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Dubious Camoran Throne Returns: Rev Up Those Alts Edition
>Elder Thread
>Jester Festival from 29th to 2nd (10:00 EDT/15:00 BST/16:00 CET)
Your one chance a year at grabbing the drink of meta.

>Official news

>Latest ESO Live

>Latest patch notes:

>Builds and Guides
New Player Guide: docs.google.com/document/d/1WsLK2mOCvIePLUxW_X7CPa7uT072x3FJEzY7yyN1hXA/edit
Alcast/Deltia Guides: pastebin.com/Y9vRAcwm

>The More You Know
- If you're looking for RP, the most famous place is Riften -- but player housing has diminished this.
- You move slightly faster with your weapons sheathed. :^)
- Stablemasters still sell horses. The Crown Store isn't the ONLY source for non-level-reward mounts.

>Online lore, map and general info

>UI addons for PC

>Assorted links

>Making gold

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[PC NA] mail (not whisper) @Foskl for invite
[PC EU] mail (not whisper) @Hatebr33d3r for invite
[PS4 NA] message PSN: kibukj for invite
[PS4 EU] message PSN: RumpRustler for invite
[XB1 NA] message GT: Arick556x45 for invite
Alternatively, write your @username, platform and location in the thread

>Platform poll:


>Is the game worth playing?
We just don't know.

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dlgamer.com/us/search?keywords=the elder scrolls online

>Do I need to subscribe?
Subbing is totally optional, with its largest benefits being access to all DLC (but NOT "chapters," including Morrowind and, soon, Summerset), 1500 crowns (cash shop currency) upon sub start/renewal, and the Craft Bag, which is shared by all your characters on a megaserver and holds all crafting materials, potentially freeing up a lot of space.

>Sales and deals
dlgamer.com/us/search?keywords=the elder scrolls online (official reseller)
There's been talk of stolen credit cards being used to buy keys, but a lot of people still get it through one of the following and have no problems:
net/catalogsearch/result/index/?q=elder+scrolls+online (consensus suggests this is the least trustworthy)
Of course there's always the main site and Steam.

>Enabling multithreading (this can cause minor audio and visual stuttering)
>\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\UserSettings.txt -- change the following values:
SET MaxCoresToUse "however many cores you have"
SET RequestedNumJobThreads "-1"
SET RequestedNumWorkerThreads "-1"

>Which faction should I choose?
Daggerfall Covenant: Most generic-fantasy faction. Humans and Orcs. Forests, haunted crags, and desert. Literally everyone who plays loves the leader.
Aldmeri Dominion: Elves and cats. Forests, forests, grassland, and savannah. Leader just wants everyone to get along. Under her rule.
Ebonheart Pact: Variety. Drunken vikings, Dark Elves, and lizards. Snow, volcanoes, and swampland. Leader has fuck all to do with most of the story. Probably too busy drinking.

>How do I access the main quest after starting with Morrowind?
Once you finish the intro, you can teleport (or take a boat) to the mainland. Check your world map. When you're approached by a woman in robes, do what she says.

>What is animation canceling? Is it worth learning?

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Hows she look? Big breasts yay or nay?

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big breasts +, big legs/hips +++

>big breasts

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does the weekend trader ever bring dlc helms

Maximum breasts.
Maximum hips
Maximum ass
Minimum waist

Need big breasts and hips for good breeding :)

My unbridled rage for this game is eternal, or until templar tank stops being shit.

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>minimum waist
don't you mean gut? I max everything but min gut.

>How's PvP?

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How strong are DK's DoTs + dual wielding's DoT? Are they strong enough to "replace" bow backbar without absolutely destroying my dps? Some loss is fine but hopefully it's not too much.

Minimum gut yeah, but waist is the space between the hips and torso, a narrow waist emphasizes the hips.

calm down, bb
it's okay

How she looks in armor.

Stop with this full soft slider bs. It looks shit every time. Embrace being a cat you furry fuck.

Fucking hell.

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There's no way even the most delusional basket case can convince themselves that that looks good

Are there any like general tanking guides? Because apparently a lot of guides are made in mind with super end game + very coordinated group of players
like what should my back up weapon be? or the general load out for each bar on a warden

The eyes make it look terrible because she was in the middle of blinking. I timed it really bad.

The eyes look terrible because the eyes always look terrible with how you made her face

user if you think the eyes are the only problem in that picture you're beyond saving.

I also narrow the shoulders as much as I can too.

Other than that, what's wrong with her?

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The eyes are just the most obvious sign of sparklefurry shit. You don't need to look at anything else because you know the rest is going to be bad.


my first khajiit didn't even look that awful
start over


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ima be real wit u chief yours is almost as bad

looks like he belongs in one of those ptsd joke gifs where they overlay transparent vietnam flashbacks

I came to write a very sad testimonial on behalf of young new player Level 35 whose name shall remain disclosed. I might've been playing safely all this time but since launch I've never seen this kind of toxicity in ESO, so it makes me a bit sad to see it now.

what are you talking about
>whose name shall remain disclosed
you mean undisclosed. to disclose information is to give it

fuck off, you're not entitled to other people's time just because you want to drag deadweight. duo the dungeon and carry him alone if you're so tough.
t. hello fellow plebbitor

At what level do people learn to shield bash?

Well, I queued up for a quick normal random and ended up in a group with one level 35 and 3 cp700+ people (myself included). The other two were DPS (even though I queued as DPS and the level 35 was marked DPS too), so I noticed the two cp700+ actually queued up as tank and healer. Well, considering it is a normal dungeon that is not so bad since a couple of high cp folks can easily go through these. But that was a bit of evidence of the types we were dealing with already... Little did I know.

Iunno, I learned to do it when the tutorial told me about it.

