GSL Code S
Stats vs Maru
2 days

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we made it yatta!

ayul is a cute! a CUTE!

are we the scvs watching sc2 anniversary stream?

nah im busy

i hope sc2 finals will be packed...



is that the thing that tastosis are going to be at

Join us March 30-31 for an epic #SC20 stream as we discuss StarCraft's legacy along with special guests (and plenty of fun games)!

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i wonder who is gonna cast the code s finals then

what if its a rapid solocast!

why is day9 there he's more irrelevant than avilo

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lmao midget

at leasst hes making 6 figures playing video games

thats like, a hundred dollars a year lmao

a hundred dollars is 3 figures tho


kick me, kike me, don't you black or white me

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lurkers are so imba

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average people are always retarded

ty for saving us from ugly

lets bump uglies as they say


should they even make sc3?

soul caliber 3 has been out for years

that's really interesting

i hate sc2



my new twitch waifu

ew dude

let's hope so. would love to relive the glory days one last time

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ugly invasion :(


i can only hear it in one ear

are you gay

rat :(

kinda. why?

im sorry you can't be cured

but im not completely gay
surely something can be done :c

its uncurable im sorry you only have a few years left to live :c

but there's so i haven't done
i didn't even get to have my first gf

why did you delete?

i want to support nation wars but i really don't want to make a "matcherino" account

now knowing that shes in her 30s makes her a lot more attractive to me

"is warpgate that good of an upgrade??"

4 gate was cool... they got rid of all the cool stuff

do you like older

cougar milfy vibe

the oldest i would date is like 25....30+ seems weird

30 isnt old at all

in porn 25 is like milf genre

i have the porn brain

which is fuckin creepy

i mean yeah an 18 year old could also be a milf

and thats incredibly dumb

yeah well i don't make the rules
badbunny just fits there

NationWars V 11h 22m
China vs Italy
Norway vs Canada

fucking loomies

china is going to get destroyed by italy/reynor

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young jim reynor


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He's too fucking adorable honestly

we only skate hookups decks right?

dude he's like 15

the next bonjwa

a foreigner can't be a bonjwa
wouldn't make since

maybe italian bonjya crush the italian scene

they're too far apart

probably small


what up doe

watching winter
too late to grind, too early to sleep

yeah i feel that. watching some classic proleague matches

that sucks but its for whitey

gsl code s finals getting closer all the time!

and the 20th anniversary stream too!

gook btw