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Previous thread: >Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is out on PC and PS4

>Zwei 1 and 2 is out on PC, Steam, GoG and humble bundle

>Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 PC is out on Steam, GoG and humble bundle

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>Latest news

-Kondo Sen IV Interview

-Ys: Memories of Celceta coming to PC this summer

-Ao fan translation currently 67% edited, release date still uncertain. The Geofront patch currently sits around 60% complete, and someone is working on patches for the leak on the Zero PC version.

-Ys 8 PC delayed once more, and patch fix released for consoles. Switch port also announced, and being worked on by Nis.

-Sen no kiseki 4 website revealed, release date to be around the end of September. Fair warning, it contains spoilers

-PS4 remasters of Sen 1 and 2 to release in March and April 2018, respectively

Pastebin (aka music): pastebin.com/G2mswYCt (embed)
Extra Stuff (Guides, downloads, undub patches): pastebin.com/n2G4xL5s (embed)

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Sky >>>>>>>>>>> CS shit

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We're gonna get Crossbell back!

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Final Fantasy >>>>>>> Kiseki shit.

The best and most perfect couple. The hottest too~

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How does Aina do it?

XII was fucking garbage, but I won't pretend CS2 is any better

Grooming Juna!

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Now come on guys, Sen maybe a drop in quality compared to the previous arcs but its nowhere near as bad as modern Final Fantasy.

>tfw Rean cucked Kurt out of cheering her up


MGS >> Trails too

Why are these so underwhelming as reward?
I would use them as ~400ep arts but not for all my mana pool at once.

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You can use them during 0 arts for free, the chrono burst one is pretty useful

Grooming Juna and Musse indeed!

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Is it just me or are those uniforms pretty crappy, design wise?

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You put them on the melee attackers that don't use ep for anything. In that way the accelerate one and the one that gives cp is broken as fuck.

Put Aries MQ on Emma and watch it do 80,000~ damage while returning all of your mana back thus allowing you to use other lost arts. Hell you can even easily 2 shot McBurn with Pandora MQ and Hades quartz. The Chrono Burst one is extremely useful too as the other user said. It doesn't take turns to cast so you can just put it on Rean since you're not going to use Rean's EP ever.

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Just you. Kiseki can do no wrong and is perfect. The animations simulate peak performance. If you don't move like a Kiseki character, you are literally a failed lifeform.

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Looks way too much like nuns yeah.

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so about sen IV
I like the idea that you'll being playing the other characters at the start, but... why would Osbourne let any of them escape, they got some explaining to do

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Portals, ain't gotta explain shit.

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Girl school uniform, so it's mean to be cutesy i guess. It's for rich girls as well i believe.

These are cute, who's the artist?

I'm guessing some magic fuckery is gonna happen, which is why they start out separated.

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Sen IV will be the last game in Erebonia, I'm so tired of this stupid arc
The sooner it comes, the sonner it's over


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Calvard when?

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>cute and in love
>cute and in love
>dude tsundere for haremkun lmao

Gotta turn that cheerfulness into a weapon.

user calm down. I sure hope Kevin and Ries end up like that, but it's nothing set in stone anyway.

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Reminder that there's a middle ground between "kiseki can do no wrong" and "KISEKI IS SHIT EVERYTHING EVER MADE IS BETTER BLARGGABLARGH"

Not that i would expect a shitposting autist to understand that



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>artist gives every girl ZR
Is he /ourguy/?

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>new fanart already

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Stop getting buttblasted because old fans dislike the changes of the series in recent games. You will always have shallow waifu sim of the month pandering to you so be happy.

Reminder to hug your boyfriend cutely from behind and then give him a cute kiss!

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You have nothing to do with the old fans or fans of the series in general.

It's from a Mussefag on twitter.


Most likely i was a fan of trails before you so spare me that bullshit. Nobody cares if you have a different opinion. That doesn't mean we should just sit down and shut up while you literally ruin this thread with your constant shitposting and crying about games you don't like
Get over it and move on with your life

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>>calls an artist a mussefag
>>account has art of nearly every character
nani the fuck!?

Wait you're, i'm confusing him for another artist that loves drawing Musse more often. Their avatar threw me off.

hey it's good art work, so thanks for sharing it~

Guys just stop giving him (You)s

This is my fucking OTP right here. Loved their door in 3rd.
Sadly it'll never amount to anything because they're both too busy looking after two autists.

Who knows, they do meet again in Ao working as body guards.

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>Jusis just talking Whitecomb down till he gives up and sighs
Funny scene.

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Old fans don't matter anymore, Falcom have seen the light and they know who to pander to for $$$.

>Games are just not worth the 60$+ pricetag anymore.