I can't speak for others though.

which version of the game do I buy? is there a bundle with the DLC or is it just an imperial scam?

ive seen kena

tfw retarded and playing orc nightblade healer because I don't want to reroll to templar and I love orc aesthetics

Personally I have trouble noticing the line effects when there's so much shit going on screen, but I am new

the gold edition gives you the 4 most important dlc but doesn't come with morrowwind

editions are currently a mess. base game and gold (base+4 DLC) are no longer sold, but still found on keysites and physical retailers. for sale right now is Morrowind (base+morrowind), Summerset preorder (base+summerset+morrowind while it's in preorder stage). there's Elder Scrolls Collection, which is base+gold DLC+morrowind+summerset with no time limit. other than that, there's the Clockwork City story DLC and 3 dungeon packs.

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buy summerset then subscribe to eso+

>gold edition on play asia up to 35 dollary doos now
Glad I bought it a few days ago at 20

Is MagBlade rotation actually difficult? Or is it just brainlets that cant handle anything other than a pet Sorc?

I read this on reddit while I was shitting at work. Good for you user.
I'm surprised it took you this long to find some shitters.

>those character names
Holy shit lad.

You need to be able to hit at least 3 assassin's will per resolve to make magblade good DPS so it's a little more involved than most other classes.
The other thing is DoTs are a little harder to line up but extremely similar to a magsorcs.

I just bought the game and subbed with ESO+..wtf do I buy from the crown store? Do I want to be saving this?

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you save it for sales

I'd suggest buying the hair and accessory packs so you can change them whenever you want, or just buy some crates/whatever DLC you want to keep if you don't plan on staying subbed.

biggest utility is the Banker or the Merchant assistant. I prefer banker, others don't necessarily agree.

Not him but what tab is the merchant in? That's the main thing I've been considering checking out thus far.

I think there's an Assistants tab.

I tried to follow lore conventions, but I admit the cat was just autogenerated.

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Any of guildmaster not active? I would like to take over if one isn't

Cuz I'm very experienced and one best players on PC na and I'm not naming myself

sure, ill give you kind stranger the keys to my empire


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Ok ok it's me ramza the imperial magus general

I want to be king of something, I have experience and am decent player

king of shitposting

King of broken hands.

king of mental breakdowns

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question, here, if someone knows


yeah, >reddit, but one of the two things they're good for is an occasional bit of information. so i was messing with the LargePage tweak, earlier, just wanted to see how it went. i'm wondering, though: is it necessary at all with >win10? today was just "mess with various tweaks, see if anything explodes" day. not much exploded. but, hours later, i did get the second bluescreen i've had in a year and a half, and i'm wondering if maybe fucking with my RAM led to this win32kfull.sys error. it would be rather odd timing if this had nothing to do with it. the only other possibly-relevant thing i've done has been enabling Virtual Super Resolution (i was watching Netflix when the bsod hit and i don't know if there's any interaction, there -- none that i know of, just covering bases).

anyone have anything illuminating to toss my way?

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I read somewhere that the dunmer house motif pages can only drop once every day or something like that.
Is this true? If so, is it per character or account-wide?

What is the easiest or fastest class/combo to level 1-50 in? Is it MagSorc?

Possibly king of falseflags too.

there is a cooldown, but only 15 minutes or so. dwemer motifs too, with the caveat that you need to find another ruin after you've found a page.

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play warden
fits orc aesthetic a lot more

>orc nightblade healer
fucking hero

>buy some crates

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hows the erp in this game

Can I level as a 2H/bow stamina warden or am I memeing myself?

probably. petsorc, specifically.

go to BDO instead

Cats can't be psijics.

So I'm trying to choose between dunmer and argonian magblade. I know dunmer will do more damage but a super sustain argonian sounds fun too. How useful would the sustain be in pve? or is all the high level pve content just about squeezing out as much dps as possible

am i going to get stuffed in my three holes by orcs and other kind of subhumans there?

you bet your ass you can

they can, soon, motherfucker

we time lord now

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go argonian, join Dark Brotherhood, be spooky shadowy Shadowscale

with extra shadow

Heck if I was that smart, I would manipulatied my way to be a guild leader or mod

I think I'd be good I don't hate anyone

>you bet your ass you can
Not him but how? Warden has like no dps options

>orcs and other kind of subhumans
He actually thinks ANY mer could be subHUMAN. How adorably sad.

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Aren't Khajiit also distantly related to elves too?

Is everyone a freaking elf?

sure they do. i didn't say it would be optimal. but using aminals+2h/bow skills would work just fine.

i'm leveling one bow/bow atm, but i also considered bow/2h

i don't group

>I don't group
You on meds? No offense

Bought this game after free weekend, plan on playing a MagSorc with pets. Is it a problem doing the thieves guild and dark brotherhood with what will be a pretty not sneaky character?

unless you want to erp a cat or lizard, there are better options.

Outside group dungeons and pvp you can run most content with nearly any build.

>he just realized he's playing The Elfer Scrolls

yeah, but not brain ones. they don't work on me.

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>khajiit last name

>wants to be a guild lead
>doesn't play because of carpal tunnel syndrome

honestly, there's nightblade and then there's everything else, when it comes to that stuff. if you're not a nightblade, it's gonna be a lot more difficult, but still doable.

1v1 me m8 u r shite an u will always b worse than me

Or erp based on elder scrolls lore
Yeah but not do it at all is unusual
That's good point desu damnit, I need recover before becoming leader

How long are queue times for normal dungeons as a DPS?

oh come the fuck on

at least tell me about how single slavic women in my city want my "..." "attention." oh.

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What is up with all the names being taken? I've literally made up like 7 of them and all are taken. And no they aren't any references to anything in popculture in them.