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Bardock and Broly DLC update is now live!
Bardock breakdown youtube.com/watch?v=CCQwP4_eYeA
Broly breakdown youtube.com/watch?v=bvnpzHoFEJk

No balance changes or patch incoming yet:

Resources pastebin.com/Q9eDXF2j

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First for /bestboy/!

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broly can just do his 214m after you block literally any of his normals and you can't mash out, you just gotta jump

Broly combos where?

Please help I quit the game like 8 days in and don't know how to play characters that can't do the super standard low medium launcher

tfw a lot of ranked games feel 2v3 since dumb cat feels like dead weight 99% of the time or the most efficient steamroller in the world.

>B-But my e-celeb says Broly has no damage!
No sparking, no assist TOD

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5LL > 5M > 2M > 236S > 5M > 5SSSSS > 236L > 214H+S > Dragon Rush > 214L, jab or any assist with good range will cover literally any tech and if the opponent can't guess the mixup he fucking dies


*gets 3k damage in the corner*

>Auto combo glitch
>Full meter

Oh wow

proof? do you even know how hit stun works in this game?

>auto combo glitch

literally every other 5LL works the same way


5LL prorating damage like a Medium combo starter is not a glitch. It's a universal effect across all characters' 5LL attacks.
The only character who has a "unique" (fucked up) Light that causes Medium damage proration is Adult Gohan's crouching Light.

this is the power of maximillian d00d dickriders, he can just say stupid shit and his fans will spread that shit around like a bunch of pigs

Medium combo starters don't scale that way.

irrelevant, it's been known since before the recent patch that fixed a bunch of bugs and it's still in the game

Who are some good teammates for Broly? Doesn't matter who, I'm looking to learn new characters

that strange... buu thought buu would lose

For maximum damage output, characters with single hit supers

They are sickening. And the sad part is the guy just wants to talk about games and these autists spam every single syllable he utters. How do people like this exist?

That's pretty cool but it only seems to work in the corner

That's super specific

I'm looking for something I can just throw around, something basic bnb

how the fuck do i play against broly? I have no idea how to approach because I'm under the assumption he can just armor through everything

Tien counters Broly like tissue.
Change my mind.

wasn't it only max saying that? I was watching him last night and even he started to back track on his opinion.

what specifically about tien?

Has the game been crashing for any of you recently? It's been doing it for me since the update. Bloody annoying.

yes, he talks candidly about the things he thinks and casually, as if you were having a conversation with the buddy sitting next to you. and then his army of autists broadcast that shit like some presidential statement. its disgusting.

You sure do know a lot about some twitch fag. If he said that, then he's right like anyone who took half a minute to punch a dummy in training. Shut up you morons.
Yes they do.
A 5L starter will reduce damage of the second hit to 80%
Any jump-in attack or a Superdash to start reduces damage of the second hit to 80%
Any generic ki blast or projectile will reduce the second attack to 80%
A 5LL starter will reduce damage of the second hit to 90%
A 5M starter will reduce damage of the second hit to 90%
A 5H starter will also reduce damage to 90% but you're usually going to follow it with a superdash which also reduces the third hit to 80%

Broly's spin to IAD j. H will cover literally any tech (forcing you to eat any mixup he has in place) and eats through down tech 2H as most would expect.

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I'm to lazyto find it out on myself, so post cool bardock shit.

>>Auto combo glitch
Are you still posting this garbage you absolute retard? I already told you a million times that 5L(whiff)>L is treated as a medium hit in terms of damage and scaling. Quit spreading misinformation you complete moron. Kill yourself.

test against invincibles, too
Bardock has his level 1

>Playing against Vegeta assist
Getting really, really, really tired of this.

h-heh... yes... post some please....
n-not because I can't find it myself, but because I just wanna see what o-other p-people are doing.... that's it.....

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interesting fact, Broly's 5M and 2M has a 80% scaling on second hit

Explain further

we marvel now?

Bardock counts as small?

He can jab between Gohan's legs

what's that crazy Bardock corner combo? I can't figure it out on my own ;_;

I can do a subptimal combo that leads to a meterless dragonrush!

he can even 2H

>Got my first ragequit.
Do i get a medal now?

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not until you screenshot it during a level 3

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you get a cookie

What's the like, average player skill and rank here?

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alright i'll fucking buy the season pass on steam, this game better not die on me before i get to play cooler

Living Legend, Pink Squares, 1.5 million BP

More like Green Super Saiyan lol

More like Baby Blue just like Vegeta.

i am freiza clan 200k bp, dark green square, 47% WR. i imagine my skill level is the most common.

>Saved is as a video instead of a screenshot.

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I don't know the rest.
450BP Kai, Yellow square for me.
I have a few games only, 180 games with 70% winrate.

I'm guessing that yellow is the average

depends, the people actually looking for fights are around yellow-orange usually.