True but I pay so that more weebshit gets made. Someone has to.

I fear that the future is F2P and Games as a Service. The videogame world I loved is dead. As dead as Renne's childhood innocence.

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>buuhuu mommy the bad man said something mean about my shallow harem sim
I am only posting in this thread maybe every 4 weeks sorry I am not your boogy man. Suck it up or get better taste, snowflake.

Ries is too cute

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Blushy blushy...

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I hate Lloyd. He is always surrounded by cute girls. Were are my Tio and KeA...

Rean's harem vs. Lloyd's harem who wins?

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Rean needs no harem for he is already one both in body and soul with the love of his life

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>i swear I'm not this guy who i post exactly like and say the exact same things as ahahahha please believe me :-)

user stop with that shit already. If you were actually the user calling people out you would have stopped already instead of perpetuating the drama.

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Will Schera accept Olivier's proposal ?

Can't anymore LOL

How long are zero and Ao?

>future is F2P and Games as a Service
I don't think the more niche stuff have to worry about such business practices, sure season passes are common place now but Final Fantasy is probably the JRPG franchise able to get away with being released as an early access. Plus japanese developers already have mobile garbage for F2P model.

>shitposter-kun pretending to be a normal /fg/ user

Sen III spoils
They go on dates in Sen III in chapter 4, and before the Courageous blows up, Olivert says sorry to Schera specifically, it's way too much teasing for them to ignore.

Zero took me around 80 hours in-game playtime when i did it, although i was using cheat engine, so i'm not sure exactly, but it's around SC length, if not more.

Can't romance the dead

F2P and Games as a Service only future is not possible.
They are made around people spending lots of time or money on them so of course only 1-2 games will be popular and profitable at the same time.
Less popular ones will die out and companies will cease making this type of games.
Just look at MMORPGs

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Hey you! Stop right there, and tell me where Randy is!

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Randy because he has best girl.

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Seriously the bodyguards should just stuff their charges in a prison and take over Zemuria.

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Oh come on! He dies? like, for sure? Or something blows up and we don't really kno?

>Not a rapier
>Using a broadsword

I assume this is where Julia holds her ground to give Kloe time to run away?
I'm guessing the Evo artist fucked up, the stance is all wrong for her too.

>Persona 5
>Dragon Quest
Wow, this guy really does like video games. /fg/ could learn a thing or two from him. Not only does he like one thing, he likes multiple things at the same time. Truly boggles the mind.

Victor, Toval and Olivert were inside the Courageous, trying to give backup to everyone fighting the big bads near the end, unfortunately, they set up bombs inside of it, and blew it as they got close. Olivert said sorry to Schera as it was blowing up, Toval to Ein, and Victor prayed to the goddess for his daughter and everyone's safety.
We didn't see past that, and the explosion is shown from outside, i'm betting on them having been saved before they could be engulfed by it. My personal bet is that Bleublanc wouldn't want his rival to die such an ugly death, and saved them, since even Campenalla though that "death" was extremely cheap and in poor taste.

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>liking things
Imagine being such a faggot.

Well perhaps we will see a future were only the big developers are left releasing 1 or 2 new games per year?

Already the vast majority of revenue is going to triple A.

Are you stupid? I like playing other shit, and i am, but i'm not gonna blog about it on a fucking general for Falcom games.
Is this your first day on Veeky Forums?

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Don't blame me for telling the shitposter to fuck off. Blame him for shitposting

Answer me this captain, if Kiseki is so great why isn't there more Kloe-Estelle yuri?

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Thanks man, it gives me hope

Because Kloe is so cuck she won't even be paired in fantart

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I hear he's at the casino

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Got the digital version of famitsu at Bookwalker, but they only got 4 pages on CS4 which is pretty much the same information that came from the Dengeki magazine.

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Do you... Not post in this general? Are you stupid? People in these threads cant even like more than one arc of one series from one company.

>Cassius became S-rank after resolving a crisis in Calvard
>ancient robots were excavated in Calvard at the same time
Is he the golden awakener?

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Because yuri is trash and you are trash for liking it.


Well, higher quality scans are nice either way.
We still need to wait on the Falcom magazine as well, although i think that one is physical only.

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user, a divine knight would not be in Calvard. That's an erebonia thing

Man look at Juna's Junas

What is Estelle fishing?
What is Joshua doing?

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Kurt is a lucky manlet

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The Digital version also includes the interview i assume? Although we already have a translation.

They actually stand next to each other watching over the conference too. Hope they get some development eventually, even if minor.

The interview is that small white blurb on the second spread.

Estelle is fishing for Joshua's affection.
Joshua is memorizing every mundane event to pass on to Orouboros.