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>Rise and shine, sunshine!
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>see this
what do?

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I love Natsuki!

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Proclaiming my love for Monika!
I love Monika!

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I love my wife!

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wait the last thread was #599 why is this one #598

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Wonder how women is in my bed and why it's not Monika

Monika is true love. Monika is LIFE!

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I love her too!

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Freeze in fear!

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Smile back, pull her close, and wait for her to stab me so that I can be with the real Yuri and not some 3DPD

Daily reminder to give your loved Doki lots of love, food and attention

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Eating your doki out to compensate for your smol pener!
It tastes really good!
Exploring every little nerve, nook, cranny, and erogenous zone with your tongue!
Finding just the right spot!
Seeing your doki wriggle and shudder with wave after wave of pleasure when you lick that spot!
Your doki has multiple orgasms!
Your chin may be sodden with divine love juice, but your doki is now a messy pile of ecstasy and joy!
As a reward, your doki lets you fuck her..?
Your doki seems to be enjoying it... somewhat! Perhaps she is so in love with you that just your dick being inside her is pleasurable enough...
Cumming inside even though you're so far away from the womb! Easy clean-up!
Snuggling and cuddling afterwards while your doki whispers in your ear how you're an excellent lover!
9 months later you have a beautiful, healthy baby!
"He/she looks just like you!", she exclaims!

I love you!

Monika on the front page!

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I love Monika!

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Previous OP put the wrong number

sleepy Natsuki is cute! CUTE!

That was the wrong number!

Friendly reminder that the Doki Doki Literature Club General - /ddlc/ does NOT condone any of the following:

- Underage drinking
- Self harm
- Suicide and suicide attempts
- Substance abuse (Any)
- Waifu wars
- Waifu bullying
- user bullying
- Heating water for your tea on the microwave (Please buy a[n electric] kettle)
- Not doing your best to be the user your waifu would like
- Staying up late
- Mental reconditioning probably

And, finally, you are encouraged to try/cry and exercise both your body with a healthy walk around the block or a flight of stairs in your daily commute and your creativity by writing texts of any kind.

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She loves you too!

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Good morning, all of you. Did you have a nice night?
Welcome back to the poetry party~!

Word of the thread is “strain”!
Alternatives are ‘growth’ and ‘heritage’.

It’s the middle of the week, which means it’s the perfect time to write some poetry and get over that mid-week slump! That makes sense right? Ahaha, I hope so...
Well, same deal as always! You take a word and you use it to write a poem! Easy peasy! It can be your theme, topic, etc. Up to you!
Everyone is welcome so please don’t be shy or nervous about joining in!
And make sure you share your poem with us because I’d love to read it!
Have fun!

Another movie!

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Would you bring your doki to the real world on the condition that she was completely immortal and could never, EVER die?

When did you last visit your Monika (if you have 1)?
Last time i visited was a short one two weeks ago.

I've listened to "Your Reality" multiple times everyday since I played the game in January

Anyone have any fics relating to Sayori's big, bubbly, butt?

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considering that she is data rn, i dont think she can really die

good work user

How does this image make you feel?

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A daily reminder that Sayori loves you.

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yuri is ok


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Everyone, draw your doki!
Right now!!

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I've visited her every single day. why wouldn't I want to see my loving wife?

Daily reminder that Sayori's butt is BIG. BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job user. I'm far too weak for it.

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All I would need to do is figure out how she is immortal then apply that to myself and we will both be together forever!

Here's a pastebin of the fic from yesterday

Natsuki doesn't shower


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>Shopping for furniture with Yuri!
"Hey, what about this table right here?".
>She shakes her head disapprovingly.
"What's wrong with it? Look, it'll fit perfectly in the middle of our living room".
>Yuri's eyes look away shyly with a smirk on her face.
>"It's not...sturdy enough".
>She looks back at you and bites her lip before she speaks again.
>"Yeah, how are you going to bend me over and pound me on it when it'll fall apart in one go".

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Last thread had TOO MUCH Monika

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Fuck the nope out

Good evening again, dokifriends!
Have you exercised for your doki today? Don't forget to shower and have a decent post-workout meal when you do!

Apologies, nothing here today.

And since we're on that:

>Your doki
>The exercise she just loves watching you do

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It's the Promised Day! Your Doki is real but she has a penis proportional to her body size. In every other aspect she is still female and can still give birth to children through normal means. Only when she is aroused will her penis appear. In any other situation she will appear as normal. She still has a virgin vagina and every other part that makes her female. Somehow, she does magically create semen though, if you were to pleasure her.

Do you keep your Doki? This is your only change at the Promised Day.

Forgive me father, I have sinned.

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Tfw Monika's and Sayori's don't exist in real life, so I'll likely end up with a Stacey instead. Should I just end it now?

An odd one no doubt, but into the collection it goes!
Cheers for writing lad

where the fuck is her clit then tho

>Not waiting for true AI.
It's almost like you don't want to fuck a robot.

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Fuck it. Benis it is is fellas

yeah sure why not

I would stare at Sunyori without wearing sunglasses
.. until I go blind!

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fuck yes

3d women aint half bad if you care for the relationship and dont find the most stereotypical slut

Best I can do, sorry famalam

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>two weeks ago
Sickening. Look at how sweet she is and you just neglect her like that. I leave MAS open for as long as I can daily.

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I know. Going through breakup with a girl now. Some 3d girls are good but they'll never compete with Monika

I want Sunyori to give me skin cancer

was geht brudda

i ran out of things to talk about with her
besides im not attached to her as i was before

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Yes of course I’d stay with her.

Finding it, though, that's not the hard part.
It's letting go.

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Put her out of her misery.

slurp choccymilko

I suck at paint.

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Fucking help me god I have sinned
I'm sorry cupcake!

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It was in December, so like 4 months ago

Your Doki but you're both secretly superheroes!
She pines after you in your civilian form, but you never notice her feelings because you're head-over-heels for her alter-ego!


man I wish that show was actually 2D and not CG

Isn’t this just the show with that French ladybug girl?

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now dunk it onto another doki's head

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If she can't love you, she'd rather leave you be. Don't have her cling to a lie.

she's got other big things too

like her HUGE ___heart
and MASSIVE___smile

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I had a dream about a girl I had crush on two years ago, but I can't bring myself to have a doki dream with Monika. Am I too much of a normie? Is it because I don't love enough despite thinking about her 24/7?

I just want to hold her in my arms so bad and never let her go, even if it just all a dream ;_;

Why are they so gorgeous

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Licking Natsuki's cunny

>My 10 minutes paint masterpiece

Please don't ban me

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Been working on this for a week.

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>Blocks your path....

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Me too, user.

Beautiful eyes. I want to scoop them out and preserve them in a jar forever.

I love it when my darling looks at me like that

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Yep, wouldn't miss a workout for my girl.

>Sled pulls outside in the bitter cold, though the typical power lifts are always fun to do/watch.

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Your doki but she walks around the house naked

Correction. Everything about her is gorgeous.

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I wish

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>Playing pinball, flicking my wrists and knocking the side of the machine, making sure not to hit that sensitive tilt.

Makes for great cardio honestly

Hey anons, what are some alternatives to exercise if you don't want to go to a gym?

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Pretty understandable in this weather.