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How fares your empire, /gsg/?

This day in history, 29th of March:
845 – Paris is sacked by Viking raiders, probably under Ragnar Lodbrok, who collects a huge ransom in exchange for leaving.
1879 – Anglo-Zulu War: Battle of Kambula: British forces defeat 20,000 Zulus.
1936 – In Germany, Adolf Hitler receives 99% of the votes in a referendum to ratify Germany's illegal remilitarization and reoccupation of the Rhineland, receiving 44.5 million votes out of 45.5 million registered voters.
1942 – The Bombing of Lübeck in World War II is the first major success for the RAF Bomber Command against Germany and a German city.
1945 – World War II: The German 4th Army is almost destroyed by the Soviet Red Army.

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EU4 DD 27/03

CK2 DD 19/03

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>>[EU4] - /gsg/ and Taxes v0.33 20/02/2018

>>[HoI3] - Flavormod 1.1.2

>>[CK2] - After The End

>>[V2] - Historical Project Mod - 14/12/2017

>>[V2] - Music Mod

>>[V2] - Napoleon's Legacy v0.3.1.7

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What have I done and who have I become

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Finally balkanized England how I wanted.

Quick Rundown of what happened:
1. Formed Empire of Éire from the Kingdoms of Éire, Alba, and England.
2. Hoping to revive the almost dead Cumbri culture (there were 4 people left with it, 3 of them female) I married the sole male of the culture to a lusty midas and gave him Northumbria and Lancashire.
3. Gave Yorkshire and Lincoln to someone of the Gall Goidal culture, which is sort of a mixture of Irish and Norse, from the Norsemen who settled in Ireland. They're exctinct in Ireland proper so I decided to set them up as a resurgent Danelaw type state in England.
4. Greater Dumnonia was formed in Cornwall, which now encompasses the entire South West Peninsula. Sadly the English have made the Cornish culture extinct, so I gave it to a Welshman.
5. The rest of Wessex was given to one of the last remaining members of the house of Wessex, this rump state was made to represent the last remnant of the Anglo-Saxon people, sort of like a containment area.
6. The actual kingdom of England was given to a Breton man, with the hope being he'll slowly kill off the Anglo-Saxons and return England to Celtic rule.
6b. The city of London itself, ancient capital of Roman Britain was given to a descendant of the house of Normandie, who failed to conquer the Kingdom of England in 1066. The idea being that a strong city of London will stop England itself getting too powerful. The internal struggle designed to stop them trying to reunify England and expand again.

I also hope to later conquer Wales, so the Irish empire encompasses Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

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Also the submod doesn't actually break is, it was just Fantasia doing its thing.
Still, the map is fucked up. I tried putting it in the installation mod folder and the documents mod folder

yellow ingres in the house

Actually, that's happened for quite a while now. As you know native tribes in the Americas migrate from province to province. The goods their province has changes each migration, and if chance has it what happens is tobacco is almost entirely produced in the east coast and st. Lawrence trade node, both downstream from you. If no native tribe is in a province with a CoT or estuary, buffing up their trade power, you have the largest share of trade power in St. Lawrence and east coast trade node due to "transfers from trade downstream; the Channel and north sea nodes that the Isles are in. With how the trading in bonus is calculated, even tho you don't know of tobacco and can't even see the new world, you are the biggest trade power there as stated above, and get the bonus
You'll lose it when a tribe wanders into a CoT or estuary and gets a +10 to 20 trade power boost.
A way to understand it in game is looking at the north sea and Bordeaux trade nodes. Both can receive from the Lawrence trade node but i doubt any countries in those have provinces in the new world. However, from trading downstream bonus, they still have trade power, and with no merchants directing in Lawrence their trade power is pulling away money from the trade node evenly between the north sea and Bordeaux as no merchant is directing (Not the case is east coast as while your trade power from trading downstream is present you have no merchant so whatever tribe in Canada that does have a merchant there is sending trade up north using your power)

Real new thread

oh cool
it's just fishieries i dont know about
also is there a difference between 'Promote culture cost' and 'change culture cost'

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Look at these fags and laugh

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me at the bottom

yes. Promote culture cost refers to the amount of bird mana you spend to "accept" a culture; as the English pushing into France, French cultures wouldn't be a bad idea
The alternative, change culture, is changing the province culture via time and bird mana, with change culture cost being on a province by province level determined by the province's development. There's also a cap to province culture changing cost, at -80%

pls respnd

did I hear say "oh yes Akbar Khan remake the Timurids?"
crashing the middle east...

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Reminder that Augustus was swarthy manlet with a unibrow and a hooked nose.

i like it

You fucked up colonizing as Spain
You don't deserve (You)s

>castille eats far more than i offer it in our french wars
>if their queen dies I might inherit
>I could then break aragon and naples free weakening them
>or castille could get a lancaster then claim the throne and enforce a PU

Also what are people's thoughts on recreating the north sea empire, and just what the first image of google is, not the whole of sweden and norway

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huh so thats what dutch colonial nations look like
Why didnt you steal all the coast?

the UK has been so fucking incompetent this game

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Why invade europe when you already did?

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interesting CoR this game
what are the pre-requisties for anglicanism event

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theodoro has the comfiest flag in vanilla

should I ally with the slavs, /gsg/? or would Timur (pbuh) be disappointed?