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>Implying a character if 90% super armor is bad

Reminder that a kid went to EVO with Sentinel/Hulk/Wesker and all he had to do was super armor through everything

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>go training mode
>combos crisp as fuck
>go actual match
>spill all my spaghetti all over the chair
>can't land the most basic shit
>heart beating at least 150bpm
>hands shaking
>end up just mashing 90% of the time
>can't remember a single match I've ever played because it's just a blur of fear and adrenaline

Fuck fighting games

Bardock & Frieza have so much fucking combo synergy together with their assists. True OTP

Bless the people who decided the DLC together will only be 5$ more than the season pass.

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>Red Square
>0 BP

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Wow this is a very epic post

Take a screenshot of the video?

Broly is actually shit

Same bro

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>Practice super duper optimal combos
>Never pull any of it off
>Opt to do simple basic strings that barely go over 3500 damage
>Opponent is a Cell Gohan Vegeta Assist who have their lame 6K damage corner loops down perfectly and use Vegeta at every opportunity
>Still beat them with the most basic of fundamentals because they didn't bother to learn shit except memorizing a button sequence
>Halfway up Majin Rank
Fuck yeah fighting games

390k SSJ2, yellow, at around 155 matches. Haven't played casual nearly as much as ranked.

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Yeah I dont like him. Which is ok since I think broly a shit.
Bardock is dope as fuck though

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He is, but I'm gonna play him eitherways just for style.
Literally this.
Gonna reach Demon soon by doing the same.
Those niggas and their shitty loops lmao matchamking pairs me with fucking 1k+games retards and I beat them with my meme team at sub 200 games.
Just sad.

Buying a season pass always feels weird to me because you're not gonna use half these fucks anyways.

750k bp, 73% wr

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I got some time before nightshift, any ps4 anons wanna throw up a ring match and practice DLC characters?
>us west 1
>meeting lobby 6
>infront of the arena
>pink hercule avatar
Im going to be playing lots of bardock but probably not touch Broly

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compared to 16, broly has

>Bigger normals
>Better armor
>Better ground grabs outside of the hard knockdown (which he shouldn't have)
>Better projectiles
>A bigger anti air grab (abit with worse combo potential)
>The delay version of his level 3 is insane, it's a better version of the beta hellzone grenade mixups in every way AND he can use it in combos to dump all his meter and shit out 8-10k damage combos
>A better assist

My suffering is not epic fuck you

>can't even do super basic strings online
>melt into a puddle of stress and press light attack a lot
>50 hours clocked so far

I didn't even know that was a thing. Thanks.

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There we go.You're around my rank. Wanna play some matches. need to play some bardock.

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>A better assist

you sure about that? 16's assist is extremely good

If you're on pc sure, I don't have multiple ps4 to mooch off anymore

Billsfag here I'll fight you another time, gotta study for my promotion/exam for work. Big test tomorrow.

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how do i get better?

>body swap with A. Gohan when they're about to go through their string
>they have no idea what to do with their new low tier body

No matter how many matches I lose I will never drop Ginyu

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Ah fuck, Nvm I'm on PS4.

all 16's assist is good for is combos or point blank pressure. broly assist is almost as good for combos (in some cases it's better because of the projectile hit) and the projectile itself can't be dashed through and is at the perfect speed for a fireball to have in a game like this (slow up close to keep pressure going, fast at a distance to shut down the other player)

for example, sonicfox loves to do random dive kicks as black and then call 16 assist to convert into combo/pressure. you can do the exact same shit with broly assist and get a combo almost as good while also having an assist that makes his beam/god slicer way better

when you lose, think about what you did that made you lose and try to think about what you could've done to avoid it

for example if you're getting owned in the corner, think about what you did that made you end up there in the first place.

Crossplay when ;_;

Come fight me. Mrbadman

we have to keep demanding it
every day
every where
we cant let sony get away with blocking this shit from the industry

Who's the one character that has your number every single time?

For me it's Adult Gohan. He always gets me. I can handle Black and Cell just fine. Even 16 isn't that bad anymore. But I just die every time I fight a decent Adulthan player.

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Black and Gohan, mostly.
16 and cell are manageable.

Blue Goku apparently. This dude hit me with the 5LLL every single time he switched other character in and killed them. I could deal with his gohan a bit though since I just started jumping. He couldn't land back attacks after that.

So how do you activate the dramatic finish as Frieza defeating Bardock? On Space and finish with H? Finished a Bardock with H and it didn't happen but maybe it's because I tagged him with the rocks at a range instead of trapping him at close range?

If there's something you find that you don't know how to do, attempt to learn how to do that thing

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>32-0 in Ranked today alone
>Everyone's running Bardock, Broly, or both
>No one knows what to do with them
>Literally turns the match into a 3v2 or 3v1 before intros even play
So free right now


>FighterZ Rev II has fusion as a mechanic instead of dragon balls

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How the fuck do you continue the dragon rush on the ground with 214L

>haha what an idiot he only learned combos and not neutral



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Who cares I want to fight strong guys. I'm demon pink square but stopped playing ranked after getting the trophy.

if yamcha does WFF then switches sides can't you just jump?

Just L and you'll get a free combo.