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hi-rez a shit

no u

>new patch
>new balance
>new competitive season
>new drafting

>that ONE FUCKING GUY who bitches during the draft and tries to enforce the stale meta from season 1


I've gone off on several people already today for this shit. Stop it. Let us try solo tank with Barik. Let us try triple flank, or triple heal. Play Skye and Willo! Trying new weird shit and failing or succeeding in the process is part of the fun. THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF A NEW SEASON YOU META SHITTERS. IT'S TOO EARLY TO SETTLE YOU FUCKINASDNJASDNJADNJJASDJASD

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Why are the mounts so slow
Why is everything so slow
Why did they make it so you can't see the quests from the main screen again
Why are all my cosmetics like the Kinessa beanie fucking pointless now
Why did they change the matchup loading screen to be uglier
Why did they switch the places of Blast Shield/Haven/etc?

Kinessa is cuter with a beanie

but the balance changes they made weren't big enough to warrant that kind of stuff. there really wasn't that much changed with this patch

Mounts are as fast as ever but they've made third person FOV fixed at low value which makes movement appear slow, mounts included.

even with default body it's still the best looking set

>triple flank

>recolors mostly gone
>those that survived are the shitty ones
>little box of horror´s items cannot be combined anymore
>"its for a better performance and higher quality skins guys, W-we swear!"

>genie ying collection gutted

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Reminder Jew-Rez lied to their customers again and will continue to do so without remorse.

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what's wrong with that skin?

Entire premise behind the limitation of customization was that modeling multiple parts of skins and having them load was hurting optimization and limiting skin designs.
>model for the new skin actually works the same way
confirming that it's bullshit.

The fact I'm forced to play maeve is fucking disgusting


>someone actually tells the truth about what Hi-Rez is doing
>no one believes him

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stop being such a shameless tool

>F: Battle Battle

Stop shilling your stupid channel with your shitty video. That picture's already been posted.

Rude. I don’t see you posting any actual content other than mean shitposts.

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>get Maeve
>carry every match because nobody knows that protecting Seris is the most important part of the game mode

good post

can i still play smite without supporting hi-rez cancerous business practices with paladins?

. . . and SMITE, which is what Paladongs is slowly turning into!

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Friendly reminder that chinks can balance Ash better than Hi-Rez.

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open beta when

Even through times of uncertainty and controversy, my feelings for her are unchanged.
It is with infinite joy that I love her, because she is just as infinitely special to me. Nothing would make me happier than to spend the rest of my life at her side.

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>defending hirez

>wallowing on the bad times
>when Ying just got buffed
No wonder she cheats on.

and smite into tribes ascend

Do you prefer Ying x Maeve or Ying x Ash.

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Not defending Hi-Rez. Watch the video and hear the ass-pulls he uses to explain things. It's not like the Cards Unbound video that got popular with a lot of likes because of sensible reasoning. I agree the change is shit and have been bitching on the forums and Plebbit since the announcement. That video just presents all the arguments poorly.

reminder that chinks have made the game unfun and once again ruined something

Ying x 8000 man army of anti-elf racist Magistrate soldiers who haven't seen a woman in months

lol this thread is just 22 hi rez employees shilling.

Rev up for butthurt because here's an Odyssey Chest for Not-Paladins!


yeah /palg/ is a shithole nowadays
everything changed when Fernandoposter left, no first post smile posts since then and all we do is this dreadful bitching and shitposting

yingposter hates gays

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shit posting between event games. Learning the new map is more important then anything else really.Doing an onslaught event for ever major map release makes it really easy.
Casuals seem like a waste of time and I'll wait a few days before I do my placements.

Those 8000 men won't be able to stand when Ying is done with them.

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>they left Hellion in for Ash
who the fuck wanted this

I finished my placements at 5:5 w:l because of shitty teammates.
Then I placed in silver.
I've never lost a game ever since.
I fucking hate placements. I hope I can skip gold entirely and get into plat.

Let's talk about how Hirez messed up the new Lian loadout cards and Grace counts as a weapon attack for the new Valor CD reset card, so you can piggyback between the Valor resets Grace CD and Grace resets Valor CD cards forever, quite literally forever if you pick the Alacrity talent

it's uncommon so it's obviously the best out of all the recolors

That's selfish. Do you think I shouldn't worry about the health of the game as a whole?

