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I want to fug Najd!


Can whatever Ash did to Chizuru be considered sexual assault ?

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How is taking someone's soul sexual assault?

Everything can be considered sexual with some thinking

Nah, that's just straight-up assault.

That's precisely why I want to do her!

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Alright you Shermie fans snk-corp.co.jp/official/kimihero/news/archives/1566 the Orochi event is now live in Kimi wa Hero so now's your chance to get your SSR waifu and her bandmates. You get to roll the Orochi gacha for free your first time so for newcomers this is your chance to get a powerful SSR or two.

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4 Kasumiggers


And my results from my free roll. Managed to get both Orochi Chris and Orochi Shermie even though I don't like the New Face team at all. I've been playing Hero for a couple weeks now so I can help any new players if they have questions on how to play or translate some menus and skills.

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You're gonna keep posting Nakoruru x Galford until you get your (You)?

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You can get the normal version two? I want both Shermies.

You can get normal Shermie too.

I assume the game is japanese only?
How are the rate btw?

The doggo looks derp.


Recording of Heroines at WNF

It is japanese only but it's pretty simple to navigate and play. The rates for the Orochi gacha is 3% for SSR, 12% for SR, and 84% for Rs.

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Sorry but I'll pass, I want to understand what's going on even if they are talking about mundane shit.

Lame game. Only interested in the endings Oda and friends were talking about. Probably will amount to nothing since its a fun little dress em up game with Kukri being /ourguy/

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is cute

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What makes it lame user?

>ywn pero sylvie's tummy

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did Ash secretly want to fuck his sister ?

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Gives me Senran Kagura vibes. Just there to make dinky's erect and the game doesn't look THAT much better than XIV. I won't comment on the gameplay as I've not touched it myself, even so if they release a demo I probably won't be interested enough to give it a go. I'll just wait for the next game SNK releases next year.

He's a homosexual. He wants to get dicked down by Shen Woo.

Thank's, mate!

>tfw Kasumi would probably be better for andy

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Here your kof15.

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Thanks user.

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Try to top this. I dare you.

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What is happening here?

Iori's birthday was a couple days ago, and he's also a character in KimiHero.

neog im getting a cat soon and i need some good snk related names,i was thinking nakoruru since it's a girl but im not sure

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What about Angel since she makes cat noises? Leona is a cute name too.

Cats are awesome, take good care of her!
About names, Leona maybe? Since the origin of the name is related to lioness

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Anton. or P-chan

Pls don't name anything after Angel. If you truly care about your cat that is.

for the moment im thinking about Fio,Nakoruru or Leona

I can see how some people may get that impression. As for gameplay check link related. It's a gameplay analysis by someone who has tried it.

In addition to that during the stream the NISA rep said stuff like mashing LLL will get you nowhere and that meter management is key. Gameplaywise yes, it is definitely simplified in comparison to KoF, but as the rep mention it's not completely braindead, you need to mix things up and incorporate the various types of attacks. Items being turned off is also a possibility. Funnily enough younger girls seem to be interested in it.

As for why it looks not that much better than XIV in the past the devs have mentioned that although the switch version was started after the PS4 version that they are trying to keep them as identical as possible while keeping a steady 60fps and keeping inline with the requirements from both sony and nintendo for their consoles. I wouldn't be able to tell you for sure, but that may be a limiting factor I suppose.

Personally I'm fine with it looking not serious/goofy as fuck or not competitive at all since they've mentioned that developing something serious or competitive was not what they had in mind when making this, but they are willing to support it if people want it. The costumes etc, are not a problem for me personally since the option for their original/default costumes is there. Many of the people ho have tried it, including the one that wrote the gameplay analysis linked have said that it was fun and that's enough for me to give it a shot. I know there are others out there that may not feel the same and that's fine.

Nigga, name it Cham Cham.

metal slut cat

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What's her name?

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I don't know. sorry.


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user. Your cat name is Alma. Do it.

everyone is going to think i named it after ramza's sister though and if i wanted to give it a FFT name i would just name it Agrias instead


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fucking gay
name it Ralf

Press F to pay respects

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To be fair, a gas attack is probably the only way to get ahold of Leona.


Nice callback to '95.

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hold my orange juice

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why is he sticking his index into her belly button ? that shit hurts

Don't gas my wife!

it's not in

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maybe better with sunsetting

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You really are retarded.

you waited all this time to tell him that? did you go out to a club or something

Yes, and I fucked your waifu too.

pics plz
cuz we need some sylvie lewds

DOA Kasumi only wants her brothers dick

Kasumi would probably be better for Mai.


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>tfw this never happen in the games

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I cannot combo King's Cr. B, cr. A, →↓↘+K

What am I doing wrong? First two moves are easy.

Here's a goofy ass round in KOF98UM that happened over the weekend between me and a friend who came over for my 30th.

I always wanted to know the name of his shield move.

I want Adelheid in KOFXIV and hope that they bend the pattern to slide my beautiful baby boy in there.


Dark barrier

Or if you want Art Of Fighting repped, Mr Big, so the big 3 series villains all have a son.

I'd rather have Rose or the original rather than this cheap knockoff.

Is no lewd but close enough

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Super cute!

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Heck yeah boi
Adel is a manlet

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Rose would end up being more popular because she's a girl. An Ojou-Sama Drill girl with a nice body. If SNK was smart they'd put her in over Adelheid who is just another lame character like Rock, all they did was ton down the daddy issues but made him even more stale from a gameplay stand point.

Why Adelheid is so hot and makes me horny?

You gay



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Wait todays Joe's birthday?

Yes, it's Joe and Kasumi birthday. Say something to them!

>Say something to them!

Both of them need to stop being so loud in-game.