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Mia's Japanese voice is actually really cute.

Why are grandpafags all crybabies?

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>Every time I try to look into a potential flier team to clear the GHB elites I haven't done they are using a minimum of two seasonal fliers, or new years Azura


That sums my PR experience

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>tfw sick and no energy to grind up from rank 12k to the top 10k before the day ends
Fuck Tempests

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user who said he'd upload it, have you managed to do so yet?

that happens every time on fixed growths

Build a whaleforce Cordelia, it's like having a dancer


Words of wisdom from the Goddess.

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Kagero is my wife.

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Why is that man's chest being grabbed?

Why does /feg/ hate Magvel so much?

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very cute girl

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HNowi on 8%!

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>Even with a meme swordbreaker/escutcheon build femGrima will struggle to kill falchions
Fuck. Give me some more meme build ideas /feg/.

I got 3 off banner Hinokas since launch, does she like me?



I like how unsealed falchion is visibly thicker than a regular one

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>listening to Innes and Arvis's voice actor, Xander Mobus
>hearing him in other things too lately
>to think I just thought of him as "oh hey he's the Smash announcer guy"
>now I think "oh fug it's him, the man with the badass voice"

A delight for my ears honestly. I hope he voices someone in FE Switch.

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no wta will do that to a unit

She just wants to protect you

MGrima can do it but he has 60 attack and bold fighter

Stop trying to use dragons to beat Falchions

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>three literal who's from games japan-exclusive
>vs a character who every FE player has heard about

Is it possible to have private servers for mobages like you do for MMOs? Imagine a private server for FEH where the 3* pool is expanded.

What kind of shitty Falchion unit can't easily oneshot MGrima? Marth?

Does anyone have that one image of Innes with "A Good Time"?

>iote's shield

myrrh shitters please leave

You sent her home, spic.


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Having flier troubles?
Use the the DC +def -spd Myrhh...

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The trade off is that he loses to roy/hana/tharja/ect

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Colorless and red!

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>got Kagero with orbs to spare for FGrima
Time for memes.

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Perfect, thank you.

>Iote's Shield seal over Close Defense seal
Shit build

That's my wife

Cowtits are disgusting

>fellow Cormag bro
Don’t worry, at our current rate of one new unit per banner he’ll be in by 2035 at the latest

I get by with just one at most and no dancer, but I also run DC on one of my other fliers who often takes on most of everything themselves.



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No problem.

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Stop posting the ugly manface version

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This is a homosexual

>Raul sent home Sonya, his best green mage at +6 and he literally whaled for her. Now he's stuck with an unmerged FRobin
>Raul sent home Micaiah who is lightyears better than Ursula and his highly merged MRobin
>Raul sent home Kagero, where he wasted 100k feathers for nothing
(lol what an idiot

How many left until dlc for warriors released

B Skill ideas for +Atk -Def S!Sharena running Egg?

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Is it kino? Are you rolling?

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Anti fateswakening shitters BTFO!

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>Cumilla and FMorgan have the same jp VA
wtf bros

Is FRobin good?

Legendary heroes are never OP and are barely great or meta-defining.

this is an underage

What does Miccy's breath smell like?

thank you big yoshi

I have Innes at +2 and Arvis at +3. I've come to appreciate him as so much more than "Master Hand". He just sounds so COOL.

This is your wife celica user! She just loves dicks

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Best red pool hands down and colorless is almost as good as the first one, hell yeah I am.

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>liking boy chest makes me so mature!

actually the chances of nowi is like 2% and 1 in every 200 orbs sniping reds

reds on legendary banner lol have fun sniping

I just build a +spd :D identical to nino right?

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I want Bridelia


Renewal or one of chill skills

>liking absurdist baboon features makes me a man
bet you have a beard as well soylent

Why was I married without consent? I demand a trial.

did sakurawhale ever get his 4 +10 sakunyans?
i remember when /feg/ watched him stream and he got tons of jakobs and couldn't do anything but laugh as he slowly drifted off into insanity

Fatria lol

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remove all western art shit album

Kill your friends boyo.

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>chance I could get SAKURA'D going for Fem Robin
Fucking kill me.

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black men's cum

Which day should the VG banner drop?

i feel sorry for that guy's waifu

>one of the ghb elites was only barely doable by me because my max atk qp cordelia did 26×2 to a 52 hp green mage

shit's lit f@m

delete this image

Though now that you can have two dirt legends, you can achieve maximum scores by double dipping on bonuses with two earth blessed allies for 4 invocations of bonus stats in total.

Very nice

I think he did?
Stupid thing is though that he deleted that account and is starting again on an F2P account.

I feel judged by Dagda for barely starting SMT4A and never playing it again.

the stress of rejection got to her

the log-in bonus starts on the 30th

Hey /feg/, I am not sure who to promote right now. I can merge my Femui some more, merge my basic Camilla more, or finally promote Camus or this Nino that has been sitting around for forever. I have a lot of other units I could promote as well, but thinking on those. Open to suggestions though.

Based Dagda at it again

Waiting datameme to decide

Will be dumping everything I've got into colorless.


>Chrom rejected this
Was he a homo?

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what the fuck
i'm all for being f2p but he might as well have kept his old one

If you don't have a savage blow-equipped healer yet, keep a spare Camilla handy as inheritance fodder. They're fun to dick around with on maps with lots of enemies or choke points.

Maybe a bit in red
Would go for Grima but that's risking Lyn and literal trash



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