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>Oculus Rift Setup Guide
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>Recommended VR Applications/Games 2018

>VRChat Resources and Tutorials

>Full-body with KinectToVR Guide (to be improved)((maybe))

>Minecraft pastebin

>Socks containment thread
>Previous thread

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Kenshiro you pile of dog shit, come face me TONIGHT in /FIGHTNING/

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>*say my name intensifies*

That's so true. If only there was a way to widen that lens or otherwise make it so that everyone could look through that beautiful view. Until that becomes possible I'll continue spreading joy, positivity and optimism to any and all, as much as possible. And you know there really needs to be several anime nights with Aria. Make it into like a longer running thing that we watch every now and then when everyone interested is online!

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Pick a spot, I'll make sure to bury you there.

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God I love shiny surfaces.

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VR fighting games and danmaku games when?

I want to lick that

Don't worry, I've already dug the grave, you'll know where to find me.


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I want to punch that.

Hey gamers, posting it again in the new bread, but now with a strawpoll.

What kind of mods should the Vivecraft server move into first?

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Just do both, get a decent amount of mods that will satisfy everyone without lagging the server. As for which mods, ask the people that want them. I'm happy with Vanilla myself.

the modpack i made already has adventuring and bossfights tho, tech is just a portion of it

I wish there was some perfect VC software so mt waifus wouldn't sound like men or robots.

Reminder to be kind to other anons, no matter what kind of person they are!
And have some music from Aria.

Hmm, well, I could try to organize something I suppose. I'd need to try out Bigscreen first and see how that works.

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Any good resources for learning to develop small VR games? I think I'll just use Unity because thats what I'm familiar with from importing avatars.

Reminder to kill other anons, rape their families, and burn their houses down no matter what kind of person they are!
And have some music from SATAN.

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We get it, the joke is dead now.

Reminder to be patient, some of us have autism.

I was going to make one of those autism caps, but madoka beat me to it.


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Thanks as always user and have a (you) yourself.

(You) too. Would you watch Aria with me if I did the anime night thing?

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How do I make an user fall in love with me?

Do it anyway

Going to continue testing with bigscreen tonight before the meetup, if anyone is willing to help me do a stresstest. I'll be playing 13 Hours the Secret Soldiers of Benghazi at 8:30 EST tonight to see if there's any issues with audio and syncing. Will post room info later if anyone is willing

I don't know what Aria is but sure.

Make a really lewd ahegao face and keep kissing them despite their protests.

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You can't, all you can do is show your best side to them and hope they like what they see, good luck.

Alright then, that's some motivation, I'll get to Bigscreen testing soon.

Oh cool, maybe I'll drop in.

I've been looking into hosting and I think we'll be able to support fairly large amounts of anons, if not everybody who wants to come.
I'll start the room ~8PM ish EST to get some troubleshooting out of the way early, and hopefully we can see if most of the movie goes without a hitch.

I'm trying to put my avatar on a bike, but I've never done something like that before. Would I put them into Unity as two separate models and animate the avatar on to the bike? Or do I do that in Blender? But how would I get the legs to not move? I'm not even sure where to start.

Please do, I've been meaning to watch Aria since forever but have always put it off due to an ever increasing backlog and new seasonal anime that keep popping up. The best excuse to watch it would be in a comfy environment with you all.

13 Hours is an underrated movie, loved it a lot. I'll definitely hop in and see how it works. Just remember to hide anything you don't want other people to see on your desktop first and also adjust the Desktop Audio setting to make sure we can hear each other but the movie too.

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Is this what people mean when they say "boobpits?"

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Man it'd be hot if someone did that to me. But I wouldn't protest in the first place unless I knew they wouldn't listen, and I don't know anyone who I know wouldn't listen.

A cute avatar is not enough. We're all visually cute.

You need an atracive personality that people want to interact with.

We /onward/ tonight?

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Or a perverted personality that people want to do lewd things with.

I want to kill Invalid and rape his family

How do I ask someone if they want to be lewd?

>Playing 13 hours
>Modded out m4
>Nods out the ass
>Mass slaughter of sand niggers
>Operators operating in shorts

I'm in

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Reminder to be indifferent to other anons, no matter what kind of person they are!
And have some music from Cowboy Bebop.

