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Apoc collab confirmed and there's an Apoc epilogue event in late April
With the update on 4/4 you will be able to return to the skills selection screen, 1* and 2* CEs are also getting revamped.

>Saber Wars Lite Edition
MHX animation renewal
Saber Lily NP strengthening
MHX is always in the gacha
Mysterious Heroine X: 15-29

March 2018 Monthly Mats
>Forbidden pages
>Proof of hero
>Yggradasil Seed


>Farming Guide


>Mega Pastebin

>TLs Pastebin

>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: November 29)
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>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>NP Comparison

>Servant/CE list and datamine

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ummm scatfags?

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Wouldn't her crown keep poking him in the back of the head? That doesn't seem very comfortable.

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This is work of the devil.

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Are you ready for FGO to replace all bronze servants?

Bedi's comfort is not a priority.

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Is it typical for musou to have graphics this bad or is Fate setting a new low for this console generation?

>this is what the average scatkek gets off to



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Nobu a CUTE.

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Yeah he's gonna job to every other character like everyone does in Extella.

Lolivinci when?

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Morgan Le Fay when? I need to reunite the family

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>all he thinks about is powerlevels

Melvin has trained you cattle well

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Just how hard did she ride Artoria anyways?

Out of character. Nobu wears the pants.

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I don't think she did at all

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When Amakusa gets unveiled next week, whose name will he angrily blurt out at the end of the preview?


Then please, care to explain what did you mean. Because the kind of posting style you used was really similar to a certain powerlevel shitposter we have around here.

>we will find out if the rank down for Overload and Arondight applies to Berserker
WEW no more FGO memes to rely on, this is the end. We will finally see the true rank of Overload.

It will be ruler Enkidu and he will angrily blurt GILGAMEEEEEEESH

I'm glad I finally got np5 Bedi from this gacha at least.

Siegfried should have Monstrous Strength.

I just have fun posting a medieval-looking knight with modern armaments

Ruler Beowulf

If it's weaker just say it's not canon. If it's stronger it's FGO not being canon. Whatever it's convenient as usual. Easy.

Why did the anal meme stick so much with Casko?

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He can have Mana Burst A

I like them too, but shitposting ruined Lancelot in particular for me.

He's not a monster

We need some excuse until TM decides to give her the Melt treatment.

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t. gilfag

That one anal doujin was good and her fanbase is full of obnoxious people who posted tamamo anal memes all day.

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>expecting good graphics for a musou game
Reminder that there will never be a decent Fate game for the current generation.

I am not sorry.

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Why is this cow so soft.

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Saber Shitcelot will stay A like the piece of trash he is. JetCHAD will show us how it's done with his A++ Arondight and Overload.

I wonder if Jonathan Joestar and Dio can be friends in Fate.

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>more slutfox wank
Stop right there

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>and her fanbase is full of obnoxious people who posted tamamo anal memes all day.
I don't like that meme and I'm a Tamamofag

Tamamo fucking barely ever gets "wanked", she's pretty much been relegated to being a background character since the start because of Sakurai and Nasu's bias towards Nero. Nero is the one who recieves all the wank while Tamamo just gets portrayed as a bitch.

I used to like him because I like the pragmatic knight that can use anything he wants to get the win. I don't really care if a character I like wins or not, because that's what happens in a narrative.
Now I'm mostly indifferent but will take great joy of seeing him lose in hopes you realize how stupid your powerlevelfaggotry is.

There will be more of her and you will like it

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Do you remember the "I know how to pleasure a man" part in the original VN? That happened.

Amakusa will be added to have a new bromance with Gil. I forgot he was his Servant in Babylon.

When was Tamamo wanked?

Enkidu just can't stop getting cucked.

>she's a Beast
>she's connected

Fucking everyone is a Beast. Tamamo is just one of many, so don't try and act like it's a big thing. Tamamo never gets anything good.

You see those 3 0's in your No.? Each one of them represents the asshole of Slutfox, Secretary and Smart Cat

It's ok, Enkidu can just go fuck someone for 7 days and nights non-stop to get over it.

Reminder that these are two men.

>Draw some circles
>Draw the rest of the fucking cat
t. Hokusai

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>I used to like him
Sure thing gilfag I used to like Gilgamesh too and you ruined him for me with your constant headcanon and stupidity.


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I need a picture to better understand what you are trying to say.

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No sir, I don't like it.

When you think about it, the real circles are the ones we made along the way

>everyone is a Beast
No, they aren't.

Her being Amaterasu was some bullshit too. She should have been an evil cunt who gets bfto by based Abe if you want her to not be shilled, not THE sun deity. Stop trying to pull your pity card on me, foxcukfag.

She bets bullied because Nasu LOVES to bully the fuck of his favorite characters. Merlin, Roman, Rin (Ishtar), Liz, are his favorites and he bullies them a lot. It's the ones he doesn't give a fuck about he never bullies.

>People thought Beryl would be a wolfman
>it's actually Kadoc
>Rather than a wolf you can also make out the look of a dragon from Beryl's command spell


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Didn't Ko-Gil and Amakusa have their Trial Quest together too? Met and worked with Caster Gil in Babylonia and Gil's Interlude. Only Archer Gil really remains.

>Now I'm mostly indifferent but will take great joy of seeing him lose
That's not being indifferent, giltard. Try harder.

>Kotomine's stepbrother meme connection
>already linked to Gil
>both were antagonists of FSN and FHA

Sounds good, gives Gil something to do other than stand around and spout ambiguous advice.

>he's in the Camelot Lostbelt

>Merlin, Roman
Yeah, the Grand Casters
>Rin (Ishtar)
Mostly as a joke with Gil
Did you see how much attention she gets in F/GO user?
Meanwhile, Tamamo gets fuckall aside from being a gigantic bitch in Extella. You could remove her route and it would change nothing. She even get cucked in the real ending in favor of Nero.


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In some of the early Arthurian stories, Morgan stops being evil and takes Arthur to Avalon herself after the Battle of Camlann.

Yes, they have been connected. Also Amakusa's Kotomine's older brother (adopted but whatever) and he now got retconned memories (he didn't in CCC, he does in Extella). And Amakusa's Servant was an ancient Babylonian Ruler.

They are natural match ups as former antagonists of their original appearances too.

I think the crest has something to do with the servant, probably someone with dragon blood or who's a werewolf

BB Chanerru?

>Did you see how much attention she gets in F/GO user?
Yes, but she gets shit on when she appears. That's what I mean with "bully", Nasu likes to bully the characters he likes. He doesn't make them flawless which everyone fawn over them, but writes them with difficulties. Tamamo being a gigantic bitch with flaws is because he LIKES HER.

>Tamamo gets fuckall
Yeah, it's not like she has three clones in FGO already and another one on the way. Oh wait.

>Beryl's working for Vortirgern

I hope you're right and they both bully Jannu together.

It's canon, though. She fucked him and impregnated herself with Mordred who seemed obsessed to fuck his dad too.

Bros... A friend of mine actually revealed to me that he was a spic... I... What should I do? He wants to talk about DBS, bros no, I can't...

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Why didn't proto Arthur just marry Merlin?

That's not Proto Morgan as far as we know though. And regardless I don't have to like it.

>Nerofags seething.

Morgan is a lady of the lake in Fate too and she has her hand on fulfilling the resurrect king arthur prophecy in Case Files.

Because Merlin is a whore