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>PBS on Steam is out! Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia is also included
>Ryouna released as the newest character to Refle! Hau! More characters coming soon
>Re:Newal is out in Japan! Featuring Gessen and New Hebijo characters as free DLC for the following 2 weeks. Localizations yet to be officially announced
>Kagura, Naraku and Ryouki also confirmed for Re:Newal as DLC
>2nd Season of Anime confirmed as a new story, more details coming soon
>Mikagura Sisters and Ayame confirmed for New Link
>New Link, the new mobage RPG, is out! Look for it on iTunes or APKpure
>Senran Kagura Peach Ball for Switch is almost Finished
>Daidouji is best girl
>Senran Kagura 7even announced for autumn 2018 as a new PS4 title

>Complete Character Listing
>New Wave pastebin
>New Link pastebin
>Peach Beach Splash CG Pack
>Newest Fanart
>Senran Kagura Drawing Thread
>MarvelousAQL Senran Kagura site
>Creator's Twitter
Futalog is dead. RIP

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I love Yomi!

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>Takaki's desperate enough to try and advertise his games at wrestling matches

You love a turbobitch

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Fuck Yomi and fuck communism.

Being nice to Yomi and people who like her

Yeah, fuck commYomism!

Sure I can post more Yomi!

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leave the shiki/kumoautist alone

People never ever say be nice to other senrans when people bully them. Shiki, Murasaki, and Yumi bullying are accepted in the thread all the time. Yomi can take her bullying too.

I'll make this into a ANTI-BULLY thread if I have to
We can all be nice and discuss our favourite things about our Senrans and where we'd take them on dates and how we'd give them hugs.

Shiki/Yumi bullying is mostly meme-shit, nobody dislike them.
The antisaki guy and this antiyomi guy really seem to hate her, the fact that posting them triggers them so much is not a good signal.

Bullshit, there will always be someone screaming for Murasaki to be raped, calling Yumi a babu, and calling Shiki a slut or a Shitki and probably posting guro pictures of her being nailed to a cross., and that's all considered fine. Don't pull a double standard for your beansprout bitch.

>nobody dislike them.
Now that's a good meme.

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Senrans in Ready Player One

Senrans in a movie that's not shit that wasn't based on a shitty novel full of 90's references.

Senran Kagura The Movie directed by Uwe Boll

Senrans in The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

Nobody dislikes her tho, is either indifference or annoyance by her over-advertisement
>guro pics
There's only THAT pic of gessen, but it hasn't been posted in a long time, nobody posts guroshit here.

Cool new thread, Also wanted to say that these OP images are really awesome! :)

Oh and Matsuri Is the best and your faves can't compete, Thanks.

With only 24k first week sales on Burst Boogaloo, he needs all the advertising he can get.

get out of here you marketer, I'm on to your shill tricks

>Matsuri Is the best
>Only a E cup

Senrans spread across different time zones and adapting to the subcultures of their time! Hippie Hanabi at Woodstock! Disco Queen Shiki in platform shoes and bellbottoms and a halter top! Old school 80's Rapper Hikage! Candyraver Hibari! Yozakura as a flapper in a speakeasy! 50's Yumi in a poodle skirt at a sock hop or a soda fountain! Yomi fitting right in during the great depression! Asuka as a swing dancer! Colonial Miyabi in a powdered wig! Kafuru as a famous Greek Philosopher! Ancient Egyptian Homura worshipped as a Goddess!

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There's actually several. there's the one of Yumi's daki being hung on a cross, a picture of Shiki being hung on a cross and hit in the stomach by a log, and a picture of all the Gessen's skulls.

those aren't gore, the yumi one is more on Ryona-tier and the Shiki one isn't bloody or anything.
There's worse shit like a pic of Mirai getting eye-fucked.
the gessen skull one is vore

Minori is sleeping

I miss when xseed used to post here

There's blood coming out of her mouth.

it's tomato sauce from the sandwich she just had

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>how come /skg/ doesn't care for Yomi like me it's noooooot fair! I'm supposed to be controlling the general! How come anons don't do what I want, I'll spam the thread until they do!
Truly a loser's strategery.

... now you're just stretching. But regardless of the degree, those pictures abusing Senrans are accepted. The one of Homura killing Asuka always gets shouted down while the ones abusing Shiki or Yumi get left up for hours, until someone QUIETLY reports them and they get taken down. Either way. Other Senrans and their anons have to endure bullying and you can't make a double standard for Yomi just because you like her and not the others. Yomi's as fair game as anyone else, perhaps more so because of her actions in games. Shiki does bad things in the games and gets busted for it. Yomi does bad things and gets away with it scot free.

>yomi reeee

Having non-alcoholic drinks together with Matsuri!!!!

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Senran Kagura 7: Senrans in Time will be the best beat em up since the TMNT did it.

R.I.P her not getting into PBS...Maybe New Link or SK7..Or one day she'll get into a main type game. *cries single tear for best girl being excluded*


>Native American
>not an alcoholic
clearly you've never been to a reservation

oh no it's super shin!

I suddenly do really want this, I mean we're hopping dimensions and freezing time already why can't we have Senrans time traveling hunting Yoma?

nice job accusing /skg/ of being a thin skinned hive mind that reacts the same way to the same things every single time.
Also nice job revealing yourself to be utterly skinless. Don't go to pixiv unless you know the right tag to filter.