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pls respond

Fuck off faggot if you like onward you would watch 13 hours

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>I don't care how is your day today anonymous

Proof read your memes

Make it one model, use dummy leg bones for moving around in VRchat, with Unity seeing those as the primary legs and have a second set with custom animations for cycling. Hips and above can be weighted and assigned normally

That's my fetish.

Reminder to wear sunscreen when you go outside, no matter if it's hot or not!
And have some music from the beach.

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It's time to stop.

i disagree, this meme is pretty alright. i just hope everyone starts getting creative

Be the best you can be and have a nice tail.

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It was funny when it was just and since they opposed each other, now every tom dick and harry wants to get in on the meme and beat it to death.

How would I make it one model though where it's posed to have the avatar on the bike in Blender? It's actually a motorcycle by the way so I wouldn't even need cycling animations.

>tfw could have had at least trap-user's high-quality avatar
>too brainlet to merge the fifty bajillion tail bones so they don't nuke everyone's frames so I gave up

Reminder to be ________________________what you wanna be________________________

It's time to fuck off you little pussy, those are better then that faggot hugbox original who's just filling his gay quota


>that ass

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>being this bootybothered because of your failed uncreative attempt to jump on a meme train.

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l'd be down for it if it's not too late. l'll probably go to sleep in about 1-2 hours

The correct form would be how your day is, right?

is 2,000,000 tris too much for my bullet animation

Not enough

Yes that's right.
You'd ask someone, "How was your day?" though.

with the amount of particle effect having randoms we have at meetups now, who even gives a fuck
duplicate it 17 times just fuck me up

Have the model. Have the bike. Put the model on the bike, make one mesh, add some dummy leg bones for IK and you're good

Im trying to make a luger that shoots a 2,000,000 tri model of hitler so I can exectute knuckles memes.

Post your pop-tarts

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That's unironically not even as intensive as many avatars used by /vrg/ retards.

Good post about VR friend

Please post dynamic bone settings

This might actually be /trash/ material

Why do I have to set my shaders to fade to make my drool shapekeys appear correctly? I thought fade was for disappearing after a distance. Shouldn't transparent work?

You're right they are all attention whores anyways

This pleases my baguette

Cubed Distance Fade is the one you're thinking of. Fade is just another transparent mode.

Cutout doesn't respect Alpha. It only sees TRANSPARENT SHIT and NOT TRANSPARENT SHIT.

Fade however sees everything between 0-255 Alpha which makes it look way fucking better

That won't get you love

I'm a bit retarded and still don't entirely understand how to do all of that but I'll try, thanks.



What is there to fix?

Thank you, people give me shit because it comes in a plastic handle but fuck that it's the best stuff for the price

For the people interested, I'm doing the big screen thingy at about 1-2am est tonight. Gonna stream the first 5 or so eps of Amazons and hopefully remember to sign out of discord and close my porn tabs

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Oh another user doing a Bigscreen thing? Wow, looks like I'll be busy tonight. Wish I could have time to attend all of your screenings every time, assuming we do these regularly.

Dunno about the others, but I'm gonna try to get some sort of schedule going

That's in 6 hours right?

Just about, yeah. As soon as I get home from work, I just need to throw something in the oven and I'll set up the room.

l'll go to sleep now and put an alarm hopefully l wake up. Freaking timezone differences

Mine are noe noe. I hope you've manually adjusted the position, because they won't come through the skin by default.

Hopefully see you soon then, user

Reminder to block everyone past the 10th spot on this list because they're leeches and contribute nothing to /vrg/

>tfw in the top 10
Dance crew best crew

fuck off shoa

Cock is better than love.

Why am I on the losing side of every one of these strawpolls?
Early on it felt like I'd found a group of people I agreed on a lot of things with, but now that the threads and meetups are huge it seems like the majority preference is regressing to the mean.

>almost made an entire month without getting namedropped
delete this post

I've been here over three months and I've been name dropped literally once.

I need more USB slots for all this. Will a USB hub somehow impact how well the sensors work or should I just go grab a cheap but decently reviewed one?

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