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I can't believe they made this lmao

I want to bully Tracer until she cries!

reduce her dps to 160

reduce her dps from 240 to 160 so its the same as sombra

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why is it tradition in owg to post next before bump limit? do you want to see Veeky Forums, and by extension, the world, burn?

it isn't. op is a fag

That "all access" shit that valiant are doing is really bad because it causes fans to think they know everything and start throwing abuse at people they think are fucking up.

That soulless shithead that runs them is more interested in raising his media profile than the morale of his team under the false pretense of "transparency"

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Would a character that operates from spawn even work in this?
Either as a support who just buffs his team and gets info from enemies or one who uses drones?

decrease damage
increase ult amount

hey dudes

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cuz the OPs want to make their waifu the OP image for some weird reason. waifu posters are mentally ill, more news at 11

Fareeha a cute!

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I love Tracer.

I... love Tracer!

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Post me your cute Mercy photos I must rest

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I...LOVE T.racer!

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Give asp Fareeha gf!

I love hanas dong

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I really like Amélie

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I want to kick Tracer's groin

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>That "all access" shit that valiant are doing is really bad because it causes fans to think they know everything
but.. it's obviously super fake and scripted.
even kids can tell that right?

I want to kick her in the teeth and break her legs!

I love this chick

That skin tho

>tfw you're playing tracer because team comp is bad
>no zen
>shitter duo in mercy and moira
>no callouts
>d.va asks me to switch to something else
>switch to mccree
>trying to peel
>don't have mobility
>lose the damage
>literally nothing dies afterwards
Thanks buddy! I'll hit GM with your tips!

threesome with these 2 would be worth dying for

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>having team chat on
your fault

No. Look at Fuel, nobody knows everything that's gone on with them but thanks to people whining on discord and xqc's bitchy streams it's been enough for fanboys to give everyone involved with the team shit.

It doesn't matter if what they see is fake or exaggerated, people on the internet are dumb and will take it at face value, go and think they're qualified to give players abuse on twitter because of what they saw and make things even worse for them.

Give me one reason why I should carry you to GM user.

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>people on the internet are dumb
Most people have an IQ of 100 which is pretty fucking dreg tier.

Just release baguette in comp

>asking you to switch off best hero in the game
>you listen to them

sounds like your problem

perfect for a family

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Don't touch her!

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They will probably just ignore you because they love each other too much.
I dont mind watching

I just want to get out of silver on console. I managed to make it to plat by solo-queing but I dropped cause randos on console are actually garbage. Imagine playing the one game mode were you're required to be coordinated and not having a mic, any idea of a decent team comp, or being too dumb to listen to call-outs like "GROUP UP!" Being spammed.

carolina is pretty flexible, shes done a sex scene and you can find it on x videos or something


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>playing shooters on console

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Here's the map order, in order of maps played:

Assault - Volskaya and Temple of Anubis
Hybrid - Blizzard World and Numbani
Control - Ilios and Nepal
Escort - Junkertown and Route 66

Who the fuck though it was a good idea to Include Blizzard World and Junkertown in the map rotation for next season?

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I don't really need a PC for my gaming needs you Autist s

Is there some way to log out from in game? Or do I have to relaunch the game everytime?

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>current year
>good for anything

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>legs in the air
>nipple action
guess shes not so innocent

>I don't need a PC to play an FPS

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And yet you're stuck in silver

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>tfw you're up against a player so trash it actually makes them super had to track because their movement is so bad and unpredictable

>first person shooter

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If it's unpredictable it's good movement. Bad play is predictable movement. Your aim sucks.

that's why you deserve silver

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>symetra players that refuse to communicate and are being useless in general, not a single teleporter

This game is a magnet for autistic children.

Blizz World still feels like a joke idea that was somehow slipped into the game.

nice game Blizz'

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this will put me in a good mood for sleep

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no it's not unpredictable like movement from a good player it's unpredictable in the way only very very low skill players can be like suddenly standing still for no reason or moving towards an area only an idiot would because of player/turret positioning

Maybe you should stop playing on console. Diamond and Masters on PC are about the same level as silver on PC. There's no mind games in the upper ranks and there's no game sense at all.

