ignored it. If it was after, we're yet to see him saying anything. And that other guy was most likely a falseflagger since at the time of his post, that gorillafag had confirmed he would update the mod IIRC.


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>implying he won't upload it somewhere else

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>Please be patient while we upgrade the server, the forum and our license system.

Site wide maintenance, don't get your hopes up.

Lick Umi.

Why do you want shitstains on you?

It was after that, since I was the user that posted about him saying he'd update it.

Kotori makes me all hot and bothered
I can't take it anymore

cute Kanan

calm down umi and honoka