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dead medium is dead

Fureraba torrent where?

I only read moege

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Don't you buy VNs

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Kimika is watching you masturbate.

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I love Kings especially Arthur!

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Ahhhhhhhhhh sukisuki....

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Yeah, Kutsujoku is more about humiliation and such, as you might expect from the name. The girls don't really submit like they do in SM, instead of happily becoming slaves their heart just shatters and they obey the protagonist because they've given up on life. The game mentions them being close to tears, having "dead eyes", forced smiles, etc. It's a state where you wouldn't be surprised if they just offed themselves at any moment. Not exactly the kind of stuff I like in my corruption nu-ki-ges.

Any other VNs where the MC becomes a fucking shell of himself/becomes strong despite fucked circumstances? I really dig it when an MC becomes grizzled or a hardass later in a story

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But I actually love all and everything.

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VNDB says that Fureraba should have came out on the 27th, but Steam lists it as the 30ths right now. Literally SP 2.0

Is Chuee /our tranny/


Fureraba soon moebros

She said this in response to the rampant credit card fraud assholes that basically caused MG's payment processor to dump them because they placed so many fraudulent orders to get Steam keys they could resell at gray market sites, and basically derailed the whole MG store for months as they were unable to make any sales until they got a new processor setup.

So yeah I think it's kind of justified in that context. Lots of other game developers have said the same thing anyway, it's much less damaging to them to pirate the game than to support guys who are literally costing them money with chargebacks so they can resell the keys.


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The one Bishop game that I do want is long as fuck so it's a never ever. Mesu Kyo something 4.
Enjoy, friend. Be careful not to tear your dick off.

Are those mosquito bites?

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I say we all wait for Ero Mahou until we start begging for translations.

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>should have came out on the 27th

They always said the plan was to release on the 30th. I don't think they ever said the 27th was a release date.


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I love Suzu

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>Needs Testing/Waiting on Third party
We can never have nice things can we?

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This laugh was way too cute

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>protagonist is a manwhore

She's not even a loli, she's just compact body type. She's still clearly developed

>nstead of happily becoming slaves their heart just shatters and they obey the protagonist because they've given up on life. The game mentions them being close to tears, having "dead eyes", forced smiles, etc. It's a state where you wouldn't be surprised if they just offed themselves at any moment.
Fuck. This is exactly the kind of nukige I love.
What's even the point of corruption if girls like it and happy in the end? It's only hot when they actually suffer all the way through.

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Does anyone want to be a ritual poster with me? We will share same image/persona so we can always post it whenever a new thread is made. Therefore I'd like my partner to be someone from usa so they can always post it while I sleep and vice versa.
When it comes to girl/theme I'm not really picky so you can suggest one of your favorites and I will probably be fine with it.


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Is Chuee /our chuee/

Is there more to life than just fapping to hentai all day?

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Is this true?

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Well, the appeal of corruption for me is corrupting pure/innocent/proud/etc girls into slutty perverts. I feel like KTJK was less "corruption" and more just plain breaking their spirit with physical and mental abuse.

April is gonna be a long month

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>VNDB says that Fureraba should have came out on the 27th
No it doesn't, it says the 30th m8. That was always the release date

That was in response to people using that website who was frauding people's credit cards

No, which makes me sad because I can't fap

>Small is beautiful.

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Prepare for mild sadness regarding her laugh.

There's a ritual I'm interested in, but it is nightmarish, and craves a newborn. Help me find one, and keep them from silencing it's harrowing cry.

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Working to get money to buy food and building figures

>moved this card from In QA to Upcoming Releases
>Feb 2 at 1:40 AM
Soon bros

That image perfectly represents one of the reasons why FGO is a disgrace.

>What's even the point of corruption if girls like it and happy in the end?
My idea of corruption is that it's mindbreaking them into loving the MC dick. If they just give up on everything and become fuckholes then it's just the usual rapege. Which is fine for those who are into that

>just plain breaking their spirit with physical and mental abuse.
I need more of this shit.

I love telling retards to fuck off when they buy Windows product keys through Kinguin and the likes of it, and then call Microsoft to complain that the keys are invalid or were blocked.