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Timur would conquer the slavs.

ally then stab them in the back at the turn of the century

i miss gex
i miss him so bad

Russia is not Turkic nor based.

peace be upon you all
i shall do what most venerable ally number two suggested

you have to come up with some autistic RP reason though

Started playing EU4 today. This is fun
>blobbed Commonwealth into Prussia, Baltics, Silesia and Slovakia, in personal union with Austria

خدای دی ووهی

half of austria is slovenia so this is fine

man the UoB really hates me
we've been at war since 1938 but now they're nuking me non stop all of a sudden, just as i'm preparing to take on mitteleuropa (germany/france/russia)
nuked their reactor so hopefully that'll shut them down for a bit but jeez

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Whats the best vicky 2 mod that isnt HPM? I played HPM but kept having the issue where the world was constantly short of resources. I had one game as brazil where I couldn't build troops for 20 years and I couldnt build factories because no machine parts.

>open vicky
>click at countries at startup screen
>close vicky

what the fuck
did india conquer austria or something

NNM if you aren't one of the niggermod shitposters

show us

You say that to continue the joke, but I had given serious thought to a Violated Heroine /gsg/. It already has a /gsg/ish situation going on in the background of the story, if you pay attention.

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i know this feel all too well
am i depressed?

akbar khan is dead
long live the khan!
هيله لرم چې په سوله کې پاتې شي

Is violated heroine any good?

what makes a game grand strategy

I wasn't as much a joke as me wanting /gsg/ to colonize /hgg2D/ since the current /hgg2D/ thread is all shitposting

Yes but it's very incomplete

Evanglising to the whole world is pointless, it gives you an opinion malus and robs you of money, not like other tags can become anglican anyway
having to think in advance more often than not

not him, tried but didn't like it. played as serena, and was given a mission to collect semen from 100 guys. my only option were "yes" and "hell yeah".
i mean why can't i just keep her pure. she's 11 years old after all.

we have conquered another two provinces from the vile persians, and now we have a land border with a new enemy

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>playing as anyone other than Nanako
Well there's your problem

Divergences is always fun, but the slight PDM in it puts people off. Still worth it imo.

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what's that mod about? i might try it
europe never colonizing thing/renaissance in Ming sort of thing?

so does that make chess grand strategy?

You probably started one of the saved games already present - those are there to showcase new content or show different variations of what can happen. Serena normally is very prudish.

What were you expecting, talking to a shady ass witch or shady ass demon woman?

>not playing as Frosty girl

Glad to see you have no heart.

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Just a ton of divergence points from our history, that's all. Basically a thorough alt-history. It's really really fun, you never really get the feeling the same shit happens everytime like in more standard V2 mods. Also no, Europeans colonized a lot.

And the Ming are dead.

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You look like a bottom

Jésus Christo
i'll check it out later, ty user

yeah definetly forming GB if i get claims on Iceland

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but it uses PDM economy so it's notched down a few tiers


same reason england has no colonisation ideas now

yeah i'm india
taking the long way around to retake france and britain for the entente lel
basically been building up for years to battle the krauts and their allies
nearly ready to fight them, just organising my allied/puppet armies

Is the "great conquest" part of the chink dlc for ck2 or was it part of ck2 plus?


You either die a hero....or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

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what's wrong with it


why does Victoria only have like 2 songs but CK2 has 500?

Reminder anglican still has defender of the faith, and you will always have deus vult

what, is this actually what it's supposed to look like?

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defender of the faith and deus vult should be for religious groups

idk i don't play it i just posted the link so you would shut up
again, what's wrong with it, BE SPECIFIC

>this new decision system
what in the flying fuck?

and where is next for the DLC, iberia and americas, scandi northen and central germany, india or >spice lands and oz


Soviet power, you fascist scum

>that Iberia
Gee I don't know.
I'm not the guy that kept asking about it btw

>1942 – The Bombing of Lübeck in World War II is the first major success for the RAF Bomber Command against Germany and a German city.
white and based

Achaemenid would be proud
I love seeing DoD games do you have any interesting screenshots?

What should my goals in CWE be? It's 2014 and China, UK, Russia, and the US are devastated by nuclear war. The rest of the world is fine. Reposting.

India, Indo-China and Indonesia need some love desu

first time this happened
My old king is also a general somehow

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Nuke India and basically you've saved the world.

India will be undisputed superpower soon if nobody does anything about it

Actually, that is what it's supposed to look like.
What le fug.
Anyway thanks for uploading it

China will fund a Pakistan-India war if it ever looks like they're going to overtake them.

China has 6 million pops right now

what's something fun to do with Japan in Victoria 2?

I have large fully advanced army and already control Manchuria, Korea, Malaysia, Hawaii, and the Arab peninsula

i was halfway through annexing kildare now i'll need to start all over again

Nice try Xi, We have over 5,000 DESIGNATED scatsats ready to drop their collective contents on every major Chinese city. The brown tide will flood Chinese soil.

I'd say colonize pacific but it is no fun at all.

The best thing Japan in V2 can do it fuck with beady anglokikes in India. Russia is too easy to defeat.

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In EUIV does Army maintenance effect how fast Manpower replenishes?

>play Rome in Imperium Universalis
>new election every fucking year

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Not other than if you have armies needing to be replenished your manpower goes to them rather than into reserve unless you put maintenance to zero.

nope unless you are reinforcing troops

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Just get comfy low-pop colonies that you can settle. California (at least at the start), Australia, and NZ come to mind.


oh god what happened to Rome

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You get used to it

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Is this up to date with the Perfidious Albion DLC


no you have to downgrade to 1.24