>we get timeline, dimension hopping Senrans
>we get character movesets based on Bon Appétit's endings, New Wave and New Link events, Girl Heart Story endings and everything else
>We get Hebijo versions of the Hanzo cast, and vise versa
>Playable Dogen where he's not a dick, along with playable girl Murasame
Too bad it'll never happen

>We get Hebijo versions of the Hanzo cast, and vise versa
Fuck I really wanna see this now.

Imagine how cool and ruthless Hebijo Daidouji would be! She'd probably be part Yoma or some shit like that

woah you've gone so deep I don't even know what you're going on now.. but I was just meaning things like that Flapper Yozakura at a speakeasy and suddenly Mirai in a pinstripe suit and fedora carrying a tommygun busts in starts shooting and it's revealed that all the speakeasy crowd except Yo are Yoma, then they team up and try to find out where the Yoma General in that time period is before they can go back to their home dimension/time.

I may have been barking up the wrong tree and ended up going for more of a dimension/time line fuckery path instead of standard time travel but either would be cool, Mob Boss Mirai would be cool as hell

>one night you are visited by a higher power that's giving you the choice to have your very own senran harem
>you will be given a modestly sized modern cabin home in the middle of a peaceful forest stocked with everything you can possibly need where it will only be you and your senrans
>the only catch is that your senran harem is made up exclusively of all the brown senrans

Do you accept?

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1(one) homu

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that wouldn't really be MY Senran Harem then, so no.

So Homura, Yuyaki, Matsuri, and Ageha?

It sounds nice, but I'd probably try and haggle for ones I'm more personally fond of.

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yeah I was just thinking standard time stuff but you took it to a different level

I'm not much of a Mirai fan but Mirai as a bootlegging gangster does have a cool mental image to it doesn't it?

>my senran isn't brown
>don't get to spend time wit my loved ones or friends
>probably shitty signal.
I'd rather take 1 Brown senran to take home and make family, with the increased expenses being covered by some magical ninja welfare or something.

You'd also get a dumb babu tulpa, if that helps sweeten the deal.

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>have four beautiful brown women at your beck and call
>have to have a dumb gyabu bitch infesting your mind and never giving you a moment's peace

I see, so this is the real catch.

>having fun swinging around with the brownrans
>from the corner of your eye, a big brown babu appears

Snuggling with your soft, cozy cinnamon bun in bed

Alright fine, you get Yumi too. Except she just THINKS she's brown and you can't convince her otherwise.

Yes. Matsuri, Yuyaki and Ageha are best tier. No to Yumi though.

Warmest hugs

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Yumi Bigsby

>3 who waves with no real personalities are the best

The only brown Senran is Homura

>Hanabi will never sit on your lap while you help her study

I wanna fuck all the who waves with weird hair

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is it that time again

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Homura just has a tan she isn't even actually dark skinned.

Homura is the Rachel Dolezal of SK.

Did Shin turn the Mikagura girls into LEGO?!

Let's be real here, user
Hanabi is MEGA BLOKS

>deliberately putting the cheeesu on your lap while prompting her to think
Rumor has it Hanabi anons are usually deaf and are missing several limbs.

Is Survival Mode in PBS doable solo? From what I gather if I outfit my NPC partners with stuff that gives them shields and HP while I go with just attack cards it should work okay, right? I just found out you need to do it all to get the Survival Pack unlocked which sucks but whatever.

The rates for cards are also brutal, 450 packs into the Venus packs and I'm still missing a 4* Kagura, at this point am I just going to have to resort to medal usage? I've been trying to avoid it as much as possible.

Best method for getting cards en masse is to farm currency, as I've found. But survival is usually doable up to the last wave or two. I haven't been able to beat any final waves, but an user here apparently did everything solo.
Truth be told, I also pussied out and didn't fully upgrade the minigun before trying any of the waves again, so it's probably pretty doable.

Yeah, I've been farming Venus 5 for money for the past I want to say 10 hours which is where the 450 packs came from, earlier grinding was cutting it close since we'd only win by like 5 points every time. Found out about Minori and Ryoki cards and it's basically carried me with NPC AIs having essentially infinite health and barriers nonstop. Good to hear about Survival though, I have every weapon and a bunch of characters at 10 so that's good.

You're helping her and explaining it to her in ways that makes it simpler.



Mike vs the Vagipenis

Hikage feeling like a night on the prowl!
Hikage preparing slowly but surely for blood in the water!

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In the timeline where Bam dies.

7Even designed like a Saint's Row with free roam and hidden missions for surfing on top of high speed trains

You don't have to be a musician to be an earth rocker. Murasaki is an earth rocker.

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Kafuru's eye is weird.


Murasaki doesn't want to be frightened or startled, and has a bad case of stage fright

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>yomi vs shiki

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>Ryoubi boobs bitch getting bitchy

>hebi gay Miyabi ass
Oh, no...just no.

>user ur yumi
and then user was a babu

>emu imu

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>remember hibbers
>nice penis happy yozakura
>free dlc forget hope
>cancer general
>love sex beat orochi
>yumi full help end bed guys
>dicks outside asshole
>nude uppers stuff
>naraku thighs dicks around sexual needs

There cannot be any stopping it. The decree from Burst just made them hornier

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Leave my waifu alone, you mosters!

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I'm going to eat Chicken Cacciatore with Yomi! DELICIOUS!!!!

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>implying she would let have even one bite

What implying? We're going to enjoy this delicious meal together!

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>earth rocker
>look up the wikipedia article
>Earth Rocker is the tenth studio album by American rock band Clutch
>Genre: Stoner rock, blues rock
Miyabi... What have you been listening to? Have you been hanging out with the bad kids?...

Except she's going to be the only one eating.