Cute and sexy!

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Cu Alter mopes around because he's a broken Alter man with no ambition and Medb is a whore, more at 11. I just love my Emiya reaction pictures.

When you're an twenty-six year-old man like me a month just flies by. I fear these hastening of time will only get worse with age. Send help.

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Then I am into rape I guess. I just cannot fap when girl enjoying sex no matter how much she is broken. I want her to suffer and hate me. Narika's whipping scene is still my all times favorite.

I thought it was funny that Dovac talked a whole lot of shit around this time that it was MG's fault for not being able to prevent this or some shit, but then only a short while later the same shit happened to SP.

where the MILF games at

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MG will still pick up onikiss right bros?

>When you're an twenty-six year-old man like me a month just flies by.
I feel you man. also 26 yo user

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You fucking sick fuck.

Check out things like 牝贄狩, 善悪, ヤバい!-復讐・闇サイト-

>That tiny head

Existential Dread and insomnia.

I remember that. "Talk shit: get hit" in its glorious magesty.

I'm 30 and yeah it only gets worse my mans, the 4 years since I graduated from uni feels like really no time at all

Shit, that's one of my never evers. Maybe someday I'll be able to read it along with Zen'aku.

Is it acceptable to respond to your own posts just to get more (you)'s?

Only if you are adding to it and not pretending to be someone else.

I did the thing.
Like I said before, the dynamic text box does not work. You need to use the static text box. If you want it, too bad. I tried to make it work, but I just can't. It's shit anyway, don't mind it.

-Restoration of honorifics (including Senpai, Nii-sama)
-Removed DD's weeb speak
-Removed DD's excessive bong speak
-Removed buster
-EN name order -> JP name order
-Removed some of the swearing that was added in SP's version.
-Fixed a couple of minor mistranslations - this is not a re-translation by any means, I just fixed some glaring mistakes
-D.D. -> DD - The only reason this was done is because "D.D.'s" or "D.D.-san" looks like horseshit in-game.
-Cro->Kuro - Fuck you if you don't agree. I already wrote my arguments here, check the readme if you need a reminder.
-Reduced the frequency of "Little Michiru" (changed to Michiru when it's clear who's being talked to/about), especially in direct speech.

I read though it twice, once while making the changes and then quickly read each chapter after the changes for it were done. After the whole thing was done, I CTRL'd through the fresh game on two different computers. I hope it works right, I really do.

yes as long as baka user have no way of finding out it's really you.

Never fucking ever. But I watched hentai. It was great.

If you want a (You) just ask for it
here, its on the house

Might as well face it, you're addicted to (you)s.

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Is Saku Saku good?

What is it like to headpat your wife as she rests her head in your lap and talks about how delicious your cooking was and banter until she falls asleep then you carry her to bed?

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Thanks lad

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It's decent. I'd give it a solid 7.

Cu Alter and Medb are shit

What would she banter about?

You're not wrong, that's why I like the image because I relate with Emiya on a personal level.

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>talk about your day
>bring up a coworker
>mention something about them not doing good work
>"ah, because you're always 100% focused on work, dear, and not thinking about me?" with one eye open, looking up at you, smiling

Shit like that. Sweet little jabs. You know how to make conversation, don't you, user?

>dead inside
Literally me

Hi guys! I'm up and coming ritual poster and I want (You)r opinion on what is lacking in /vn/ these days!
I'm counting on your knowledge

You're a credit to the force


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>You know how to make conversation, don't you, user?
I... Yes. Of course.

>You know how to make conversation, don't you, user?
I wouldn't be here if I did

So in other words you made the translation worse by removing all flavour.

I have a wife and kids and this has never happened to me.

>dead inside
sadly not it seems

Fuck off, puffketeer. Kill yourself.

It's enjoyable. I don't think I particularly hated any route.

Only real flaws are the last few minutes of Mio's route and there was obviously supposed to be a fandisc considering how many side waifus there are

>side waifus

hmmm could be the case, especially after yuuna poster went missing

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Sounds boring as fuck.