>can't hit a still standing target

she was 18 in that vid, guess she was trying to get more famous

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if you ever played csgo and encountered ADAD faggotry you will understand your brain

>get a sym in my game
>doesn't setup turrets beyond choke
>takes nearly two minutes to get TP
>die on point
>sym tells everyone she has TP
>wait in spawn for like 10 seconds for it to come up
>she dies
>we lose the point

>Game has a cartoony art style
>All characters are walking tropes
>All their interactions are childish
>One of the maps is fucking Hollywood
>"Wtf a theme park???"

>implying Lucie isn't the hottest VA in Overwatch

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>childish interactions
It's like the kiddie to the max version of TF2

and what's the blackpill I get about my favorite?

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pretty sure she was in her 20s

If it weren't for Blizzword we wouldn't have Barbarian Zarya so it's okay

we could have had the skins without the map thats junkertown and horizon tier garbage

Just get better at the game is really all I can say. I have no real experience in the lower ranks so I can’t really offer any advice on how to climb. Shitty teammates are the majority of what holds you back in comp on consoles and I’d imagine there’s an abundance of them in Silver, so you’re probably gonna be stuck there for a while

just buy an xim and you'll rank up easily

did vg posting die again

I'm still here

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nigga just git gud, lmao
was high diamond/low masters on xboner before they nerfed Lucio and I gave up on that shitshow

>orisa bastion group
>they make demands in chat
>turns out both get killed by a single genji
>team booga is not real at all
>notice pattern
>it's forced 50
welp lets get it over with to hit my quota so the matchmaker is satisfied with itself

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"need" = strawman. PC is superior for fps; acting concerned over your performance but playing on a console doesn't make much sense.

As an aside: consoles are worse at everything.

What do the cuckboys at Blizzard have against smurf accounts? Every game past the first few I'm put in games where I'm the only good player on our team and the other team isn't great but actually functions. Thirteen (13) straight games that were over before they began. And wow, 3:30 quick play queue time, huh? Much longer than my main account. Just trying to find that perfectly hopeless game to put me in? Swear to god I would choke out every one of the faggots that coded the matchmaking in this game

On a 9 loss streak right now as Ana. I'm not tilted, but this is getting fucking ridiculous.

I always have 10k+ healing, always around 3-4k damage. 70-80% accuracy every game, I hit my sleep darts on ulting people/flankers and I hit my nades aswell.

What the fuck am I supposed to do to win? I'm playing with fucking retards.

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>me play moira/zen me kill people!

I hate these faggots focusing on getting frags and ignoring those in need of healing

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>What do the cuckboys at Blizzard have against smurf accounts?
it's against the Blizzard EULA for starters

stop caring about winning and just play your best. you can always rely on yourself to improve and play good; you can't always rely on your teammates to perform

stop playing a trash hero and play a carry one retard

It'll get better, forced 50% is actually not a meme.

I would only play her with a rein or genji on the team. Anything else is too difficult to pull off

>every pro has like 2 or 3
Hmm yes

>lmao just drop $1400 on a gaming PC bro don't you know paying $60 a year costs more in the long run??

It's specifically designed to undermine their matchmaking; i.e. breaking the rules.

read my post again
I'm not saying it doesn't happen nor that Blizzard aren't aware of it but it isn't sanctioned nor something the matchmaker will make easier for you, quite the opposite

>clip is now 60 and does the same dps over the same amount of time

>No dash refresh on ult, deflect visual effect now actually reflects hitbox

There I just saved overwatch

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A large part of the game is determining the best/most efficient use of your abilities or focus.
They probably decided keeping you alive longer just so you could miss more of your shots wasn't an effect use of resources.

You can build a PC that runs Overwatch as well or better than your console for $500, less than a console + 4 years of online subscription
Except you're also getting infinitely more freedom, a better control input, and way more functionality than just a game box

And, while you can register and play on multiple Accounts, you are not allowed to have more than three (3) Accounts.
From the EULA

Should have bought in earlier :^)

>healcuck trying to defend himself for being bad at healing can't even word a sentence properly

why am I not surprised?

desu, my xbox wan x runs it pretty much at 2160/60 pretty rock solid with a xim.
My 7700k & 1070 have issues with that without OC.

I've met Hanzo main with 121 hours on Hanzo
and he still couldn't hit shit

What is wrong with hanzofags

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work on your aim.

>You can build a PC that runs Overwatch as well or better than your console for $500

Maybe in 2016 see