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WoW Token Price:

Blood of Sargeras to gold:
US: rodent.io/blood-money
EU: rodent.io/blood-money-eu/


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getcomics.info/?s=warcraft chronicle



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snakes playable when

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Chadalari prelates soon b-bros

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slutmog MORE

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Hey, what if the Mad Merchant stopped spawning at the end of Legion?

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>buttblasted human paladins

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hey boys

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What! You're completely opposite of being right. Alliance races are almost all goofy in their animations and emotes. Horde has the most consistently good animations and versatility for cloth, mail and plate wearers. Not to mention, there isn't a single Alliance race that wears plate well except maybe female night elves at a stretch because while their animations aren't as tight but the armor fits them well.


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>using mmo champion forums

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I don't think that mount is worth 2m desu.

We need goblin paladins or at least goblin monks.

My pussy is for dick girls only

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ban them all

Literally the only race on horde that looks good in armor is female orc.



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I've stolen your bell, little goat!

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It isn't. The price is a joke according to a bluepost.

>Vol'jin becomes the Loa of light


This doesn't even make any fucking since. He was a DARK SPEAR. A shadow hunter.

Where even is his connection to the light?

I swear if they pull some
>We wuz taken da power mun
Bull shit to justify this and have him shove a naaru up his ass hole or something im gonna be fucking PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSED

thats the sad truth

So this is the power of the Alliance...

He is going to become a loa not the loa of light.

>Night elven Paladins are the product of the culture change produced by NE interaction with the alliance races, it's a natural and predictable change. It's more logic that having High Elves in the alliance
MMO Champion never ceases to amaze me

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>I don't think that mount is worth 2m desu.
Same, and as of now there's no urgency to buy it, especially with how they don't look to be tackling the inflation thing so we'll just continue to have more than more gold.

Could've sworn there was a blue post regarding the spiders price but can't find it.

>stop liking waht i dont like

desu your resistance only makes my nelf girldick harder

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It saddens me that horde has reached the point where they only care about an alliance class.

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>blood elf



>blood elf


>void elf
>night elf

>night elf



Looks like you have good cloth options but almost no good races otherwise.

>still hunchbacked during combat

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>People only slutmog belves, humans and draenei

Where are all the Orc qts at, wowg?

only high IQ individuals pick fem orc, so you're not going to find many here

>mythic+ as disc priest
This shit just pisses me off week after week

I have no real tools to deal with grievous or bursting

A high IQ healing spec turns into shadow mend spam and I still perform worse than any other healing spec, they pretty much deal with this shit with passive effects and HOTs

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Is it just the way the photo is or is that troll to the left pretty chunky

Qt orc girls is the only thing I miss about being Horde. A shame.

disc is a pvp spec, why are you trying to use it in pve? priest for pve is really a two spec class

It also works great in PvE and is really fun, the problem is that bursting is essentially impossible since you can't out heal it outside of combat.

Plate armor looks great on humans dwarves and goats I don't know what the fuck you're talking about

>Prelates power relied on their faith in Rezan, who has no connection to the Light, but gives them powers similar to the paladins who have faith in the Light
>Rezan dies, shattering their faith and resolve, causing them to lose their power
>Vol'jin becomes a new Loa, those who have faith in him will now regain those faith based powers because of their faith in whatever loa Vol'jin turns out to be, not because he's a Loa of the Light

Same, only race that looks good on horde and in every armor type.

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when you're in combat the last thing you should be looking at is your character's aesthetics dumbass

>durrr stare at your hot bars all fight

Literal cancer

Nelf and Draenei dickgirls are best girls
Make sure to get on your knees and worship a fat dickgirl on a daily basis

So are you saying that the Darkspear are gonna get Paladins? Because if you imply that the Zandalari are gonna worshipp Vol'Jin then you are fucking delusional

>>>durrr stare at your hot bars all fight
holy shit the LFR hero is getting uppity

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Fem orc and human male is the best pairing.

fem belf and fem draenei is the best pairing user

Zandalari are priests who revere Loa
If Vol'jin becomes a Loa, if they keep to their lore, the Zandalari will respect and revere him, Darkspear or not

>darkspear get paladin so people will still play them after zandalari are released
Ion is a madman

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Nelf dickgirl on Nelf dickgirl is the best pairing desu

>none for plate
>when armor objectively looks best on male human
i dont even play human but you're a fool to not realize this, also dwarves have great frames for plate as well

>Powerful, enlightened Zandalari can become loa upon their death - or so it is believed. These spirits are central to the Zandalari worldview: so say the loa, so go the Zandalari.
If the Loa say Vol'jin is enlightened enough to become a Loa, the Zandalari will listen

>a skilled loomed hunter can carry dungeon dps easily

Your autism is strong

blizzard should legit add something in that forces people to label whether or not they are autistic so we can kick spergs like you immediately.

Guess what class this guy plays

actual shit post

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>The Autistic Hunter main screams out in pain as he pulls the whole instance crying that everyone wants him gone

>all armor is designed on human male
>people still try to convince themselves armor looks bad on them

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Druid, actually. Nice try though ;)

I've just leveled enough alts recently to have seen the fact that hunters do retarded amounts of damage at pretty much every level bracket except the late game.

>all those paladin sets ruined by disgusting skirts

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Alright god dammit what's the least boring out of fire mage (frost looks okay too though) or windwalker monks? I'm an indecisive retard

Multishot and marked shot will basically have them doing 50% of the groups dps all the way to 100, it's a little nuts.

windwalker is faceroll as of now

>Monks were supposed to be a priest spec
I am pissed that I cant RP as Father McGruder

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>the "over the shoulder" cape is just a regular looking rag that pretends to be 3d

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Everything is faceroll

user can you please give me a download link for Chronicle Volume 3?
I'll dump funny WoW pictures for you :3

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You are too late! With the Focusing Iris under my control, I can siphon the arcane energy from Azeroth's ley lines directly into my magnificent self!

try prot warrior against magic damage

I agree cute Goblin

Datamined icons suggest otherwise

what ilvl for +10?

>Small icons are more correct than the actual models

>icons are more accurate than models

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and the actual armor suggests the opposite though. things may change by release, they may not, but as of right now they're just the same plain old flat capes we've had for 14 years

Have all 3
getcomics.info/?s=warcraft chronicle

Say hello to your new king alliance fags

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Why do you people spend so much time in mmo champion?

oh, subarashii, arigato gosaimastha

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Moira's son is 100% gonna be the next Anduin
We'll see him grow up and become High King

Gotta find some way to stay mad when /wowg/ is slow.

I go to see any new data mined stuff and notice the "Recent forum posts" at the top of the site, and cringe so hard I decide to share.

That's where the faction shitposter cancer comes from.

Also /v/

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No problem!
Just remember, don't click on the green download button, scroll down for the real links

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>tfw when you get used to playing on a DH and try going back to any other class

webm related happens a lot

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Please post more. We need more humans so badly.

>Slutmogging a worgen warrior after model update
My dick is ready

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What is the new head model gonna look like?
I can't wait.

What other races are needed?

what model update?

first set screams arthas

>Hate almost every single war glaive
>Love the vengeance starting artifact appearance.
We need more tonfas in this game

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Together we are ____.

Worgens and Goblins getting a model update somewhere mid-BFA with most of the work going into female worgen.

The hidden appearance is cool as well since it feels like you're running around dual wielding shields.

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3 human males on 1 blood elf female gangbang

>there's a tonfa weapon in hfc - it's a fist weapon
>can't transmog the vengeance artifact to them even though they're shaped the exact same

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Something like this probably

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How do I get Jaina to fall in love with me bros

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