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New /gerg/ game, from the makers of Shadowrun Returns releases April 24th-

Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries:
[YouTube] 15 Minutes of MechWarrior 5 Gameplay: Atlas Mech on a Mars-Like Planet

Armored Core:

Mechwarrior Living Legends:

Living Legends Server Stats (Use this to check if anyone is playing):

Heavy Gear Assault:

Into the Breach:

M.A.V. (Now with more Chromehound legal rights!)

MechWarrior Online:

How to start MWO:
[YouTube] Beginner's Introduction to MechWarrior Online 【PART 1】

Let the Flea hop into your life:

>Have No Fear In Your New Fafnir:

New Player's Guide to MWO (aka the Manual):

All the MWO Models:

MWO Mechlab:

Group Mumble Info:

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New Steam achievements, Solaris related:

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who is ready for faction play to be even more dead and irrelevant? i know i am

This event was made and executed with the end goal being to drive people from FP altogether so it'll be easier to end it when Solaris starts.

What IS solaris, after all?

Just give me the basics

>chasing a wounded sunspider in my ac20snubnose pepsi bush.
>full health hunchback comes around a corner, being a good teammate and body blocking me to save his friend.
>flick shot him on reaction and instantly kill him with a headshot while the rest of his mech is untouched.
>finish off his friend in full view of his corpse then fight another subsided and kill him too.

I felt like I was the bad guy in a story about a plucky team of naive cadets getting massacred on their first mission.

Rip in piss, community warfare.

1v1 and 2v2 battles with chassis separated by tiers, it's own unique rewards (including bolt-on cosmetics), and maps (small size for dueling). ELO system to rank players so theoretically a noob isn't fed to the sharks.

Sounds pretty dumb honestly, mostly because 1v1 makes it so only very specific builds can shine in it and 2v2 is just two 1v1s

>2v2 is just two 1v1s
This is how I know you're a shitter

How would a 2v2 play out then?

Two 2v1s

that's even worse because it encourages BIG FUCKOFF ALPHA

Well yes, that's the idea
Alternatively two Piranha style huge deeps builds that can fuck up someone's legs no matter how hard they twist

It's supposed to be all dueling, all the time so yeah, it's going to be different build ideas than solo/group/faction play. You only need to kill one target? Less ammo required, sustained fire < burst, and so on.

yikes that's actually the worst possible

>2v2 piranha only spastics

If they add Shadow Cats of any kind that's exactly the build I'm going to use in 1v1 lol

Did I fuck up getting the Nova cat hero? I had a lot of MC saved up from the events.. thought I would be able to use the ballistic hard points..but they wont let me?

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They are releasing other variants and omnipods for c-bills early april, so no.

what did ''''she''''' mean by this

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Awesome good to hear

Who will replace Jules as the meme king of kong?


Recommendations for a moneymaker.
Just want big damage scores.

Any of the Madcat MK II, any of the Supernovas.

I was having fun doing freelance scouting in an ASN earlier, but now it's changed to a clan v clan event thing I don't have any clan lights or mediums. How do scouting drops work for clans? Are there any clan lights/mediums well suited to the job?

>he plays CW.


The hero Myst Linx does work for me. Lights are fine mostly since people never fucking pay attention to you

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So why can't I buy a piranha? Is there some way to unlock it or was it a limited time thing? It's not available in the store. Is that how it'll be with the release of the Flea and such too?

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They're available for cash only for a few months. Then they're available for MC then cbills. It's all in the Piranha FAQ on the piranha page.

Please stop making these threads. Thank you in advance.

is there any way to shut this obnoxious stuttering cunt up or is that my punishment for wanting an extra reset

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>needing an extra reset
You can just git gud.

Never die

Texan Greg marries minor Kuritan lordess of some backwater planet; civil war erupts. Greg-sama Loyalists and mercenary friends from KISS (Kong Interstellar Security Solutions) unit help re-establish the peace.

Things take a turn for the worse as pirates and clammers join the mix.

Multiple possible endings based on player choices made.

please do not write fanfiction about me unless you are a konglord named ruther darshing who unfortunately got head shot

thank you in advance

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>dashing is/was a kong Lord

Love this meme. They're only an elder konger. Kys and don't KMP.

That's just what the discordians want you to think

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When's hawken?

When Chimerathon returns and Hawken is brought back to PC.

>Greg looks THIS old

Wow, this is why you shouldn't date succubi.


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pity bamp

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This is going to sound like a meme, but lrm90 novacat.

Resets are already useless since it only resets the current turn, don't use that fag

It sounds like a meme because it is a meme, don't use LRMs when ATMs exist for proper lockbrawling

how the fuck do I lockbrawl without a tag

>he's making up new words again