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I have never seen a single thread on all of Veeky Forums where this is not the case

Lian always had wacky shit, so I'm guessing it's a design choice at that point. Like her being able to just get a free reload off of her slide that was off cooldown by the time she ran out of shots again.

That's cute and lewd.


>everything changed when Fernandoposter left
Because Fernando poster left when Unbound happened. You can thanks Hi-Rez for turning the general into a bunch of cynical bitches.

thakns lo-rez

Why haven't you bought the best Seris skin yet?

All of Lian's shots count as weapon attacks. Pretty sure that's intended.

but I did. Voice is a bit meh but the dialog is right up my alley, The weapon feels like hit scan though,. Weird as hell.

i'm never going to use it since i can't use demon seris vp with it

I'm saving up. Do you think I can get 150 crystals in two weeks?

Yeah, but the Valor CD reset card specifically mentions "Heirloom Rifle" shots, which is the name of her LMB. Theoretically that wouldn't be so insanely broken (it would still be pretty OP), but I suspect Hirez forgot that all of Lian's skills count as weapon attacks and forgot to restrict the effect to her LMB only

What's the point of the event map? Do I get rewards by playing it?

can't mix and match voice packs or with my other seris skin. You know, that community skin they shilled hardcore?

You can get 50 per week now if you log in every day, and the event will last until OB70. Do the math yourself.

Can you bring up a few things instead of copy pasting youtube comments?

A few people in the comments already used the term "ass pulling".

Well in Smite, the events are usually made to sell the bundles. In Paladins, the event doesn't seem like an endless grind-fest, but an actual game variant (just really bad). You can apparently just earn the rewards from other maps.

it's just for fun

>video explains hirez is removing shit because they need to shit out as many skins as possible to make up for lost money
how isnt this true?
>video explains how the new skins will not effect performance
how isnt this true?
>video explains how the new skins will not be better than before ( and weve already seen the """"high quality skins"""")
how isnt this true?

>when you kill Barik's turrets they play his death lines

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Its basically a for fun mode to learn the map.

Also some shit about lore but who cares lol

do they have a robotic filter

I care, victor getting punched is great lore

So they did this unannounced voice pack pricing change because they want to sell more Founder's Packs right, there's no other logical explanation

>some shit about lore
It's just Khan punching Viktor, lore my ass.

t. Tyra

>there's no other logical explanation
It's because they have lost all creativity and are copying everything from Smite. Yes, this includes pricing now despite Paladins typically having things like this cheaper than Smite.

The new event bundle price is the same as the Smite Adventure bundle.

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Smite sure gets a lot of codes



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what did he mean by this


Every code this guy posts is invalid. He's fucking with us.

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t. falseflagger or LateBoy

shes telling to suck her dick

shitecucks btfo

Can one the maeveposters give me a maeve build? I have grown bored with skye and being laughed at by people on ledges is demoralizing.

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I think the bots are going up here and they don't know how to get down on their own.

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i dont even get why this game has bots. they're broken and buggy in every map and they feed the enemy team free crediuts if a bot takes over a player, leading to a terrible snowball.

do you guys think they will improve the bots if i make a petition?

Codes lol Smitty Smite Smote


>do you guys think they will improve the bots if i make a petition?
lol no

well learning a.i is coming, just bully the bots while you still can


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With all the chest they dropped I finally got all the directly purchasable skin of the game, now every odyssey chest they drop is an awesome chest.

Master-rank Maeve main here.

I don't ever post this loadout, but since you asked nicely I'll share it with you. I have a 70% winrate with it in competitive. It's a unique and rare build but it's freakishly powerful. Don't spread it around.

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Janny can you please do your job and delete these commercial spam/advertising posts?

play zhin

predation 1
shred 2
street cred 4
chase 4
walk it off 4

>have to spend $20 minimum to get the emotes

oy veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

good thing they're complete garbage so you don't need them

I just want Andro's dab emote because it's stupid

well then spend 300 and get 2 epics skins and a leggo emote, what's your problem
you can make that many crystals back in 6 weeks at worst

Dont worry my rectum ragnarok'd user, I'm done posting for the day.